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~*~ Michaelmas Angel Day WORKSHOP - Why not give angels a try today? ~*~

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September 29th, 2013, 03:56 AM
Carwen*Angel's Avatar Fly away on my zephyr
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Manchester, UK
Posts: 66,539
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Here is your Michaelmas Angel Day workshop. I will start with a little information about angels and then give you five short activities you can try to connect with your angels for help with any aspect of your life.

You can do one activity, or all five. I would love if people would ask questions, feed back if they try anything, etc. I usually find that people do perceive they have received help or a difference in the situation simply from doing one small activity. I will be following up over the next week or so with a more involved activity Ashleigh (Shades of Grey) introduced me to last year which I will be repeating myself, if people wish to come back for more.

I will be around to lead the workshop on and off until 9pm GMT (see this thread for time zone conversions) but anyone can still ask questions and discuss the activities after that time, you may just have to wait for an answer from me.


What are angels?

  • Sentient beings of light existing in a higher dimension
  • In service to humanity - this serves their growth and evolution
  • Can shape-shift to appear as orbs, columns of light or classical angelic figures
  • Can appear to us in dreams or meditation, make their presence known via sensations, or offer help via a book, message, or other humans (earth angels)
  • Will only intervene without permission in a life-or-death situation
  • Will help with any aspect of our lives, no matter how mundane or trivial, if we stop for a minute and sincerely ask them to
  • Influence situations on an energetic and blue-print level - a sign or some form of help usually occurs almost immediately, but the resolution itself may take time to bring about
  • Belong to all religions and no religions - are mentioned in the Bible, Qu'ran and Torah and by other names in other religious texts, but are essentially here to serve all of mankind
Angelic signs

These are some of the signs and forms of help you may experience after asking the angels for help.

  • Finding a white or unusual feather in an unexpected place
  • Finding a shiny penny (pennies from heaven) in an unexpected place
  • Seeing the word angel repeatedly
  • Stumbling upon an apt self-help, spiritual or inspirational book, movie, CD or TV programme which has direct relevance to your question
  • Seeing pictures of angels repeatedly
  • Seeing the same word, image or picture repeatedly - it has a message for you
  • Finding a crystal, angel ornament or trinket you are instantly drawn to which brings you comfort (or receiving one as a gift)
  • Noticing the "first star" of the night - a cue to make a wish
  • Noticing 11:11, or a master number such as 2:22, 4:44, 5:55, etc on clocks and tickets repeatedly - this is a DNA activation code and means the angels are raising your vibration to connect better with them
  • Vivid dreams or spontaneous daydreams - sometimes meeting an angel in classical or human form within them - take note of their message
  • Meeting someone who offers instant help with your question - they may have been nudged by the angels
  • A sense of inner peace and wellbeing or a knowing that all will be well, or a fresh, strong hunch or intuition about what to do
  • Noticing angel names on tickets, signs, displays etc - some of the most common to see are Michael, Gabriel (or Gabrielle), Raphael, and Ariel
If you notice the same sign three times, or a combination of any three of the above, the repetition of three is confirmation for you that you are receiving answers from your angels. This happens especially to sceptics as an extra confirmation.

Your Angel Day Activities

First of all, take a little quiet time to think about the areas of your life or particular situations you feel you need help with.

Then try one or more of these activities.

1. Write a note to your angels

If you have a diary or a journal (or a notebook for such a purpose which you have not yet started) this would be ideal for this activity. Nice writing paper works just as well, and any plain notepaper would do!

Write a note to your angels about your current concerns and any specific question you have for them. Try to stick to one area of life and one very clear question. Clarity brings better results. You can always write another one later if this method works well for you.

You need to physically deliver the note to the angels in their dimension. Easy ways of doing this are to place the note in a special box (eg jewellery or trinket box), bury it in the garden, or burn the note (in a fireproof dish or receptacle).

Then watch out for the above signs and forms of help.

2. Variation - email your angels!

You can also send a note to your angels via email. Anyone is welcome to send these to my business address, [email protected] - I will bless your note and send it on energetically to the angels before deleting it so that it remains anonymous. Subject line should say "Dear Angels" so I know not to read it. If you want me to read it in case I get a quick intuition for you, include in the subject line "CC Silverla". I do only do quick one-sentence intuitions for free so be aware it would probably only address one area.

Again, after doing this, look out for signs and forms of help as above.

3. Automatic writing

For a bit of a different approach and possibly a more instantaneous answer, you could try automatic writing.

