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Haven't Shared my Story Before Now....

Birth Stories

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March 10th, 2007, 02:31 PM
paulandashia's Avatar Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 18
Been a while but I haven't told my story anywhere yet... I guess I didn't want to remember...

Anyhow, here I go...

While pregnant with Kyle (My 1st) I developed Gestational Diabetes and gained almost 100 pounds during my pregnancy, going from a size 6, to 22, despite all attempts at watching my diet and practically starving myself.
My son was born 1 month early (via: induction) and weighed 1 ounce shy of 10 lbs, but was only 18 inches long...
He was a Short little FAT guy...

Thru my pregnancy, I had VERY bad restless feet that made me miserable, and made it nearly impossible to sleep at night, until I discovered Calcium and Vitamin E mixed together cured the problem, so I would PUMP myself full of them before bed each evening... I told my doctor, but she didn't warn me about the consequences of my actions...

At 8 months, my blood-pressure was out of control and I was told I needed to go to the hospital for an induction. Carrying a 10lb baby with a bad back and a slipped disc, I was painfully uncomfortable, and so, VERY eager to get it over with...

We arrived at the Hospital shortly after 7pm (after they told me to be there at 5) but I had to go take care of a few things, like giving my dog a bath and taking her to the boarding kennel for the next 3 days...

About an hour after we arrived at the hospital, they put something on my cervix to ripen it, and told me to go to bed, because things were not really going to get "started" until about 7:00am. (?)
I could not sleep, so I got a shot to help me with that.

I was woken up at 7:00am to have my IV put in (Which they infaltrated 4 separate times!). At 7:30am the Doctor arrived. And he was not MY Doctor..!!! I asked what was going on, and was told that my Doc was not on call right now, and that they are in a "Call Group" and that THIS Doc was going to deliver me...! (???)Anyways, he told me that I was dialated to 3 cm. I was thinking... Great! That was easy! LOL
He broke my water (which I didn't even feel) and It was like a BOMB went off.!
My Contractions took on a life of their own and started getting stronger and stronger and closer together.
I originally asked that NO anasthesiologists came into the room to offer me an epidural, and I had that typed out in BIG, BOLD writing in my birth-plan... But Lo-And-Behold, one somehow made his way into my room and started whispering in my ear "I can make it stop", and "I can make it easier"... So I finally caved and said, Sure, whatever... And he "suposedly" put the dog on thing in (didn't feel THAT going in either!).
I was checked every 15-20 minutes, and by 11:45am, I was completely dialated and ready to go... Or so I thought...
The doctor came in as said the he "can't deliver me now", because he has to "go to surgery", and that he "will be back in 30 minutes". (Yeah RIGHT.!!!!) And I was thinkging... "ARE YOU KIDDING..???"

A few minutes after 12 noon, I got the Uncontrollable urge to push. My eyes filled with tears but I never yelled out, or screamed. I just held my husband's hand and kept telling him how much I loved him thru every contraction... I wished that there was some magical way that he could help me thru this...
I had no idea how much he was actually helping...

I kept telling the nurse I need to push, but she told me not to. Finally, a bit after 1:00pm, I yelled out to her that "I'M PUSHING!!!" and I tried to bare down to push. She ran up to me, and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.??? She PHYSICALLY SHUT MY LEGS..!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I felt like I was going to DIE.!!! My contractions no longer felt like Contractions, but felt like one, long, constant pain that was going to KILL me..!!! I felt like I was, Literally, Going INSANE. My brain felt like it was going to choke from the pain. I no longer felt human. I was like an animal running on Instinct alone...

Mr. Doctor finally showed up a bit after 4:00pm, and we started the whole "pushing" process. It felt SO good to be able to FINALLY do SOMETHING productive... Yet, no matter how hard I tried, I could NOT get the baby out.!!!
Theu t he whole thing they NEVER offered me the Stirrups (even though I asked for them repeatedly!!!), and they told me to hold my legs up with my arms...
A bit after 7:00pm, I kept telling the Nurse and the Doc that he (my son) is "not dropping", but they kept on telling me to push.
I was exhausted, and too tired to even hold my head up (My mom was there to help with that though!).
I kept saying that the baby was not dropping, and not coming, and finally, my Hubby grabbed the Doc on the arm and (literally) yelled at him "LISTEN TO HER.!!!".
I think the Doc got a bit scared (LOL) because he put his hand "up there" and told me to push one last time. I gathered whatever strength I had left, and PUSHED..... And NOTHING...!
The Doc stood up and mumbled something to the Nurse, and she got right on the phone...
Within 1-2 minutes, about 8 people flocked into the room...
So there I am, my legs up in the air, completely exposed and exhausted...
The doc pulled out a pair of Metal Prongs (which I later found out were forceps) and split them in half. He put 1 half in, then the other, then he "snapped" them together, in the process pinching off nerve-endings to my legs... As a result, my legs jumped in the air, and missed his head by about 1/2 an inch... (GOOD, I hoped they would have WACKED him instead!)
FINALLY, I was offered the Stirrups...
I was told I had 3 tries, and if the baby was not out by then, I was going to have an emergency C-Section....
And I was thinking... "Whatever man... I don't care..."
So here we went...
1..... And Nothing.....
2........ Still nothing.....
Then the Doc said the baby's hartbeat was dropping, and that he needed to come out NOW..!!!
It was like I got a power from HERCULES or something... The Doc sat on a chair and braced himself against the bed, and grabbed a hold of my son's head with the forceps, and on the count of 3, as I pushed, he pulled... And he pulled SO hard, I thought he was going to rip the baby's head off (He nearly pulled ME off the bed!)
The Pain was HORRIBLE..! I felt like I had Red-Hot Fire-Pokers Ripping me apart, but FINALLY, Kyle's head came out..! The Doc told me to relax and that I would push again with the next contraction, but I was on a roll, and said NO, and I pushed 1 more time, HARD, and out he came...
While I was being stitched up, they took him away to get his breathing going, and to put him in an oxygen tank, and I didn't get to hold him until almost 3 hours later...

