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Cole Maverick's Birthday Story! Super long!

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November 19th, 2009, 05:22 PM
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Wednesday November 4th( I was 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant) started like any other day, I woke up and was ready to go about my day being miserably pregnant still. I took my first dose of herbs that my midwife gave to me in hopes of it putting me into labor but since it was the second day of taking them and nothing was happening, I figured I would end up having to take the castor oil the next day to get things going finally.

I started having some contractions that were irregular and didn't think anything of it since I had been having irregular contractions for weeks already. When I went to the bathroom, I had some bloody show and thought "Yay, maybe I will go into labor in the next few days" by noon, my contractions were getting more regular and every time I went to the bathroom I was having quite a bit of bloody show. I text my husband and said "just a heads up, contractions are about 10 minutes apart" he asked if he needed to come home and I told him no because the contractions weren't hurting at all.

Somewhere in this time I also called my midwife and let her know about the bloody show and the contractions and she told me to start taking the herbs every 20 minutes to see if it got the contractions closer, so in between doses of herbs, I would go walk around the block, I did that about 4 times. My mom and my aunt were in town to help me out for a few weeks before and after the baby got here and they were just going run to the store really quick and I figured nothing was really going on yet so I was totally fine with them leaving. Thankfully, DS was taking a nap and DD laid down on the couch to take a nap too so I wasn't having to chase my kids around because almost immediately after my mom and aunt left, my contractions started to get more intense and I was having to sway back and forth through them and breath while holding on to something. So I text my hubby and said "you need to come home now!" I called my mom and told her that things were picking up and she was on her way back to my house.

DH got home and we were talking and were worried that my labor was going to peter-out and that he came home from work early for nothing. I had stopped taking the herbs at around 3:30 and contractions were still coming, irregular but intense and coming anywhere from 5-7 minutes apart. We called my midwife and let her know what was going on. She said that when my contractions were consistently 5 minutes apart for 30 minutes to call her back and then we would head to the birth center. So DH and I went out to walk up and down our street to try to get the contractions more regular. Well, I skipped the whole 5 minute apart thing and contractions were 3 minutes apart for almost 30 minutes so we called that good enough, which BTW the contractions were really not bad at all and I was still in denial about being in true labor, in between contractions I was completely fine, I was laughing and talking and DH and I were joking around about this, that and the other the whole time we were walking, during a contractions I would just have to stop and put my head on DH's shoulder and sway back and forth and breath a little to get through it.

We went back inside and called Marie and told her that they were 3 minutes apart and she said to grab our stuff and leave in the next 15 minutes and she would meet us there. On our way to the birth center, my hubby was starving, so I told him to pull through a drive thru somewhere and grab something to eat, he was like " are you sure, you are kind of in labor?!?" I was like "yeah, I'm fine, get something now or you might not be eating for awhile!" So we went through Sonic really quick.

We get to the birth center at 7pm and they were having some kind of class in the lobby and right before I walked in the door, I had a ctx so I had to stop and lean up against a cement pillar in front of the building and DH was just standing in front of the door and the people in the class were looking at him like "Why are you just standing outside?" It was kind of funny...We got into our room and Marie said we could do some stairs or she could check me first just to see where we were at, so I opted for her to check me first, and only expecting to be 5 maybe 6cm...she goes to check me and was like "Oh my gosh girl!" and I was like "what?!?" She said "you have a bulging bag of water and are 9cm!!" Holy cow! I couldn't believe it! Marie said she never would have guessed I was that far dilated by the way I was acting, I walked in all calm, still in denial that I was labor, and just laughing and talking in between contractions.

