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Love_09 May 1st, 2012 09:29 AM

14 month old with allergies, new here
Hello ladies,

My name is Lauren (member of the Feb 2011 playroom and the September 2012 birth club) I have a 14 month old son named Aidan who we are struggling with lately.

Aidan's background - severe reflux as an infant (started at just hours old) put on medication that took the burning away but didn't help the reflux amount, he had to be fed every 1.5 hours to keep gaining weight. He was hospitalized for a stomach virus and they did testing for the reflux at the time and upped his medicine. He was switched to formula at 4.5 months and it was HELL (excuse the language) we seriously tried 10 formulas because if he wasn't puking uncontrollably he was broken out in eczema, hives and rashes along with diarrhea and mucus in the stool, they put him on Similac Alimentum (sp?) but his reflux became the worst it had ever been so he was removed after 3 weeks. Long story short he was switched to cow's milk at 12months per the instructions of his pediatrician and he puked non-stop, had mucus filled diarrhea, vomiting, sever eczema and hives. I quickly stopped that and was told to switch to Lactaid, again the same things continued but I was told to continue it for at least a month to see if the reactions lessened or stopped. He's now 14 months old and just switched to Almond Milk, he suffers with uncontrollable eczema, chronic loose stools which range from loose with mucus to diarrhea, rashes and hives. He has an allergy appointment set up for May 10th and he'll be tested then but I can almost guarantee he's got a milk protein allergy and possibly a soy one as well as seasonal allergies. I feel terrible for him having suffered all this time but his pediatrician refused to refer him to anyone till after a year despite his issues from birth. Oh yeah and he was diagnosed with a heart murmur at 4 months, asthma at 10 months as well as anemia at 13 months

Adriana's Mommy May 1st, 2012 10:15 PM

Re: 14 month old with allergies, new here
I can TOTALLY relate to what you are going through.. My 2 1/2 year old is an allergic child and he has the atopic traid.. He has asthma, food/environmental allergies, eczema, and hay fever.. All diagnosed before the A.J of two.. His issues started around 3 months old.. First eczema (severe), then asthma at 4 months old, then hay fever.

I had to fight to get him the help he needed. It was hard but it has gotten better.. I hope you get the answers your looking for.. :)

I've heard doctors don't like to do allergy testing on babies.. I bypassed them and went to an Asthma and Allergy clinic without a referral.

i3ai3ydanny May 3rd, 2012 03:53 PM

Re: 14 month old with allergies, new here
We had the same issue. Thankfully Danny got referred from his GI doc because the ped wouldn't do anything at that point. After that it has been a long road to finding 15 food allergies. Have you eliminated milk and milk products from his diet completely? Casein or whey even in small amounts can irritate a milk allergy or milk protein intolerance and when someone has milk protein issues they are MUCH more likely to have soy protein issues as well because the proteins are VERY similar. We have milk and soy issues as well as many many others and will be having a g-tube placed next week to find the remaining allergies that are causing so many GI issues. :( He may also have problems with nuts if you have cut out milk and soy completely but haven't had any luck with the nut milks. Just a tip...protein intolerances won't show up on skin prick tests or blood allergy tests because these only test for allergies that are flared up by the "IgE" part of the immune system. Everything mediated by another part of the immune system won't show up on these two. We have had to use patch testing for 4 of Danny's most troublesome allergies. Also, most children with soy intolerances can tolerate soybean oil and soy lecithin...however this does NOT apply to soy allergies and always start with taking all soy 100% out and then add one of these back in at a time.

I hope you get answers soon. :( I am so sorry you have had to watch him struggle so long.

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