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Hospital Drug Free Water Birth ~ Gavin March 12 2009

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March 24th, 2009, 08:38 AM
Isabelle's Avatar 3 Princes & 1 Princess
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Here is my amazing water birth story. I loved every second of it! What a fantastic, life altering experience.

This is very detailed as it's going in Gavin's baby book and I wanted to capture every single detail. It's terribly long and a little TMI in places.

The Birth Story of Gavin Walter Evans
Born Thursday, March 12th 2009
1:28pm, 7lbs 12 oz, 20.5 inches
Vaginal Un-Medicated Water Birth
Approx. 7 hrs of labor

Thursday March 12th
2:45am – Woke up to a small gush of fluid leaking from me, turned the light on and looked at it. Smelled it and it didn’t smell like pee, got very excited and turned light off and laid in bed for the next hour smiling and thinking that today was the day I get to meet my third son, Gavin. I didn’t wake Doug as I wanted him to have a good nights sleep as I knew the next morning would be busy. Shaun woke around 4am and I got up to feed him, dribbled some more fluid and continued smiling as I knew it was going to happen today. Went back to bed and slept till Doug’s alarm went off around 6:00am. Got another gush of fluid around this time. Went to the bathroom and after I wiped there was ‘bloody show’ on the toilet paper and in the toilet.

Called my MIL and asked her to head over here to watch Logan & Shaun as I was planning on calling my doctor and going into the office to be checked. Doug didn’t know what to do about work, so I told him to head into work and he could always turn around after I spoke to the doctor and depending on what she says we’ll go from there as to him going into work or not. Doug leaves. I’m alone with the boys and around 6:30am I start getting contractions. I had to stop what I was doing and just breathe thru them, not painful but just took my breath away for about a minute. Taking a shower, blow drying my hair, dressing the boys and giving them breakfast all the while I’m having contractions. It was comical!

Called the doctor around 7:00am and told her of the events from 2:45am leading up to present time. She said it sounds like I’m in labor and that today is the day we’re going to have a baby! Yikes. She said to eat something light, take a shower and head over to L&D/Hospital. I called Doug and told him to turn around and come home.

Doug gets home, MIL arrives and we go over a few things for Logan & Shaun. By 9:00am we are in the car and heading to the hospital. I’m contracting every 5-6 mins. for about 1 minute in length.

We arrive at the hospital at 9:40am. Do some paperwork and then we’re in our hospital room by 10:00am. This isn’t the water birth room which has the large Jacuzzi tub in it (they were prepping that room for me). So we got comfy in a regular birthing room until they were ready for us. I get undressed, put on the sexy net knickers and a hospital gown. Belts are placed around my tummy to monitor Gavin’s heart rate etc.. I stand the entire time as it’s easier when the contractions come to stand and sway in a figure eight motion, rocking with the contractions. So much easier than sitting in a bed, which I had to do while my doctor examined me. I got an internal exam at 10:45am and was 6cm dilated. My water hadn’t broken but the dr. could feel the bag right there and asked if I wanted it broken, I said no and to let it progress by itself. She agreed that this was a good idea. I was elated to hear I was 6cm as I was coping well with the contractions and over half way there un-medicated! However during the exam we found out that Gavin had pooped inside of me and that meant we had to suction him really good when he came out.

Doug decided to run downstairs to the cafeteria as he was hungry, so he leaves the room. The nurse and doctor leave and say they’ll be back in a moment so I’m left alone in the room. Doug had placed a ‘chuck sheet’ on the floor which I was standing on because I was constantly leaking fluid at this point. 10:55am I hear a loud ‘pop’ and a loud ‘punch’ sound from the monitor (Gavin had punched my water bag) and my water suddenly breaks, it’s filled with Gavin’s poop and running all down my legs and onto the chuck sheets! I’m all alone in the room and start laughing, which makes the fluid run even more! I’m shouting ‘help’ but laughing at the same time…no one comes so I just stand there swaying with the contractions standing in a pool of poopy fluid! It was funny! Eventually everyone comes back into the room and I tell them what they missed!

The water birth room is ready so we walk down the hall to that room. I forget I’m in a backless hospital gown wearing net knickers that are very ‘net’ and very ‘see through’ and totally give a guy standing at the reception desk a view of a waddling pregnant woman’s net covered butt! I yelled sorry to him and laughed! Doug was laughing so hard!

The tub is filled and 95 degrees warm. I get in. It’s heaven! At 12:05pm I get another internal exam while I’m in the tub. I’m 7cm dilated. I’m steadily having contractions and handling them well. At one point I told everyone to ‘shush’ because I couldn’t concentrate on my breathing and visualizing while people chatted. We had quiet the audience too because besides our nurse there were two student nurses in the room with us. One was 19 weeks pregnant. I was drinking lots of water in between the contractions as I was warm from the hot water. It felt great to drink the iced water.

Between 12:05pm and 1:28pm I went from 7cm to 10cm, delivering Gavin at 1:28pm. During this time I stayed in the tub. Labored on my hands and knees and ‘breathed’ Gavin down. During each contraction I visualized Logan, Shaun, Doug and myself all laying in our bed on a Saturday morning laughing and hugging and kissing. I had this vision in my head for every single contraction while breathing Gavin down. This was my hypno birthing technique and it worked! I am so grateful that I read everything I could on birthing without medication and hypno birthing techniques, how to breathe your baby down and to concentrate on one contraction at a time & not worry about how long it will last or about the next one coming. A big thank you to everyone who encouraged me and told me I could do it. Thank you for your support, tips and advice.