I decided I wanted to get into the tub so Marie filled it the rest of the way and I got in and it felt sooo good, I knew that I definitely wanted to labor in there as much as I could because it relieved the intensity so much. I labored in the tub for awhile and tried bearing down a bit with some of the ctx, which felt good to do instead of just breathing through it. I got out of the tub and I went into the bathroom to pee and all of a sudden I felt like a was going to throw up so DH grabbed me a bucket and as I was throwing up, my water broke everywhere! It went in front of the toilet, behind the toilet, it was a mess and there was meconium in it but not alot, thank goodness. I got cleaned up and got on the bed to be checked again and my cervix went from 9 to 8 because my bag of water was what had done most of the dilating and since that was gone now, my cervix shrunk down a little, which Marie said was normal and it would dilate again once Cole's head came down, which was still really high.

Marie checked his position and he was in a really funky position, he had his back to my right side but was slightly sunny side up if that makes sense, so his front was slightly turned out toward my front. Marie had me give her a good push to see if she could feel his head move down with pushing which it did so we were hopeful that he would get into the right position and soon. Things start to get a little blurry after this because I started to get very tired. After this I think I got back into the tub for awhile and then I got into the shower for a really long time because I was freezing, well I thought I was but I think most of the shaking was from being in transition for so long. I think after this I went and climbed stairs for awhile, all different ways, sideways, two at a time, doing lunges, just trying to get Cole in the right position and to engage, also this wasn't the first time I had done the stairs, I had done them either once or twice before this already but I'm not sure at what time or at what point, I was pretty out of it. I got done with stairs and was so exhausted, I think it was around 3am by this point, that I decided to lay down and rest between ctx for awhile. I actually did fall asleep a few times and felt re-energized, I think I went and did some more stairs but got tired very quickly.

I remembered from my previous labors that both of kids before had been stuck in the same kind of position and the nurses had me flip from side to side to get them to turn so we decided to try that. Also, during this whole time, I was trying to push in a bunch different positions to get him to come down or turn or something, so that added to the exhaustion. I labored on the bed changing positions for while but because of being so tired and the lack of movement, my contractions started to slow down, alot. There was one point when Marie wanted me to try pushing again on my back and we sat there for probably 15 minutes waiting for a contractions to push with.

She had me taking more herbs in hopes that it would pick my labor back up again, I was also doing nipple stimulation trying to get the contractions back to being close together but nothing was working, my body was exhausted. I have to add that I tried a birthing ball and a birthing stool also. We even tried an IV to get my hydrated again because that can sometimes work but it didn't. I remember laying there with the IV in my arm and asking Marie when is enough enough and should we just call it and arrange for me to be transferred. I think at that point is when I was done trying and I had already made up my mind. I was beyond exhausted, I have never felt exhaustion like that, I could hardly hold myself up, I was shaking and trembling uncontrollably. We all decided that it was for the best since it was about 5am at this point and I had gone down another centimeter from lack of contractions.

Marie called the on-call doctor and the nearby hospital, same place I had gone when I had pre-term, and arranged for me to go over there. Right before we left, Marie's assistant took my temp and it read 100.2, so instantly my DH freaks out and gets totally worried, I was worried too but at least I was going to the hospital at this point. We get in our truck and Marie follows us to the hospital in her car. We get there and are trying to explain to the lady at the front desk our situation that we were transferring and what not and she just totally didn't get it, it was really annoying at the time. We got up to my room and I immediately asked for an epidural, which I personally am not a fan of but I was sooooo tired and so tired of working through contractions that I just wanted some relief and some sleep, not to mention that I knew I was getting pitocin so I just wanted to be ready for that.

They got my IV in and all my paperwork done super fast so I could get my epi, also when they took my vitals, I didn't have a fever so the temp that was taken at the birth center must have been an error with the thermometer, so that was relieving, the anesthesiologist got there lightening fast and my epi was in and in no time I was feeling so much better! When I got there they checked me and I was still a 7 but my cervix was just super stretchy like if I could have pushed him out right then it would have stretched to a 10 but he was still in that funky position. We decided I would rest for awhile and then start trying some different positions to get this little guy to turn so he could engage.

