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BTDT War Stories?

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September 4th, 2009, 04:41 PM
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Do the first timers want the BTDT moms to tell about previous labors, or is this just for the December '09 babies?
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September 4th, 2009, 05:41 PM
Easton's Mommy's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I wouldn't mind hearing about your previous births. Would save me from having to go to the august thread to read theirs.

Thank you Vicki for my AMAZING siggy!

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September 4th, 2009, 06:28 PM
lmunoz8517's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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Hmmm mine were very good!

With my son I went in to be induced at 6AM. They started a pitocen drip. They came back and broke my water at 8AM. I hit 7 CM around 1 and they offered me my epidural. I went ahead and got it but wasn't in pain yet. He was born at 2:46. It was VERY easy and could not of gone better.

With my daughter I went in at 6AM. They started pitocen and then broke my water at 7AM. The contractions became very painful very fast. i got my epidural at 5 CM and 30 minutes later was 10CM. She was born at 8:56.

Hopeing this one goes as smooth.
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September 4th, 2009, 06:29 PM
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I was thinking the same thing I have read probablly every birth story on these forums!
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September 4th, 2009, 08:24 PM
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I would share mine, but I really don't want to scare you first time mommies
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September 4th, 2009, 08:52 PM
Blessingsfromabove's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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I have 4 sons so that's just to many birth stories to tell and remember!! LOL

I will tell my last one (3yrs ago) so this doesn't take all day! LOL

It was 22 days before he was due... I had been having high blood pressure which is nothing new for me but it was being closely watched. I called my doctor at 8am and told him that I was shaking really bad, had a major headache, SUPER dizzy and kept feeling like I was going to pass out and I was throwing up every time I would barely move. He of course told me to come in. I went to see him just minutes later, and as I sat on the exam table I got to shaking and feeling like I had no control over my body which sent me into a panic attack. He put me in a wheel chair and told his wife (she works there too) to call over at the hospital and tell them I was on my way and to have a room ready. (the hospital is yards away from his office) I got there....they hooked me up to the monitors, stress test, urine test, blood work etc etc and there I lay unable to calm down for 8hrs. Finally, after medication in my IV.... I calmed down and the vomiting stopped..... and I was able to relax. About 3hrs later.....Doc comes in and looks at the monitors and tells me that I am having contractions already.
What? I was early!! He said they were pretty good ones and because of my blood pressure and all these bizarre symptoms he was going to let it happen.
A few hours later.... a bit of pitocin to help the contractions along.... and I was in FULL FLEDGED PAIN! I suffered all day and all night...at about 9am the next morning they broke my water.... I tried every position to ease the pain and for the FIRST time in my life (I went without pain meds the other times) I asked for an epidural! It took 7 tries to get the epidural in correctly and go figure..... the one time I actually break down and ask for it.... it didn't work! I was only numb from my right hip to my right knee and that was it! I continued to suffer and cry and finally around 11am it was time to push! I pushed 3 times and his head came out with the cord around his neck twice, then I pushed again and out he came.... totally blue! They got him to pink up....and all was good! Until, about 2hrs later....they handed him to me and he was choking on mucus so I called the nurse in....she took him off to suction him again and then 45mins later came in and said...there was a problem. They did xrays and found what looked like a intestinal blockage and they called childrens hospital (2hrs away) and they have a ambulance on its way to get him! WHAT? Sooooo... without even an ounce of healing time... I begged my doctor to release me so that I could go with my baby! He did...and off Dh and I went and spent 7 days at the Ronald McDonald house while our poor baby boy was being picked, poked and tested over and over and over again! I never felt so helpless! Anyway.... he ended up having a spasm in the intestinal track and would out grow it...no surgery needed THANK GOD!

My first pregnancy was the WORST! I won't get into all of it....but I had my water break a week and a half before..... called....the NEW nurse told me I was probably just peeing on myself since there was NO GUSH..... when I did go into labor which had to be induced due to high blood pressure..... I had a DRY birth. OUCH! They thought he was gone due to no fluid but he must have found a pocket somewhere they said. Anyway.... my whole insides were out by the time I pushed for 3hrs to get him out! He was 9lbs 12 3/4 oz. I went 4 days with ice packs on my "business" to get all the swelling down!


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September 4th, 2009, 11:00 PM
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OOOOOOoooo please dish about the BTDT!!!
*9 weeks * 4/11/13
*5 weeks * 6/22/13
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September 5th, 2009, 05:31 PM
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Well I've got 3 kids so if you need a snack or to go potty go ahead and go now.

With DS#1 I started contractions on my due date by taking 3 tablespoons of castor oil and walking for 4 hours. The contractions went on for a while but I didn't dilate so they sent me home late the next night. I woke up the NEXT after with the contractions again and went back, was only dilated 1. So the doc decided to induce. My water broke on its own and I was dilated 3 at 10:55 PM and they started my pitocin at 11. At 2AM I was dilated 10 and started pushing. I pushed wrong, because I was so scared I was going to poop and embarrass myself. So I only pushed with my abs instead of everything. The doc tried vacuum but it didn't work. At 5:30PM he told me to take a rest and stop pushing, and someone mentioned something about a c-section. But as the doc walked away to get something, I couldn't stop pushing. He told me to rest and I told him I couldn't help it. lol The urge to push was overwhelming, and I pushed with ALL my muscles, DS#1 was born after a mere 7 minutes of real pushing. 8 lbs 15 ozs.
Oh, and I'd had an epidural.

