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Phineas David 12-26-08

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December 28th, 2008, 06:33 PM
thepinkleprechaun's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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We just got discharged from the hospital at noon today, and I just got done taking a much needed nap. It was really hard to sleep there because people keep coming to the room and interrupting you.

So anyways, where to begin....I need to write down my birth story now because my memory is not too awesome and I know I'll forget stuff if I wait! We got to the hospital at about 5:30 even though I thought we were going to be late. They took me to the room and I got all settled in, but it was a while before they even started the pitocin...I think it was around 7 AM. Well, at 8 the nurse came in (I was sleeping at the time) and said that the military doctor wanted them to stop the pitocin while he talked to the oncoming military doctor about my induction. We were at a civilian hospital but there are family practice doctors on call from the hospital on base to deliver babies for military people. They are just overseen by an OB from the civilian hospital. Anyways I was really annoyed because I didn't know what the heck was going on! It was over an hour until the doctor came in to talk to me (this is Dr. L) and he said they just wanted to look over my file and make sure that everything was good and especially that my dates were accurate because they didn't want him to be under 38 weeks when he was born. Thankfully I had that ultrasound at about 12 weeks and my dates have been consistant the whole time. I guess everything looked good and all the testing on the baby and my GSB test had all been negative so the civilian OB said she didn't think there was a problem and we were going to continue. I was freaking out because not that I wanted to schedule my baby's birth or anything, but Jeremy had gotten time off from work when he's not really supposed to, and Aden was with her dad and everything so we had made all these arrangements, I would have been so mad if they sent me home!

So, back to the actual induction, I was already at 3 cm when I got there (yay!) but my cervix was kind of in a weird place, it was way up there and kind of tilted. So after a couple hours the doctor comes to check me and I was at 4 cm and I think they said 80% effaced. I wasn't really expecting much because the contractions weren't that bad yet and I wasn't really feeling like I was making progress. So we just kind of hung out, I sat on my birth ball for a while with the fetal monitors on and we unhooked everything a lot because the contractions were making me have to pee really bad! Thank goodness we didn't have to call the nurse to unhook me every time because I would have felt really bad, even though they weren't that busy at the time. Christen, my doula, went to Chick Fil-A to get some lunch, and I asked for some french fries because I didn't want to eat anything crazy and have my stomach hurt or throw up later or anything. Of course you're not supposed to eat, but we had snuck some granola bars and juice in too so I never got hungry during my labor at all.

At 230 or so the doctors came back and checked me again, I was still about 4 cm but more effaced, so they broke my water to try and speed things up. I didn't notice much of a difference after they broke my water either, the baby was still at -1 station. I sat in bed because the water was gushing out with the contractions, but I sat as upright as possible so I would have gravity on my side because I didn't think it was working very well. Dr. L was getting concerned at this point that the induction was going to fail and kept talking about "if you have to have a c-section", which was really annoying. None of us liked him very much lol! So he decided that it was "medically necessary" to put this catheter think up around the baby in my uterus that would see if the contractions were strong enough. Apparently this was so that if he decided I needed a c section they would have "given it a fair shot". He also wanted to put a fetal electrode thing in- the one that screws into the baby's head- and I told him absolutely not. The baby was picking up on the external monitors just fine at that point, especially because I had lost so much water and there was nothing to indicate that he was in any kind of distress at all. So I let them put the stupid tube in, probably my first mistake but like I said Dr. L was being really pushy. It didn't hurt at all, but that meant I couldn't get out of bed. I mean at that point I had been in bed for a little while because otherwise I would have been gushing water all over the place. The doctors came back at 630 and the resident (Dr. B) checked me and thought I was fully dilated! It turns out I wasn't though, it was just because my cervix was really thin and the way it was tilted weird, so when Dr. L checked me he said only 5 to maybe 6 cm. Dr. B felt really bad about it, but I wasn't mad at him or anything (he was really nice) I was just dissapointed that I wasn't making more progress. So I had a conversation with the doctor and told him under no circumstances was I planning on having a c section in the next 24 hours. And you know what he said to me? "Well, we need to make that decision sooner, before 4 AM when we're all tired and not at our best". I was like wow...you have to be kidding me. So he said he was going to talk to the OB on the floor about what we were going to do if things didn't progress. Mind you it has only been 4 hours since they broke my water, even though we had been there since super early in the morning it wasn't my fault that we got such a late start.
So Christen went to get me some more ice, and when she came back she told me how she heard Dr. L talking to the OB, and the OB seemed kind of PO'd that he was even asking her about it! She told him that there was no way in heck that she would even consider me for a c section any time soon, especially since it was my second baby and I had a vaginal delivery with the first one. I pretty much decided to ignore Dr. L at this point and do my own thing and kind of get into the zone. So we dropped down the front of the bed, the part they usually put down for the delivery, and I sat on the very edge with my butt kind of hanging off in a squatting position. I wanted my pelvis to be tilted forward a little more because I could tell that his head was not hitting my cervix right and that's why I wasn't dilating. I still had that tube thing in but it didn't come out or anything, it didn't seem to affect it at all. And I WAS still in bed