You need to start by raising your vibration a little. Play some calming music, light an incense stick if you have one, sit in a quiet place, hold a favourite crystal if you have one. If nothing else, sit where you can see the outdoors, or some form of greenery. Ask the angels to connect with you and share their wisdom with you.

Form a clear question in your head regarding your current situations, and write it down at the top of a piece of paper. Ask the angels for their answer.

Then hold the pen above the paper. When words begin to come into your head, write them down and see what streams out, whether a sentence, phrase, or a longer piece of writing. You should stop as soon as you find yourself making an effort to "think" about it, as you are probably going into your own subconscious at that point, rather than receiving guidance from above.

You will likely still spot some signs as above after doing this activity, and if they corroborate with the message it is confirmation for you.

4. Do an angelic devotion

A devotion is simply a set of prayers or fiats (short sharp requests). Some people believe that universal prayers which have been repeated again and again have more power due to that culmination of belief and repetition and that sense of having been handed down through the ages.

You could use any well-used prayer that you like for this, such as The Lord's Prayer, Serenity Prayer, Prayer of St Francis of Assisi or The Hail Mary (google them, they're all easy to find). Lighting a candle first is a good idea as it sets the mood.

Start by stating your request for help or question to the universe and the angels, then say the prayer - either aloud or in your head works. Then choose a fiat (or more than one fiat) to the archangel(s) which are appropriate to your situation. Say your chosen fiat(s) 3 times either aloud or in your head (or write them down). There is a list of fiats on my blog here.

End by saying thank you. This is really important as it puts trust in the universe and the angels to deliver the help you need.

It is common to receive a message in a dream or via someone else relating to your question or situation within days of using this method.

5. Count your blessings

Sit down quietly and start by simply asking the angels for help with your current situation or question. Again, stick to one - clarity is important, and you can always repeat this exercise in future if it works for you.

Then, write on a piece of paper "Today I am grateful for...." and list as many blessings you already have as you can think of. Start with things related to the situation at hand, but include whatever comes to mind. Write as many as you can. At the bottom, write, "Thank you angels. Thank you universe/God."

The point of this exercise is to focus you in on the wonderful things you already have. This has several effects energetically. Gratitude energy powers up the universe in your favour - it brings more blessings flowing back to you. What you focus on, you get more of - so focus on blessings, and you get more blessings. Focusing on blessings also uplifts you and raises your vibration, which helps you connect with the angelic realm to receive its guidance more quickly and clearly. Again, you need to look out for signs as above after doing this exercise.

If you have time, it is a good one to do daily or regularly.

Have fun and remember to feed back if you try one of these!

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September 29th, 2013, 08:06 AM
Carwen*Angel's Avatar Fly away on my zephyr
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Manchester, UK
Posts: 66,539
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I have done the devotion, as I wanted to try out the Michaelmas energies and see if there was any extra power behind them.

I recited the prayer The Balm of Gilead, Archangel Michael's prayer and Archangel Azrael's restful sleep prayer in my head - intending healing and protection for my relationship and health - and then repeated 2 fiats for Archangel Chamuel (unconditonal love) 3 times each in my head and the violet flame decree which is transformative. I will let you know what happens.

For those who don't know The Balm of Gilead is:
O love of God, immortal Love
Enfold all in thy ray;
Send compassion from above
To raise them all today.
In the fullness of thy power
Shed thy glorious beams
Upon the earth and all thereon
Where life in shadow seems.
Let the light of God blaze forth
To cut men free from pain;
Raise them up and clothe them, God
In thy mighty I AM name! Amen!

The Archangel Michael protection prayer is:
Lord Michael to the left of me
Lord Michael to the right
Lord Michael in front
And Lord Michael behind
Lord Michael above
And Lord Michael below
Lord Michael, Lord Michael
Wherever I go! Amen!

The Archangel Azrael prayer for restful sleep is:
Archangel Azrael Prayer

The two fiats I used are

Chamuel and Charity, may Divine Love take dominion now! x 3

In the name of God, I AM that I AM. In the name of Archangel Chamuel, be gone, forces of anti-love! x 3

And the violet flame decree is:
I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires! x 3

Thank you angels!! Thank you universe!!