With DD I kept having false labor contractions and was on medicine to stop them. The doc told me I could quit taking that medicine at 37 weeks, it would be Ok to go into labor then. So at 37 weeks I threw the medicine out. And didn't go into labor. lol
I walked 4 miles a day, and when my due date rolled around I tried the castor oil trick and it didn't work. I tried just about every at home labor induction thing. I hopped up stairs, hopped down stairs, drove over bumpy roads and train tracks, drank raspberry leaf tea...Nada. The day after my due date I even rode my horse, and he tripped and I fell off of him, and didn't go into labor.
So my doc went to induce at 41 weeks. They put me in the hospital the night before and put in cervidil to ripen my cervix, at midnight. At that time they gave me stadol in my IV to get me to rest. I woke up at 2AM with what we thought were random contractions and the nurse gave me more stadol. I woke up again at 2:35 in pain again. The nurse said I shouldn't be in so much pain and checked my cervix, I was dilated 5. The contractions were insane and I wasn't taking it too well. I wasn't prepared, I didn't have time to get ready. They called the anesthesiologist but I dilated really fast and by the time he got there I was at 10 and he said he couldn't do it then.
My OB wasn't there and the nurses begged me not to push, but I couldn't help it. My water broke and the doctor came barging in and just told me to push if I had to. (Thanks for the permission, I was gonna anyway!) I pushed 4 times and she was out. She was born at 3:07AM, 32 minutes after we figured out I was in labor. It was so intense and horrible, even without ever getting the pitocin, thank gawd it was over fast. And good thing I was already in the hospital.
DD was only 7lbs 13ozs a week late.

With DS#2 I was in a lot of pain even walking around, so I tried to get my own labor going with castor oil and walking, and like the first time, it half worked. So the doctor had me come back Sunday night to induce, and I got cervidil at midnight. The pitocin was started at either 6AM or 8AM, I forget. lol Even with pitocin I was able to easily breathe through the contractions. The doctor came in to break my water at 11AM and it hurt really bad. DH said since that hurt, that I should get an epidural so I wouldn't be in too much pain later. I was dilated 3 then.
By 1:30PM I was dilated 10 and started pushing. He was born at 1:38PM. 1 week early, 9lbs 7ozs.
That epidural turned out to be a huge mistake. They hit my spinal cord and I was bedridden for 9 days with the world's worst head aches.

So there ya have it. 3 very different labors from 1 woman. Just goes to show, you can't make plans. You can get a vague idea of what you hope will happen, but Mother Nature always wins. lol
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September 6th, 2009, 03:41 PM
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Okay, so after reading the other BTDT birth stories, I decided I'd go ahead and post mine as well!

DS #1: I started my pregnancy with DS 1 seeing a midwife, and went through the pregnancy seeing this midwife, pretty much up until I started having a lot of pain issues, and not sleeping well and it was at the point where I really couldn't handle it anymore, but my midwife insisted it was just natural and that labor wasn't insite because I wasn't even dilated, (this was before I knew that my pelvis was not aligned which would in turn prevent me from delivering vaginally.) Well after 2 weeks of not sleeping, I decided to switch to a regular family physician/OB, and I went in on September 26, 2005 which was a Monday, and I explained to him that I was in pain and wasn't sleeping and that the midwife had stated at my last appointment which was just 4 days before that I was not even dilated, so we talked about a few things, and even though it was about 2 weeks before my due date he told me if I was dilated far enough, he would induce me that coming Friday if I didn't go into labor on my own.....So he checked me, and sure enough I was 3cm dilated and he decided that he would induce me Friday morning if I didn't go on my own before that, well that whole week my sister and my friend tried EVERYTHING possible to get me to go into labor on my own and it just wasn't happening, so Friday morning rolled around and off to the hospital my sister and I went, I got checked in and sent to L&D, this was at 7:30am, they got me hooked up to all the machines, got my IV started and started the Pitocin to get my labor going, as soon as that happened, about 20 minutes later, the contractions really kicked in, around 9am the doctor came in and checked me, I was still at 3cm, and usually they don't like to break your water before 4cm but he decided to break my water in hopes that would get me past 3cm, and also told the nurse to up the drip of Pitocin, so I carried on for another 3 1/2 hours and at 12:30pm, the doctor came back and checked me once again, and once again I was still only 3cm dilated, so once again, he upped the Pitocin drip, and he put an internal heart monitor on baby because his heartrate wasn't staying on the external monitor, by this time, my contractions were super strong, and we thought for sure this would make me dilate, NOPE, we were wrong, and we had asked the nurse to call the doctor to order an epidural, but of course, she wanted to be a b***h and wouldn't call him, and around 4:15pm he came in to check me once again, and just like before, I was still at 3cm, and he ordered my epidural, and upped the Pitocin once again, by this point, the Pitocin was at the highest dosage it could go, and he left, well, I had to wait for the anesthesiologist to come up from a hospital that was 30 minutes away, because the anesthesiologist at the hospital I was at went off call, which really sucked, for a 30 minute drive it took this guy almost an hour to get there, AND to top it off, when he finally did arrive, my sisters helped me sit up, and this jerk stood behind me for 20 minutes talking to the nurse while I'm in pain, FINALLY he got the epidural placed, not that it did much good because I still felt the extreme contractions....At 7:15pm, the nurses changed shifts and the new nurse came in at 7:30pm to check me, and once again, I was STILL at only 3cm, and as you can imagine, I'm extremely tired, she goes out to call the doctor to give him the update, and she comes back in and told me that the doctor said either I could wait it out until morning and he'd come in and do a c-section then, OR he would come in at that point and do my c-section then, it was my choice, well I knew that if I didn't dilate past 3cm in 11 1/2 hours that I definitely wasn't going to by morning, so the nurse called him back and he was at the hospital within 10 minutes, and they got me prepped and into the operating room and by 8:15pm they had made their first incision.....and at 8:43pm on Friday September 30th 2005, my beautiful son, Ethan Michael was born weighing in at 5lbs 9.5oz, and 21 inches long!