The day nurse was about as frustrated with the doctor as I was, she thought he was being ridiculous and he should take the tube out so I could get up and move around the room. She also said that she thought I was a little more than 5 cm but the doctor was kind of being dramatic. So she had a talk with the new nurse since they were changing shifts and told her that she should check me before the doctor does just to make sure, especially since the nurses are there all the time and the doctors only come in every once and a while so she would be able to tell more if I was making progress. It was about 8 PM, an hour after the last time the doctors came in, and the new nurse checked me and said I was at LEAST 6 if not more, the baby was now at 0 station instead of -1, and whatever I was doing was working.

At that point Christen said she thought I was going into transition, which I did not believe at first because it seemed like I would just be stuck there forever. So I was still squatting on the edge of the bed and the contractions were getting a lot more intense. We put the back part of the bed flat because I was kind of having trouble holding myself in that position (my feet kept going numb) and Jeremy sat in bed behind me so I could lean back on him. I also had a heat pad, I forgot to mention that but my doula brought this thing that was filled with rice and lavender, and she kept heating it up in the microwave for me. It was the perfect size for my lower back, and that was a complete lifesaver since I was having a lot of back pain during the contractions since he was still posterior. So, about an hour after Jeremy got in the bed with me things were getting REALLY really intense, up until that point I hadn't been making any noise or anything, just closing my eyes through the contractions. I started shaking really bad, which is normal when you're in transition but it was kind of annoying, especially because my legs were shaking. At around 9-ish (kind of losing track of time at this point but my doula has a timeline I'll get tomorrow when I see her) we had the nurse check me again because I felt like things were definitely happening. She said I was 8 cm and the baby was at +1 station! So a couple more contractions, and I think I felt the baby kind of pop through my cervix, which I felt last time with Aden but it wasn't as bad because I had meds with her. I was definitely moaning through the contractions at that point, but totally fine in between.

The nurse had been in the room most of that time, and she said she would go get the doctor because things were picking up fast. Dr. L comes in the room a minute later, at that point I was completely out of it. It was between contractions and I was just leaning on Jeremy and I could barely even look at him. He was like "uh, yeah the nurse says you're 8 cm so....I guess I'll be back in a little bit to check you again" and left the room! I couldn't believe he left because I could feel the baby coming down, but like I said I was pretty out of it and I wasn't really in the mood to explain things to him at that point in time. The next contraction I had I started pushing, not on purpose but I really couldn't help it, my body was not going to let me stop. I didn't want to push though because the doctor hadn't even checked and I was afraid I wouldn't be fully dilated, or if I had a cervical lip or something. So Christen realized what was going on, especially since I kind of grunted during that contraction lol! And she pushed the nurse call button on the bed and told them I was pushing. She asked me if I wanted to catch my own baby if they didn't get there on time- later she told me that she could already see his head at that point. Then everyone came running in the room pretty quickly, probably since she had already told the nurse that I pushed my first baby out in 20 minutes. The doctors barely had time to get their gloves on and put that plastic thing under the bed to catch all the gooey stuff. We had already told Dr. B earlier that if I didn't have an epidural I didn't want to use the stirrups and stuff, which he was totally cool with, and Christen reminded them at that point not to tell me when to push. Jeremy was still in the bed with me, so he didn't couldn't really see more than I could, but it was definitely nice to have him to lean against- I was kind of in a semi-reclined position which was really nice because it was enough gravity to be able to push really well but not too much since he was coming out so fast! I can't imagine giving birth in a squatting position or anything because he probably just would have shot right out!