Towards the end, there was an old Doc there who helped the young one who delivered my son, and after everything was over, he came up to me, and brushed my hair aside with his hand, and told me that he's been doing this for over 25 years, but he never had a woman who thru the whole labor kept telling her Husband how much she loved him... (That made me feel SOOOO good..!!!)

Later, when I was wheeled into the Mother-Baby room, I was told that my Epidural was inserted incorectly, and that I did not even HAVE one..! That actually made me feel better, because I was feeling like the BIGGEST woosie in the world (I saw all these women on TV that act like they can't feel a thing, and I felt like I was going to DIE!), and I didn't even have an epidural..!!!
I ALSO know that I would NOT have worked as hard as I did if I DID have one though... So I was kind of glad they messed it up...

Thru the whole thing, I am proud to say that I never screamed, and I never yelled. I did shed a few tears though...

We found out why I could not deliver him.!!! His bones weren't SOFT like a normal Newborns, and his skull plates didn't form the famous "cone" as a normal newborns should. All the CALCIUM I was taking made his bones SO hard and developed, that he didn't even have the "Soft-Spot" on the top of his head like a normal Newborn should..!!!
He was only 18 inches long, and weighed 10 Lbs!

In the end, I ended up with TWO episiotomys, TWO 4 degree tares, 48 stitches, a broken pelvis, and damaged nerve-endings in my legs... I was unable to walk for over 2 weeks...
AND, I had a BAD infection later on that nearly killed me because I was stitched up WRONG.!!!

Needless to say, when I got pregnant with my daughter, I did NOT take Calcium, and I made SURE that I did NOT have a Doc in a Call-Group, and I did NOT use the same hospital.
And when they told me that my daughter was expected to be 12 lbs at Full-Term, I told them to kiss my hiney.
Then we found out she was dangling upside down (Feet first) in a Breech position, and the cord was wrapped around her neck TWICE, and no amount of trying to turn her over would do any good.
For my daughter's safety, the Doc reccomended a C-Section. So I had 1 of each...

Anyhow. )

There ya go...
Happily Married Mommie of a "Little Man" named Kyland Born December 5th, 2003
& a Little Girl named Skylah Born on December 29th, 2006..!!!

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March 15th, 2007, 01:21 PM
Posts: n/a
OMG... I'm SOOOOO scared now!
What a horrible story. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.
Man... I would spread the BAD word about that doctor and hospital!!!
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March 26th, 2007, 12:00 PM
Super Mommy
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Virginia
Posts: 925
YIKES!!! I think I would have been scared to have another baby after that experience! You are one tough cookie!!

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May 28th, 2007, 06:07 PM
Jazmin's Avatar Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 37
That's awful I'm so sorry you had to go through that.
Nobody should put up with what you did.
Well done though!!!!!!
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May 31st, 2007, 09:54 PM
LJD3Tdance's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Eagle, Idaho
Posts: 60,398
Send a message via AIM to LJD3Tdance Send a message via Yahoo to LJD3Tdance
Thank you for sharing that...it was enlightening.

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August 19th, 2007, 03:19 AM
rikkilee8's Avatar Veteran
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 250
Wow you are really brave.
And I am so scared now lol
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November 10th, 2007, 04:06 AM
Mega Super Mommy
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Lafayette, LA
Posts: 4,346
o WOW. god bless u for going through all that... i can see why u wouldnt want to think about it. i really hope i dont end up having a "horror story".. but if i do, ill yell it proudly,because it cant be easy to go what u went through, and BECAUSE U DID A FABULOUS JOB... and id be proud of all the hard work u did!

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