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September 29th, 2013, 08:20 AM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Jun 2012
Posts: 2,850
That was very helpful. I will do the gratitude list then the automatic writing. My mind is too cluttered to concentrate on one area of my life b/c it's all breaking down.
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Shana, mom to DS1 (21), DS2 (18), DD (4) and DS3 (4)
Joining and in November 2013
Twinkies! Theeeeeeey're heeeeeere!

Introducing the Minis

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September 29th, 2013, 09:02 AM
Carwen*Angel's Avatar Fly away on my zephyr
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Manchester, UK
Posts: 66,539
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Just ask them for help with your most pressing need. They will likely know (or your higher self will know) better than you consciously know what thing needs to get fixed first in order for the other ducks to fall in a line.

I would ask Archangel Michael specifically if I were you, he is brilliant at reaching us when we are at a low ebb.

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September 29th, 2013, 11:11 AM
Carwen*Angel's Avatar Fly away on my zephyr
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Manchester, UK
Posts: 66,539
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I am going to do number 5 as well.

Angels, please help me in whatever way you can with my love life, emotions, and emotional healing of all concerned, for the highest good of all concerned.

Today I am grateful for:
My partner who is a beautiful soul
My partner loving me and being there for me through tough times
That he tries for me even when he doesn't feel like trying for himself
That he does what he can to take the pressure off me
That he is kind and affectionate
That he is understanding
That he still sees what is beautiful about me even when I'm in a state
That we are still together
That we have a beautiful daughter together
Her smiles and laughter
Watching her play and playing with her
That she is a real beauty who will break hearts when she is older
That she is bright and clever and funny and blessed
For my beautiful son also
His lovely chatter and curious questions
Watching him grow into an ever more mature and capable young man
For his intelligence, his charm and his enthusiasm and appreciation for life
For his unique perspective on the world that makes me look at it with awe and wonder
For his beautiful way with his little sister and his pet cat
That he is coping better now and making friends at school
For my mum and her unending unconditional love helping me raise my children
For time with family today
For lovely healthy food on our plates
For shelter and a lovely homely house
For time to relax
For friends who love and understand me
For this event being a success for Hillarie and for Dan and for everyone taking part
For time to chat with friends this weekend
For my successful FB page and opportunity to bring angels into peoples' lives
For my gift with channelling, reading and communicating with angels
For Archangel Michael and the difference he has made in my life
For Archangel Raphael's current healing and guidance
For Archangel Chamuel's current healing and harmonising
For my angel readings bringing abundance into my life
For my job in a school I love working with wonderful kids
And working with colleagues I respect and admire
Feeling like a good teacher again
Hope for the future
For living in a country of relative peace and comfort
For material things that make my life easier, especially my car and computer!
For the flow of abundance that allows me to have them
For faith, for God, for the universe, and for the presence of Jesus in my life and the guidance that the interfaith path is for me
For the tools to know how to continue to grow and evolve and have things taking turns for the better
For the guidance to know what to do next and how to fix things
For my brother being once again in our lives
For my extended family who are always there even when we are not together physically
For my dad in heaven who I know guides me
For little signs from him like suddenly humming the tune I picked for his funeral and then realising what I was doing and knowing he was with me!
For our lovely little cat "Sally" who is already a part of the family
For things to look forward to - BSSK event, Halloween, Christmas/Yule, and events on FB page

Thank you angels. Thank you God. Thank you universe!!

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September 29th, 2013, 11:15 AM
Amaranth Dhanya's Avatar aka Hillarie
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: In the West
Posts: 11,190
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Im gonna do the gratitude and letter ones.

This is a great thread.
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~My thanks to *Kiliki* for the siggy and Lucy S for the blinkies~
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September 29th, 2013, 11:17 AM
Carwen*Angel's Avatar Fly away on my zephyr
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Manchester, UK
Posts: 66,539
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It's all stuff we've done before in some form, but it's good to pull it together every now and again.

I am going to do the healing visit from the angels again this fall, when I re-find the text, as a follow-up to this.

People can continue to do it throughout the week as well. No time limit on this, just obviously once we're into the week it might take longer for me to reply.
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September 29th, 2013, 09:25 PM
Mitra Shonu's Avatar ~Seeking the Way~
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: New Mexico
Posts: 4,254
I definitely want to do some of these, but just haven't found the right time today...thank you for leaving it open...and the reminders are awesome...too often I get comfortable in the day to day shtuff, and push important connections to the back burner...I definitely appreciate little reminders to pull them forward and make them a priority instead of a "if I get around to it"...

A very special THANK YOU to Bokkechick for my gorgeous new siggy!

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