So I had been resting in between contractions but when the next one started I pushed again and his head was crowning, which was probably the most painful part of the whole experience. When I wasn't having a contraction I wasn't in any pain at all, I could have laid there all day like that! But the sensation of his head trying to come out down there was really realyl intense and definitely more painful than I expected. Then I rested after that contraction, at which point Dr. L told me that I had to stop pushing if they told me to (checking for the cord and stuff) and I told him I would try but I was making no guarantees. He had this look on his face like he was going to argue with me but thought better of it lol! I would say it took about 2 or 3 more contractions to get his head out. It would have been sooner but it was so painful that I was kind of holding back at first instead of bearing down like I needed to, but I really just wanted to get him out so I sucked it up and pushed as hard as I could (and screamed the whole time too, I couldn't help it!) They checked for the cord quickly (I was resting anyways) and then I pushed one more time and he was out! I was in total shock, I still couldn't believe I did it and with no pain meds at all. If someone had been in there when I was 8 cm and offered me an epidural I probably would have gladly taken it I mean, I'm sure Christen would have talked me out of it but still. I never asked of course, and the last part of my labor with transition and pushing was under 2 hours so I wouldn't have had time by the time I thought I needed it!

Christen took a bunch of pictures, which was awesome. Dr. L wouldn't let her take any pics of the actual birth, but she started taking them again right after he came out. I had two small tears, and they sewed me up and got the placenta out and everything. That was pretty painful too, they numbed everything with Lidocane but it didn't help that much. I was holding Phin while they did it and I was still shaking a little bit so it was pretty uncomfortable. Finally when that was done Christen went to get me some food, I was suddenly starving after he came out lol! I ate while Jeremy held him, then I breastfed him for the first time, which went really well. He ate for about 10 minutes, I got up to use the bathroom and got some of those awesome mesh panties , then watched him get his first bath while Jeremy took pictures. We were only in the delivery room for about an hour after the birth and then went right to the recovery suite. It was really really nice to be able to get up and be moving around right away, not to mention that my back didn't hurt this time because I didn't have an epidural! Christen said that Dr. B was talking to her out in the hallway and said that it was "really cool!" and that he hadn't even seen a natural birth yet, so that made me feel pretty good! Actually it was really funny because when they were sewing me up Christen asked if I wanted to feed the baby and Dr. B was like, well you BETTER breastfeed after all that! We all had to laugh at that I wish Dr. L hadn't even been there, he didn't really need to be but Dr. B was a resident so I guess he had to be supervised. He was really cool though, he is going to be an awesome doctor. The nurse told me later that he was really nervous but he definitely didn't show it.

I think the hypnobabies definitely helped, and I'm so glad I took the class. I was really calm during about 90% of my labor, with the exception being the last hour or so including the pushing part. But Christen said she's seen that a lot when things go really fast at the end because it's kind of hard to deal with such a quick change at the end. I wouldn't change it for anything, I'm so glad I did it and that I got through it naturally and everything was absolutely perfect! Also it was 100x better than my last birth because for one thing I had a doula, and for another thing Jeremy was really great and supportive the whole time (as opposed to ex-DH who slept during my entire labor with Aden). He told me afterwards that he was really glad that I wanted him to be so involved because he would have been sad if he was like sitting in the corner not doing anything, I thought that was really sweet

So far things are going really well, thank goodness I got a nap today but Phin is eating really well and I haven't had any problems getting him to latch on or anything like that. Christen is coming tomorrow morning to do my post partum thing, she has my placenta in her fridge too and I want to get that in the oven tomorrow because Jeremy's family is driving here from Wisconsin right now and I don't want the house to smell all funky when they get here LMAO! We picked Aden up from her dad's house, she seems to be doing okay with it but she pretty much thinks the baby is this cool new toy that I won't let her play with! She "fed" him her toy bottle and she keeps wanting to put his binky in his mouth. I think she's just going to get mad because I won't let her play with him.

I think that's about it for now, I might have more to add later because Christen wrote a birth story from her point of view too, which I'm really interested to read.
I'll add pics in the post below this because it's super long already

This is when I first started pushing but right before the doctors came in

She started taking pics again RIGHT after he came out!

After he was born (they were stitching me up)

Eating for the first time

Sweet baby

With dad

Meeting big sister (idk what's up with the hat she didn't want to take it off)

Giving baby brother a kiss (she then nearly squished him)
Katie- mom to Aden (5) Phineas (3) and Phoebe Violet (1)
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December 28th, 2008, 07:03 PM
Zach & Lola's Mom
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Awesome story.