DS #2 As you can guess, this pregnancy was a repeat c-section (by this time, I knew the cause of why I couldn't deliver vaginally with first DS.) I delivered at the same hospital as first DS, and my c-section was scheduled, my doctor and I scheduled the surgery the week before, and I was excited, I was definitely ready to have my baby.....So, on Wednesday, I arrived at the hospital at 7:30am, got checked in, and headed to L&D, they got my IV started and hooked me up to the monitor for about an hour, the doctor came in and explained everything to me, and the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me also, at 8:50am, I was taken into the operating room and was prepped and my epidural was placed, and instantly went numb, it felt funny though, lol, by 9:10am the first incision was made and by 9:30am on Wednesday December 20th 2006, my baby boy, Emory Mitchell was born weighing in at 7lbs 5oz and 18 1/2 inches long.
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September 6th, 2009, 06:44 PM
ang.ie's Avatar Mega Super Mommy
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well lets see

dd1 - i had dtd and i had a ton of bleeding.... i then went to my moms house and all evening i just felt drained and icky. so i went home and i had a bunch more blood all over. i finally had my neighbor drive me to the hospital at 1 am as i was worried about the bleeding. i figured they would send me back home and didn't bring anything with me! well they said i was dialated to almost 5 so i was staying. they broke my water about 4. at 7 i finally started feeling contractions and they were awful screaming type contractions.... i really thought i was dying but i was dilated to 9 almost 10 so i had to tough it out. well she wasn't born until 11:58 am but all in all there wasn't to many hours of awful pain!

dd2- my dh had been working out of town for 3 weeks he came home and we dtd lol.... well i had a tiny spot of blood but decided i was going to go to bed. so i woke up the next morning and had leaked milk everywhere i don't mean just spots i had actually soaked myself.....

i decided i would go and get checked it was 11 am by then once again thinking i was going for nothing (i was 37 weeks) i got there and they checked me and i was at 7! i didn't feel like i was in labor. they freaked out and were hustling getting everything ready. well at 1 i was at 8 and they broke my water. at 3 i was at 9 and screaming.... at 4 i was at 9 still screaming at 7 the dr comes back and orders and epi as i can't calm myself down and i had tried everything! when i was forced to sit while he was putting it in (735 pm) i knew i had to push lol.... so he got it in i started pushing and it hadn't even started working yet.... so at 7:59 pm she was here!

this time my dr wants to induce me as i can't tell when i'm in labor and i'm so worried about waiting to long or something happening... there is much more to me not feeling the labor but i don't want to scare anyone

anyway all in all the painful part of my labors were not to long!
i have 2 healthy happy girls! obviously dtd'ing works in my case for getting labor started or then again maybe i already was in labor both times who knows lol!
1ST U/S -4/20

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September 7th, 2009, 04:34 AM
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Mine is good for first time moms to hear so I will go...

I went to work Friday, checked BP at lunch and it was very high. Called midwife who put me on bed rest at 37.5 weeks. That night at 2 am I went to the bathroom and came back to bed. Then my water broke. DH was just on his way to bed. We called and they told me to come in. I did not feel anything. We arrived by about 4 am and they hooked me up to the monitor and confirmed I was having contractions. I still did not feel them. They admitted me and started petocin (high BP concerns). Was about a 2 then. Then I got my epidural. They checked me after 7 am and I was 4cm. I went to sleep at 8 or so and my sister woke me at noon. I told her I felt funny and to get the nurse. They checked me and I was 10cm. I pushed for 53 minutes and he was here.
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September 7th, 2009, 07:01 PM
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Ok here goes my story....not as fun...

It was 5:00 am and I was waiting for my mom and DH to come home from work (they worked 3rd) and I lost my mucous plug. I was a bit concerned but contractions were just starting. They got there around 7:30 am and I told them I thought I was in labor but it didn't hurt that bad. They asked if they had time to shower and all and I was like sure! So they took a shower, while I was timing the contractions. They were not to close but I had been dilated at 4cm for over a week and my induction was set for the next day anyways. (By there rules I was 2 weeks late, by mine right on time)

Arrived at hospital around 1:30 pm and they check me. Tell me I have a while but the Dr wants me to stay. Said I could go get food and walk and then come back. So we went to IHOP and went to Walmart and bought the carseat. I then went back to the hospital and just WALKED. Finally around 7 pm I gave up and went inside.

I just laid in the bed watching TV with my contractions being very sporadic but hurting really bad. Around 2 am I asked for something so I could sleep. I had not been to sleep in 3 days. (Massive insomniac) They gave me something and said it would be gone in two hours and they would come to check if I needed more. So from 2:30 am to 4:20 am I slept. Then from 5:00 am to 7:00 am I slept (with meds help).

Around 8:00 am they checked me and I was still 4 cm. They gave me cervadil (sp) and started me on pitocin. At 10:00 am they came in and gave me the epidural but no medication. I wanted to wait and they did to (I was only 6 CM and dilating SLOW). Around 12:00 pm they came in again and checked me. Nurse said I was still 6 CM. Dr came in about 10 minutes later....said I was 10 CM and to push.

I did not get any meds and just pushed with contractions that were EXTREMELY IRREGULAR. (meaning I could have one and have another in 30 seconds and then the next one didnt come for like 3 minutes). I pushed and pushed. Finally, around 12:30 pm Dr said give it all you got....I had her stuck because of the contractions. And I pushed with all my might. At 12:34 pm DD was born at 6lbs2oz (nurse said 7lbs5oz but had breathing machine on her) and was 19 3/4 inches long.

Yea it wasn't to painful....but REALLY annoying!