I think I slept for about an hour and then my nurse came back in and had me do a position called trundelemburg, where they elevate the foot of the bed to get the baby to come out of the pelvis a little in hope of them repositioning themselves. I got into this position plus layed on my side for probably half an hour and then they came and put my bed back to normal but still had me lay on my side. When I had first got to the hospital, a nurse-midwife from one of the midwifery practices in town came in and introduced herself and told me she would be taking over my care, I was so glad to have a midwife instead of an OB taking over my care. Oh and Marie stayed with us and helped answer questions up until I took a nap and she said she would try and be back later on, she is an amazing midwife!

The nurse-midwife, Donna, came in to check me again and said I was still 7cm, I was very disappointed, and she got very cut and dry with me and said that if some kind change didn't happen soon we would need to be talking about a c-section and she said by the way things were going, that this could be a very likely possibility plus the fact that Cole wasn't looking so good on the monitors anymore, not horrible, but he wasn't having the good accels and decels, I think he was sleeping at that point but you can't try and tell that to someone when you are at a hospital, they don't really listen. I lost it, I was bawling my head off. I called Marie and was sobbing to her on the phone, she said she was coming back up to the hospital. We did more position changes and upped the pitocin a bit and just waited.

Donna came back in with another OB, who was actually fantastic, and they both talked to me, the OB told me that she was not a fan of surgery and that since Cole was looking better on the strip, it bought me some more time. Donna checked me again and said I was between 7 and 8 but had this funky lip of cervix that seemed to be the reason why things weren't moving so quickly so she pushed it out of the way and had me lay on my side to see if that would help. We waited more. I did need a top up on my epi, as it was starting to wear off, my legs were numb as hell but I started to feel the contractions getting really strong in my lower abdomen and in front of my right hip especially.

Donna came back in and checked me again and said I was now 9cm and the lip of cervix was gone and I just had barely a rim left! Things were looking up, Cole still hadn't engaged but he was in a more favorable position at this point, I was so relieved! Marie got there and I think it wasn't even 30 minutes later when Donna came back in and checked me and said I was complete! I was freaking out because I thought I would never get to this point, I had been through so much, so to hear that was so incredible. She told me with my next contractions to give a good push to see if I could bring him down. So I pushed and she was like "OK we are having a baby!" she started telling everyone to get this and do that because he was coming NOW, my hubby told me she actually yelled at one of the nurses because the nurse was gabbing about something and Donna was like "Why are you telling me about this right now, there is a baby coming NOW, move it!"! I guess with that one push he started to crown, I couldn't believe it! She had me give her another good push and then some smaller ones and his head was out so she suctioned his mouth and nose right away so he didn't have a chance to aspirate the meconium, this instantly made him start crying even before he was out of me, then one more big push and the rest of his body came right out, they immediately put him on my chest since he was crying so well, he was sooo beautiful, I couldn't believe he was finally here! They let him lay on my chest for a good half an hour before they even took him over to weigh and measure him. It was so nice to be able to bond with him like that, he started rooting around very quickly and latched on a nursed like a pro. I didn't tear all either. I was soooo hungry and thirsty afterward, my nurse handed the menu to DH and said to order me anything and everything, so I pretty much did! I had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, cranberry sauce, a fruit platter, a piece of cheesecake, milk and two big cups of apple juice and a big cup of ice water too and I ate everything! That was the best meal!

The stay at the hospital wasn't too bad but I didn't get any sleep that night because of nurses coming in and out all night long. One thing that was nice was that they never took Cole out of my room, they did everything right there in our room, bath, hearing test, PKU, everything, it was very nice. Cole is such a blessing and he is a wonderful baby, we got off to a bit of a rough start but things are awesome now. I feel like my family is complete and can't wait to watch all my children grow up together. I'm sure I left some things out but like I said, everything got to be a blur because of the exhaustion but that's Cole's birth story!
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November 21st, 2009, 01:09 AM
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Congrats! What a great birth!
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November 21st, 2009, 05:51 AM
mommy2Breana+Brandon's Avatar Platinum Supermommy
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Sorry everything didn't turn out the way you planned.

But what a story

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