Props to ~:Kellarazzi:~ for my fab siggy.

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December 28th, 2008, 07:22 PM
MamaJaimi's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Katie that is an awesome birth story! I am really proud of you for doing it natural. Good job mama! That Dr. L sounds awful, but Im glad he didn't ruin the experience for you.


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December 28th, 2008, 07:41 PM
.Megan.'s Avatar Lovin' My Boys
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Great story! Congrats on doing it natural.
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December 28th, 2008, 07:49 PM
Mama2Lyns's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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That is an awesome birth story Katie, TFS!! Phin is absolutely adorable! Congrats!!
**Heather**(24) Mommy to: Katelyn and Adelyn. TTC #3

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December 28th, 2008, 09:01 PM
KrystalB's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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What an amazing story, Katie! You're such a strong woman and I'm really glad you stuck to your guns and had the labor YOU wanted! Phin is adorable, too!!

My Chart
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December 28th, 2008, 09:20 PM
(Mayhem)'s Avatar ~!Theresa!~
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That is a great birth story and you have some amasing pictures! I am glad that everything turned out the way you wanted! Congradulations!

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December 28th, 2008, 09:51 PM
Isaeph's Avatar Jennifer the Momma
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Oh my gosh Katie!!!!!! You did an amazing job! WTG for standing up to Dr L...you are a stud! And your little man is just adorable!
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December 28th, 2008, 10:43 PM
4monkiesmama's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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What A Great Birth Story!!!! Congrats on your beautiful baby!!!!
Thank you Jaidynsmum!!And thanks Matilda for our PR Banner!
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December 28th, 2008, 11:03 PM
scatney's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Thanks for sharing your story! I'm so proud of you for getting through all of that naturally!! Good job mama!!

"I was really calm during about 90% of my labor, with the exception being the last hour or so including the pushing part. But Christen said she's seen that a lot when things go really fast at the end because it's kind of hard to deal with such a quick change at the end."

This was my experience too. I was really concerned about this going into my upcoming birth. I'm so glad to get some confirmation that it's normal! I did great until the last half hour or so and then it went fast and I became a screamer.

Congratulations on achieving a natural birth!! I love the pics of Phineas!!
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January 16, 2009

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December 29th, 2008, 03:28 AM
ShellE3122's Avatar Mother of 3!
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CONGRATS on your natural birth!! You are awesome! What a great story.

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December 29th, 2008, 06:59 AM
*Shinobi*'s Avatar Mama to Luke the Monster!
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Congrats!! What a great birth story, sounds like it went so well! He is just perfect, the pictures are fantastic!

******Thanks to the lovely Kelly for the siggy!******

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December 29th, 2008, 08:04 AM
MegansMommy0531's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Beautiful birth story!!!!

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December 29th, 2008, 02:06 PM
thepinkleprechaun's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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This was my experience too. I was really concerned about this going into my upcoming birth. I'm so glad to get some confirmation that it's normal! I did great until the last half hour or so and then it went fast and I became a screamer.[/b]
Yep that was me! I think it's totally normal and I really don't think you can help it you know? If it helps deal with the pain then scream away haha!
Katie- mom to Aden (5) Phineas (3) and Phoebe Violet (1)
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December 30th, 2008, 10:03 PM
~~~Sue~~~'s Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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Wow great birth story...
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January 22nd, 2009, 02:39 PM
bettyearl's Avatar Beth, mom to 4 boys
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hey, jumping in from the august '09 DDC, but I wanted to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!! Like you, I had an epi with #1 and went all natural with #2 by choice! I took a hypnobirthing class and it totally helped me be prepared. You did awesome!!! And next time (if you are planning a next time) I bet it will be even easier because you'll be able to prepare yourself completely, and you probably won't tear.

I had a super quick labor (3hrs from the time I got to the hospital) and an awesome certified nurse midwife who stayed with me for the last solid hour at least. Maybe longer - you know how time gets all screwy when you're in labor. I was VERY intense, going that quickly, but I was able to stay calm (on the outside at least). I thought I made all this noise, but DH doesn't even know what I'm talking about. I bet you didn't even "scream" but made some little moan that sounded 10x louder to you. You are awesome!!! Here's a gold star!

It looks like your baby is close to a month old now - you may not even see this, but I just had to say hooray!
happy about life in general
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