Thank you Claire1979!
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September 8th, 2009, 08:18 AM
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Here's Eva's birth story.....
On Sunday, December 30, 2007 I woke up at about 2:00am because I had to pee. I then felt like I was leaking and when I went to the bathroom there was a tiny gush of what I assumed to be my water breaking. Turns out it wasn't my water breaking. Anyway, I started having contractions that felt very different than the BH contractions I had been having a lot of the previous day or two. So, I woke my DH up (he was very disoriented and couldn't figure out why I was waking him up). We timed my contractions and they were about 5 minutes apart. My DH called L&D and they said to come in. So, we finished packing up a few things and headed to the hospital. We got to the hospital at about 3:15 am. They had me sign some paperwork, asked me a bunch of questions and then checked me....I was 4 cm dilated. So, I walked around for about a half and hour and then I was 5 cm so they checked me in.
The contractions were very bearable (I used the hypnobirthing method for a natural delivery) until about the last 2 hours or so. Then, I was very glad I had my DH there to keep me on track and an awesome nurse who was very pro-natural childbirth. I sat in the jacuzzi for about an hour until I got to about 9 cm....it was awesome, I would definitely recommend using the jacuzzi to everyone.
I then went back to my room and laid in bed. It took me quite a while to go from 9cm to the 10 cm needed to push which was rather frustrating. In the meantime, some of the football players from the Humanitarian Bowl (college football bowl game) came in to talk to me (which was weird but makes for a good story) and we talked football and babies and I was interviewed for the evening news.
Then, my OB asked if I would agree to her breaking my waters and I agreed and finally, I got to 10cm and it was time to push. I ended up pushing for just a little over an hour before Eva Grace was born. It was really intense and I never could have imagined what pushing a baby's head through that tiny opening could feel like. It took about 4 pushes to push her head out and then one more push to push her shoulders and body out. But, then, as soon as she was out, it was the best feeling in the world.....relief like nothing I have ever experienced. And then they put her on my tummy and I can't even describe what I was feeling. It is really probably one of the most amazing things in the world. My DH cut her cord and they took her to put her under the warm light (to pink her up, she was kinda purple when she came out).
I got to breastfeed pretty quickly and she was a pro right away (we have struggled with it a little since being home). And we got to have a little bonding time before they took her to have her Vit. K shot and ointment in her eyes (something I should have known more about....I probably would have refused at least the ointment if not both).
Well, that's it for now....I think that pretty much covers it. So, for you girls who are planning on going au natural, it is definitely doable...and rewarding.

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September 8th, 2009, 07:42 PM
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Here is Caleb's birth story

I got up on April 10th(also dh's bday) at around 9 am for my 38 week appointment thinking this would be just another routine appointment, I had quite a bit of swelling in my feet and hands but thought nothing of it, as this can be quite normal during pregnancy.
I arrived at the doctors office and did all the routine stuff got weighed, peed in a cup, and they took my bp and had me undress from the waist down, the midwife came in and told me that they were concerned because my bp had went up allot since my last appointment and that I had protein in my urine, I actually had no clue why this was a concern honestly, she then checked me and I was still only dilated to a 2(I had been 2cm dilated since 32 weeks when I had pre term labor) and then she told me that she was going to go and confer with one of the md's about what to do, after about 10 minutes she came back and told me she wanted me to go to the local hospital and has some blood tests done, and then to go and have an ultrasound done and come right back to the office as soon as I had finished these two things. Well at about 11:30 I got back to the office at which point I was asked to go into the doctor's office to talk to him, and he told me that they had decided based on my tests to send me to L&D to be induced because it would just be safer for the baby and me to go ahead and have this baby.
At the hospital, I was admitted to a room in the labor and delivery portion and assigned a nurse, and hooked up to iv's and blood pressure monitors as well as fetal monitors and basically told that I would go ahead and start to be induced, the ob that was going to put the cervadil in found that I was actually dilated to a 3 at this point so decided that I would not need the cervadil, and that they would go ahead and proceed with the pitocin, this was around 2pm I would say. At 6 pm they checked me and I was dilated to a 4 but was having contractions almost constantly, so they upped the pitocin which made the contractions last longer and at 9pm they checked me again at this time I was dilated to a 6 and was in horrible pain, so I asked for my epidural at this point, the epi helped some but not as much as it would have if it had taken fully, I did not lay quite flat so I was still having pain on the right side of my body and was numb on the left, they decided that I really needed to rest for a while and left me for a while, and I could not sleep, so around 11 they gave me something to help me sleep for a while, and I finally did sleep for a little while. Around 1 am they came in and checked me again, this time I was almost dilated to 8 and the pain was pretty intense, poor dh was standing next to me holding a little cup for me to throw up in, not sure if it was the pain or what, sorry if tmi, I told them the epi was not helping so they gave me a booster or something like that, basically they gave me more epi meds and this time it helped, I could see the contractions on the screen but did not really feell them at this point thank goodness, and this continued for a couple hours, they checked a couple times and I was effacing more but not really dilating more till around 5 am at which point I reached 9, and then they told me that at 6 am the nurses would switch over as would the doctors and midwifes and I really loved my nurse so was not happy to hear this at all, at 5:15I started feeling a huge amount of pressure and the contractions got stronger again, they checked and I was still just a bit more than 9 so they decided I could push that last bit open, which was actually pretty hard, I felt stupid they had to help me push by giving dh a towel and having me try my best to pull out of his hands, which they said was helping, then I did start to push correctly and after a couple pushes I was finally at 10 cm, then came the part to bring Caleb out, and I will be honest I about gave up a couple times and begged them to just get him out but my sister was there beside me saying you can do Vicki you can do it, at this point Caleb's heartrate decelerated a bit and that was enough incentive for me to keep going and at exactly 6 am Caleb was born weighing 7 pounds 4.5 ounces and was 21 3/4 inches long at first they had called nicu because he was not breathing well, they brought him to show me for a second and at this point he starting breathing and doing fine so they let me and dh spend some time with him and feed him, and I was already so in love with the little booger and I actually caught a glimpse of dh crying, it was great.

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September 9th, 2009, 09:33 AM
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Here's Alexei's story! Born 12/23/00

It was a Friday, three days before Christmas, and we set out to find the perfect presents for family and friends. Mark drove gleefully from store to store, stopping at random and dragging us into a variety of places. I trudged along, nine months and a day pregnant and not a patient shopper to begin with; a nagging backache didn’t improve my holiday spirit. When we finally returned home in the late evening, still a few gifts short of being finished with our Christmas duties, I was starving.

Mark drove to our favorite little local pizza joint to pick up an extra-large extra-cheese and I settled onto our creaky wicker couch to rest my aching back and wait for food. He returned and I attacked the pizza, eating half of it. It was well past ten and inky dark outside. Mark changed into pj’s and headed for bed, and I briefly tried to do the same. There was no getting comfortable, so my backache convinced me we needed to head to the hospital. We didn’t think I was in labor, per se, but possibly nearing the beginning of it and I was terrified enough of that prospect that the hospital seemed inviting.