The contractions were about 2 mins. apart and then suddenly they were on top of one another, I was breathing Gavin down continuously without a break in-between, my breathing changed to a grunting and I said I had to push. I do remember saying “grab the pooper scooper” because I remember I felt myself poop! We had laughed early because there was a little fish net scoop that they used to scoop out poop from the tub and we called it the pooper scooper! So they had to use the pooper scooper twice with me! But I actually found the strength to tell them during my contraction (not that they couldn’t see for themselves!!).

So, I was in transition and going quickly from 7cm to 10cm. The pain was intense even with me concentrating and if I wavered and didn’t think about my breathing the pain really intensified. They asked me to get off my hands and knees and onto my butt laying up against the tub wall. I did this and it was not comfortable but I dealt with it. I remember doing two massive pushes and Gavin’s head popped right out (Doug has that on film) as he was filming the entire thing. The moment his head came out (Gavin has a tons of dark brown hair!) the pain went away but then the doctor told Doug to turn the video off and to grab my foot, she told me to push and push because she thought Gavin’s shoulders were stuck and she was panicking. Trying to push a baby out without any contractions was very, very difficult, I can only describe it as trying to poop when you don’t have a poop to poop out – impossible. But I pushed and pushed and within seconds Gavin was out and Doug continued filming.

Gavin’s head was completely BLACK. He was bruised from the delivery. They put him on my chest and rubbed him and got him to respond. It took a few mins which was scary but they say that that happens with water birth babies. It takes them a few minutes to breathe air and not the fluid. Gavin cried and everyone was relieved. We stay in the tub for a while just letting the warm water bathe over him. Doug cut the cord and they take Gavin to the warmer and warm him up and clean him up. He came out very clean and hardly any vernix on him. I climb out of the tub and got helped up onto the bed. Within seconds I deliver the placenta which was not painful at all.
The doctor checked me and informed me that I hadn’t torn at all and I look fine. I’m ecstatic about this! They put warm blankets around me and a few moments later they hand me Gavin who is all bundled up. We start breastfeeding immediately. Everyone eventually leaves the room and it’s just Doug, myself and Gavin. It was wonderful. Within 20 minutes I was ready to go home! I felt fantastic and like I had never given birth. They did give me a pain pill for the pain around my vagina, just due to the pushing and stretching I felt bruised and battered down there. The pill helped.

After a while we are all moved to the other side of L&D ward where we have our own private smaller room. It’s about 2:30 – 3:00pm now. Doug and I order lunch. Gavin is breast feeding like a champ and then my uterine contractions kick in and it’s horrible. Apparently it gets worse with each birth. With every single suck on my breast from Gavin my uterus was contracting and I was bleeding. It was very, very painful. They gave me Tylenol in between the ‘big guns’ medication for pain they gave me.

We made some phone calls and told friends and family that Gavin had arrived. My FIL and Auntie Joyce came to visit. Shortly after Doug left to go home and feed the dogs etc…
The on call pedi arrives and checks Gavin. He’s perfect except for the facial bruising. He had scored a 9.9 apgar score at his birth. The pedi just said to keep breastfeeding him and that will help with the bruising.

Doug comes back around 7:30pm and stays for a few hours. We say good bye to daddy around 9:30pm and daddy goes home for the night back to the house. Gavin and I settle down for the night and manage to sleep until around 3am. Gavin wakes at this time and nurses till almost 6pm! The boy is a shark and loves my boobs!

Friday March 13th.
The pedi discharges us. We can go home! I take a lovely shower while Gavin gets his hearing test. He passes with flying colors. Doug arrives around noon time and we order lunch together. During the afternoon we all relax, do some paper work and start packing to come home. We order dinner together. Gavin is circumcised around 5pm and we finally leave at 7:30pm.
We are home. It’s fantastic to be home with my children. Logan kept touching Gavin and saying ‘baby, baby, baby’ over and over again. Touching his nose, eyes etc.. and being very gentle. Shaun not so much! He’s unaware of the word gentle and just wanted to man handle Gavin! This is going to be a challenge! But it will be fine.

I have also realized that I cannot continue breast feeding. It’s not for me. Doug and I are fine with this decision and after watching Gavin inhale 2 oz of formula this evening from a bottle we realize that he’ll do fantastic on formula just like our other two boys did. I already feel a huge sense of relief knowing I won’t be breast feeding any longer. Now I just need to dry up because I’m like an engorged cow at the moment!

Saturday March 14th.

Gavin woke a few times during the night. I bottle fed him and he took it like a champ. Taking about 2oz each feeding.

This morning I am very engorged and my milk has come in. I’m hoping I can dry up quickly but have cried once feeling guilty about not continuing breast feeding. The bleeding has almost stopped and is like a light period and I’ve already lost 11.1 lbs of the 23lbs I gained.

Life is good. Thanks for letting me share.

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March 24th, 2009, 08:59 AM
KendallsMommy's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Wow! That is an amzing story! You are very lucky to have such an amazing birth!

Thanks to pattyandthemoos for my beautiful siggy (:
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April 4th, 2009, 10:47 PM
Isabelle's Avatar 3 Princes & 1 Princess
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: PA
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Thanks It was so amazing. I think about it every day and relive it with a huge grin on my face

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April 5th, 2009, 12:11 PM
TayAnd2Angels's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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Yay! Go Joanne! You were featured in the newsletter!
Thank you Kiliki for my beautiful siggy!

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April 5th, 2009, 02:17 PM
Isabelle's Avatar 3 Princes & 1 Princess
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: PA
Posts: 72,637
I know, thanks Victory.

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