Arnold Palmer was crowded with women laboring with their own Christmas packages, and I calmly signed in nearing midnight and didn’t receive so much as a glance from the nurse. There were no empty chairs so we slowly wandered around the waiting room. I felt like I really needed to use the bathroom and several times pestered the nurses with my requests to go. After the third visit, I felt an undeniable need to sit on the floor right in the triage hallway. A couple of nurses peered out at me, beached in the hallway, and someone was kind enough to take me into an empty labor room to check me, since all the triage rooms were overflowing.

Up until this point, I had had no noticeable contractions, no bleeding, no pain except for my horrific lower backache, which was growing steadily worse. A nurse came to check for dilatation and I begged her not to send me home with such a bad backache. I had a hard time lying on my back for the exam. She felt around for what seemed like an eternity, and then looked up and told me, “You are going to have this baby.” I said something to the effect of, “No s&*#.” Then she said, “You are 10 centimeters dilatated and I can feel your baby’s head right here,” and I was stunned. The half an extra-large extra-cheese pizza inside me was stunned.

A nurse ran in with a wheelchair and they zipped me down the hall to an open delivery room. A flurry of people were hurrying to take the bed apart to deliver, place sterile sheets on it, and get me out of my street clothes and into a gown. They layed me out on the bed as a nurse inserted an IV lock in the back of my hand. She didn’t manage to get it capped off and I had an open vein dripping its contents onto the floor. Immediately my doctor came in (my OB was a group practice of 6 right next to the hospital) and he saw how uncomfortable I was and wanted to know if I needed an epidural and the nurses were like, uhhh, doc, this baby is CROWNING! He had enough time to snap on some gloves, say forget all the drapes and lights, and told me to push as he broke my water and with four pushes Alexei Montana was born! It was seven minutes into Saturday, two days before Christmas.

Alexei was a happy, hungry, healthy little guy, 8lb. 2 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long. He was none the worse for his crazy entrance. We got to take him home on Christmas Eve and we put him, bundled up in a snowflake blanket and cap in his carseat and snoozing away, under our Christmas tree. We sat and watched as the best present we could ever imagine snuggled deeper into his little throne and dreamed on.

Heidi, mama to 5 kiddos and an lost 11.25.13 at 11w5d

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September 9th, 2009, 09:48 AM
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I give up on trying to post my other 2 birth stories right now, it's not letting me copy and paste anything here

Heidi, mama to 5 kiddos and an lost 11.25.13 at 11w5d

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September 9th, 2009, 11:30 AM
Super Mommy
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I love reading these! Keep em coming!
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September 9th, 2009, 02:02 PM
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Well let's see. At 37 weeks I went and had a facial - very relaxing. Then that afternoon I helped a friend move, but I didn't lift anything super heavy or anything like that, just some stretching and such.

The next day (a Sunday), they were showing the Lord of the Rings trilogy on TNT, so we watched it all day. Around the time the orcs got to Helms Deep (1 pm), I started feeling Braxton Hicks contrations - no pain, just tightening in the belly. But they didn't stop and kept coming, so I started timing them. They were all over the place - 2 minutes apart, 10 minutes, 7 minutes, 12 minutes, etc. That went on until the end of the movie, about 10 pm. The only time I moved was to use the restroom - the rest of the time was spent on the couch

At 10 pm we went to bed and I got three painful cramps right in a row - BAM BAM BAM. I was like, "oooh." So we decided to take me in and get me checked. We didn't even take my suitcase, we were that sure that I was *not* in labor.

We got there about 10:30 and they said I was like 1 to 2 cm dilated. So we walked up and down the hallway, stopping to breathe when it got painful. And it DID. Grr. Around midnight, they said I was 4 cm and I could be admitted. Yay. I was ready to choke a nurse LOL

I asked for an epidural but they said the anesthesiologist wasn't available, so they gave me Narcan I think. That took the edge off enough so that I could sleep for a bit. I woke up around 4 and got my epidural. Ahhhh.

I slept on and off until 7 am and they said I was getting there but still a ways away.

Around 11, the epidural wore off I was sad. They gave me a bolus (whatever that is) that was supposed to supplement it, but it was weird - I could feel every contraction in my uterus but nothing in the hooha area. Which wound up being just fine.

I stalled in my progress for a couple of hours, and then I begged for something to drink. They gave me 7-Up which gave me horrible heartburn. I asked for a Tums. They gave me one, which I promptly threw up. That puking was enough to take me over that hump where I only had a sliver left to dilate. Note to new mommies - if you feel like you might be able to puke, DO IT. It often helps, according to my nurse.

So I started pushing and that sucked. I was surprised to learn that the pushing is supposed to feel just like pushing out a BM. I thought for some reason that the muscles used would/should be different. But no, they said to push like I was pooping, so I did.

Ian was born at 2:43 pm, so 25 hours of labor if you include the BH contractions. I didn't feel a thing down there - no ring of fire, nothing. The best part was the delivering of the placenta - I loved that. I actually thanked the doctor for that LOL.

Overall I'm not excited to go through it again, but I will be hoping for a quicker delivery this time

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September 9th, 2009, 07:41 PM
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Ibis' birth story - 11.17.02 (finally got it loaded!)

Another weekend had started and I was still pregnant. Not pregnant, STILL pregnant. Technically I had a day to go before my mystery baby was due, but my stomach looked more like I had been pregnant for nine YEARS and with a ten-year-old instead of a baby (well that’s how I looked at it anyway I was hoping for a girl but this baby was giving off NO clues as to sex in the ultrasound. I even made a little girl’s Christmas stocking and we were already calling the baby Ibis with no alternate boy’s name.

It was a crisp November Saturday and we were on our way back from the barn with an almost-2 Alexei in the back seat. I was having an awful lot of contractions and didn’t feel particularly wonderful but there wasn’t any pain or bleeding so I assumed it was another day of false hopes. We dragged around Wal-Mart and did some grocery shopping, with Mark offering me all these free samples that I could barely stand to look at.

Late afternoon rolled around and Mark thought a pizza might cheer me up (I know, uh-oh). We drove over to Little Ceasars and got one of their large cheese pizzas, most of which we ate in the truck. I was still having little contractions, but since I never felt a single one with Alexei, I was assuming these were not the real thing. Certainly not the screamy gut-crunchers you envision. I had promised my new OB that if I felt anything at all, I would go to the hospital and be checked. Uh huh.

Afternoon turned into evening and I was still having these little contractions; they simply would not go away. However, there was no pain and no backache so I was thinking I was home free (by this time I had decided I did not want to deliver this baby (ever)). We stopped by our apartment for a bit and I was feeling completely restless. I told Mark we should get our things together and drive for awhile since that always seemed to stimulate Braxton Hicks and more of those meant a baby sooner (I had changed my mind about delivering again).

It was nearing ten and I decided it was hospital time. I still felt fine, quite silly really, but the little contractions weren’t going away. We made it to the hospital parking lot when I remembered we had forgotten Alexei’s beloved stuffed Doggy. Whether he needed it or not, there was no way I was going to have a baby and have Alexei there without his Doggy. We turned around and retrieved him and made it to the maternity desk just after 11p.m. I signed in and felt totally ridiculous telling the nurse that I was having contractions a couple of minutes apart, even pretending they hurt a little to lend credibility to my story.

I was taken into a labor/delivery room to be checked, almost certain they’d send me home. In just a few minutes we were surprised again when the nurse told us I was a good 8 centimeters. This time I got to have all the “baby treatment” of a fetal monitor, embarrassing labor pictures, and an IV (oh the horrors of that!) for precautions, and I got to lay there and be a laboring woman. Within an hour I was finally feeling a little bit of pain, but nothing unpleasant. My sister came in and we all joked and laughed (I think she was more uncomfortable than I was.)

As the final phase approached, I finally felt some strong pain and I was developing a distinct need to get this baby OUT. The nurses were trying to get me to wait (apparently they hadn’t heard my previous delivery story) because my doctor was at another hospital and no other doctors were available. I wasn’t exactly in a position to debate. They got me into the delivery position sans doctor, and I believe I was saying, I have to push! and they were saying, “just relax!” as my doctor rolled in and saw the familiar scene of a baby ready to pop out. She got settled in to do her work and the nurses all said, “Now you can push!” and I said in the most pitiful voice, “But now I don’t have to push!” and everyone broke down laughing.

Baby number two took six or seven pushes to get out, at 1:07 am on her due date. All I heard was Mark crying out, “It’s a girl!” They layed her on me and for the firsttime I got to see my little Ibis. Everyone was remarking how big she was but all I saw was a tiny little baby. She weighed 9lb. 5oz and was 20 inches long.

Heidi, mama to 5 kiddos and an lost 11.25.13 at 11w5d

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September 9th, 2009, 07:54 PM
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Coral's birth story - 2.23.07

Ours isn't the most miraculous story you'll ever read - we don't have the world's youngest surviving preemie, or the smallest, and she isn't a quintuplet or even a twin. However, she is our own private little miracle and our lives will never again be the same. In spite of all the pain and fear and tortuous hours of uncertainty, our preemie experience has been nothing short of amazing.

I became pregnant with our third child in late August of 2006; she was due May 3rd, 2007 and we all expected a normal pregnancy after 2 very uneventful rounds with her brother and sister. At first things were peachy. I had minimal morning sickness, tolerable cravings, and little weight gain. I was in maternity clothes quite soon but was thrilled to don them. An initial ultrasound at 9 weeks showed one little healthy baby; our son wanted a brother, our daughter wanted a sister, and we were thrilled with either option. The weeks dragged on as we waited for the 'big' ultrasound at 18 weeks. Ours was scheduled just 4 days before Christmas. What a special gift to see our baby and hopefully find out the gender!

In retrospect, as the weeks slipped by towards our 18-week appointment, things were amiss. I didn't have a large appetite, and had no taste for sweets, which is simply unheard of for me. I made hundreds of Christmas cookies to give to friends and family and could not bear the thought of eating even one of them. I couldn't stand for more than a few minutes without feeling as though I had the flu. I felt like I was 9 months pregnant instead of 4. I honestly wondered if we'd see an unexpected twin at our ultrasound.

Finally the day had come. The whole family squeezed in to the ultrasound room while the tech made her initial measurements. My son had us all in fits of laughter when he declared in all seriousness that he saw a claw on the screen. We were thrilled to pieces when we found out we were having another girl! We also were unaware that our OB's machine was a 4-D machine, and it was breathtaking seeing her, looking so real and baby-like inside of me.

Minutes later, clutching a few precious pictures of our daughter, I sat in the OB's exam room for my appointment. It was then that he informed me something was amiss. The placenta was twice as thick as it was supposed to be. He didn't seem alarmed but told me he would be setting up an appointment for me with a maternal-fetal specialist at a high-tech diagnostics center. My heart was in my throat. What on earth did this mean?

Over the next 10 weeks, we had no real answers. I had multiple high-level ultrasounds, all of which showed an apparently healthy baby girl and a very unusual placenta. The placenta grew to be almost 4 times thicker than even the thickest placenta should have been - what would have been noteworthy at 5 cm was a full 19.4cm thick. It was also splitting into fluid-filled layers and calcifying. Multiple specialists were involved with the ultrasounds and the best conclusion they reached was, "We've never seen anything like this before." This is NOT what you want to hear from the people in charge of your care.

We did blood tests for infections of every variety, full histories to verify that I never smoked, did drugs, drank alcohol, was exposed to anything abnormal, or did anything else that might solve the puzzle. There was simply nothing to point a finger at, and no conclusions to be drawn. The placenta was a ticking timebomb. When would it die? When would it get so large it broke down? Could it supply adequate blood and nutrients to the baby?

Nobody could or would tell me anything. I was sick with worry, and sick from the diseased placenta. I searched endlessly online for cases similar to mine and didn't find much. What was out there spoke of genetic defects, often fatal; miscarriages; deforming syndromes; growth retardation; and more poorly understood mysteries. Nobody ever suggested these things to me but surely something had to match with what I had.

By the start of February, I was a physical mess. Where my past 2 pregnancies had found me vibrant and excited at this stage, I was barely able to function. Merely walking about the house left me dizzy and exhausted. My appetite was minimal; I had to force myself to eat and even to drink. Yet at night sleep eluded me. I would sit in the living room in agony, itching all over my body. Benadryl and antihistamine creams had zero effects. By week 27 of pregnancy, my blood pressure was shooting up and I was placed on medication. My abdomen was measuring almost 40 weeks as the placenta filled my bulging uterus. I had no idea how I was going to make it through the third trimester.

We reached week 29. My blood pressure was still high and I was suffering from abdominal cramps. On Monday I turned in a 24-hour urine specimen to be analyzed for protein and the telltale signs of preeclampsia. On Tuesday I had another specialist ultrasound, which showed an apparently healthy baby measuring 3lb4oz and a bizarre but unchanged placenta, with the addition of extra amniotic fluid. On Wednesday we had an OB appointment; he walked into the room, glanced at my chart, and told us I needed to get to the hospital immediately. My protein count was a +3, my liver enzymes were elevated, and my platelets were dropping. Our jaws dropped.

Wednesday evening we checked in to the hospital; I couldn't stop trembling in fear. That night, once hooked up to the monitors, it was apparent that I was in labor and contracting with regularity. All night and into Thursday morning, magnesium sulfate was pumped into my veins to control the preeclamptic reactions as well as to try and stall labor. I saw the doctor who would be our baby's main neonatologist, and he promised me 90% of 30-weekers survived. Ten percent odds had never loomed so large. I received my 2 steroid shots to mature the baby's lungs in 24 hours, and Thursday evening, 30 weeks pregnant, it was decided that we'd let nature take its course.

Coral was born at 1:28 am on February 23rd, 10 weeks short of her May 3rd due date. I saw my OB hold her up and she was small but still looked like a perfect little baby. She gave a little cry and no sound was sweeter. They immediately took her over to a warming bed staffed with a host of doctors, and I could not see her but knew she was there. I didn't know how she was or what they were doing to her.

Suddenly none of it mattered. The neonatologist came over and told us she was breathing and looked okay so far, and they were taking her to the NICU. I was unprepared when a nurse brought over this tiny wrapped up bundle and laid her atop my chest. She was the most beautiful, perfect little 3 pound, 3 ounce doll I'd ever seen. Lips trembling, I gave her a tiny kiss on the forehead before they whisked her away. The tears flooded as the room emptied out. The doctors all departed, the lights were dimmed down, and a nurse wandered in and out. We were left there, without our baby and without any idea of what was to come. We had no idea if she had a genetic defect or other problem in synch with the placenta.

We were briefly reunited at 4 in the morning. I was whisked into the NICU in a wheelchair, husband by my side. Baby Coral looked so tiny and helpless in this big scary isolette. She was attached to all these different wires going every which way, IV's in her hand and foot, cannula crossing her tiny face. She was clad in a diaper, which covered the majority of her stomach and legs as well as her behind. Her skin was an angry red.

It was terrifying. I could not stop crying. I was overwhelmed by a torrent of emotions, including relief that she was alive and paralyzing helplessness that she was trapped in a plastic box, crying, and I couldn't do a thing to comfort her. According to the neonatologist who had spoken with me 2 nights before, one in ten 30 weekers didn't survive. We'd been sitting in the delivery room for 3 hours, wondering if she'd be that one in ten. Seeing her alive was such sweet relief I couldn't catch my breath. We put our hands through the isolette portholes and touched her tiny toes for the first time. My hands were shaking so hard I was petrified I'd hurt her or disturb some piece of medical equipment. I had no idea what was being done to her, or how stable she was. We were surrounded by other babies in their isolettes, multitudes of machinery, and a half dozen busy nurses and respiratory therapists, but had never felt so alone.

It was another 12 hours before I got to see Coral again. I spent time alone in my hospital room, 6 floors above the NICU in the wing designated for mothers with sick babies. The effect was intended to insulate grieving women from hearing other babies crying, but the silence was eerie and depressing. My husband was out trying to comfort our other children and pick up my mother from the airport. I was stuck in my room until I was more stable from the effects of pre-eclampsia and medication. I was unable fully to make the connection that I'd had the baby and was no longer pregnant.

I spent a very long weekend in my room, in pain, heart broken and hurting. Much of the time I was alone. My older daughter was extremely upset and talking to her on the phone was excruciating. Neither of the kids understood what was going on. I was worried sick about them, and when my husband was at the hospital to keep me company, I fretted that my extended family was watching over them instead of me. I desperately wanted to be home.

At the same time, I had a baby in the hospital. I was able to pump colostrum for her and the doctors had begun feeding her by gavage (stomach tube). I would visit her every few hours, taking the trip on shaky legs down the elevator and to the third floor. I still wore a hospital gown; we hadn't really taken the time or had the intuition to pack much when we'd left for the hospital, and after Coral was born we were in too much shock to think of something as simple as clean clothing for me. I didn't even have shampoo for a shower, although cleanliness was the last thing on my mind.

Sunday morning, I was considered stable enough to go home. I was more than eager to be leaving the hospital room and was desperate to be home with my kids. Mentally I knew I had a child a few floors below but emotionally I was stuck on thinking of 'my kids' as the older 2 waiting at home for me.

My husband, mom, and kids came to pick me up from the hospital. We visited Coral briefly, taking turns watching the older 2 in the waiting area. The drive home was surreal - it was sunny and warm, a typical Florida in February. I could see all the colors as we whizzed along the highway, and feel the air blowing on my face, and hear my mom and husband talking and the kids jabbering, but everything was flat. It was like looking at a faded 2-D drawing, an old postcard of our city. I felt like I was suspended in time and place in my OB's office 4 afternoons before, when he told us we needed to get to the hospital right away. I was in shock and feeling empty of any thoughts or emotions.

We came home to a house completely empty of any baby things; it looked as though I'd never been pregnant. We hadn't had time to buy a crib, toys, or necessities; our only purchase had been a travel system and it was still sitting in our garage. My body was extremely weak and I could barely stand but I shrugged off my mom's help and staggered around the kitchen, making lunch for the kids just like any other day. Everyone kept telling me to rest, to take it easy, but I couldn't make myself sit still.

It wasn't until that evening that I broke down. My husband had made dinner and I was sitting on our couch watching some mundane television show that suddenly held no interest. He placed my plate in my lap and I took a bite, and as I swallowed suddenly felt empty, hollow, gutted out, a black hole blossoming from within. In an instant I knew that I had had the baby and she was no longer nestled safe inside of me. What I had always known mentally became known in my heart.

The tears poured out and could not be stopped. I cried and cried and ached so painfully in my heart, in my empty womb, in my empty arms. I grieved for my baby. It is not natural for a mother to leave her baby, to not have her baby with her to see and smell and feel and nurture. At 2 in the morning it dawned on me that I was grieving for Coral like she had died, and not like she was in the hospital. I immediately stepped up with pumping breastmilk, which helped my hormones tell my body, there's a baby here that's alive and being nourished by you.

We quickly became versed in NICU lingo and process. We would enter the 3rd floor lobby, present our baby ID bracelet and collect our name badges, and head through the double doors to the scrub sinks. For three minutes we would scrub with an antibacterial soap, dry, and brace ourselves for our entry into the Level III (critical) NICU. We'd spot the doorway with our baby's paper heart, emblazoned with our last name, stuck up with the other hearts of the babies sharing our room.

She'd be there, snuggled on her stomach in her isolette in a little shapeable padded bar and strap system that looked like a little nest. She had 3 leads attached to her skin on chest, stomach, and leg to measure heartbeat and respiration; one lead on her side to monitor her temperature; an IV with 3 or 4 tubings trailing off to liquid nutrition, vitamins, and medications; a nasal cannula taped to her face and attached to a scary-looking blue tube and a humidifying machine to provide oxygen; and a thin gastric tube taped to her chin and running into her stomach for feedings. Plus she was surrounded by a sea of pinging, beeping, alarming machinery to monitor everything attached to her, and there were other babies around us with the same and more. It was dizzying.

The next 5 weeks were long and hard. We would get to spend a precious hour and a half with our baby every evening. On day 5 we held her for the first time. We missed the first diaper change, the first bath, the first nipple feeding. We saw our daughter pierced in every conceivable body part by IV's, by quests for blood to monitor blood sugar and blood counts and infections. We dealt with wonderful, caring nurses and the occasional nurse who sometimes kept us from holding our daughter when we were there simply because our baby was not next on the schedule.

We took two steps forward, one step back (and sometimes three or four steps back) several times with worries over a hole in her heart; back and forth on oxygen and problems remembering to breathe; stopping and starting feedings; weight loss all the way down to 2 1/2 pounds; and all the typical preemie troubles. It was so hard going to the NICU each night and not knowing if the news would be great or scary - maybe she'd be off the oxygen or maybe she'd have a blood infection. I had a hard time sharing the daily news with friends and family because I had the insane notion they'd be disappointed on the bad days.

During the NICU stay our lives pretty much ground to a halt. Things lose all meaning when you have a child lying in uncertainty in a hospital room. You forget how to talk to people who aren't going through what you're experiencing. Friends offer time and again to help with meals, with childcare, and you can't even manage to tell them you need a meal on Wednesday or to please watch the kids on Tuesday night. Just that tiny task seems insurmountable. You try to keep your mind on your job or business and it wanders right back to reliving those last weeks of pregnancy, or scrutinizing every detail of the whole 6 1/2 months, or you're on the internet reading every last scrap, the good and bad, of others' preemie experiences.

You are infuriated that some people can treat themselves so poorly and have such a healthy baby that they take for granted while you tried so hard and your baby is in the hospital, future in the air, and you'd give anything to have her back in your belly. You cry as you sit in the hospital, waiting for the NICU to open, and watch mom after mom be wheeled out of the hospital, big healthy newborn in arms, ready to go home. You have no idea when it will be your turn. Every night you gaze longingly at that crib you had to buy after your baby was born, and you stroke the rail and the empty mattress, and you pick up the pretty pink blanket you bought before you had a preemie and curl up in a ball with it and cry yourself to sleep at night.

Finally our baby girl came home after 40 days in the NICU. Exactly 6 weeks, almost to the hour, since we left our OB's office, we were headed home with our little 4lb, 2oz wonder. She was unbelievably tiny and fragile, still attached to an apnea monitor 24/7 for those first few weeks. She pretty much lived in my arms, in the sling, and at the breast. She was the size of our older daughter's 15" baby doll; Ibis would actually steal Coral's clothes to fit her dolls.

Coral quickly thrived. At her due date she was a respectable 5lb 15oz. Her heart was mostly mended (Coral does still have a small defect that has to be monitored), her eyes were fine, and she filled out. She had no problems breastfeeding full-time and it became apparent that her personality included a love of being held and lots of smiles. She hit all the normal milestones for her corrected age and by 6 months was a whopping 13lb 4oz. By a year she was up to 17lb 11oz,, saying 20 words and just learning the tricks of forward motion. She surprised us all by taking her first steps at 17 months old.

Our entire family is more in love with Coral than we ever could have imagined. Having a preemie was absolutely the hardest thing we have ever done, but there's not one moment we would give back. Because she was born early and spent 6 weeks in the hospital, we don't take anything for granted. Every smile, every word, every Cheerio flung across the kitchen is met with a silent thank you that she's here and well. Coral is our miracle and we couldn't be more proud of her!

Heidi, mama to 5 kiddos and an lost 11.25.13 at 11w5d
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