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~Meg June 18th, 2012 10:07 AM

New with Question
Hi, I'm Megan mommy to Tyler(3) and Jax(6m)
Jaxson has bad GERD and was switched to Alimentum after we suspected an allergy or intolerance to similac. Once he weaned and was on just formula it started with mucusy bloody stools. So his gastro switched him and It's been a month and now he is having mucusy stools again and puking. Not just spit up anymore. He throws his food right back up and it's a clear/milky white. Not normal white/cream colored like his spit up.
I have given him the powder and has stopped all solids since last week. Could it be the powder? Do I keep him with a gastro or should he see an allergy doc? I just don't even know where to start.
He has spent lots of time in the hospital over his vomitting and failure to thrive. He just now caught up and is in the 50 percentile. I'm afraid he will start dropping again.

mom2nate June 18th, 2012 08:41 PM

Re: New with Question
It could be a corn intolerance/allergy. My son's allergist says every powder formula on the market has corn in it. (Along with every dang thing else on the planet!) If I remember correctly I believe she said the only formula that does not have corn in it is the Alimentum ready to feed (the liquid)...may be worth a shot....good luck!

i3ai3ydanny June 20th, 2012 07:16 PM

Re: New with Question
I would see an allergist in addition to the GI. They work together in these sorts of situations. I would check for milk and soy intolerance before checking for corn. As a last resort you can do Elecare or Neocate but they taste pretty bad. They have no protein in them which is what causes almost all reactions to occur. Some children tolerate one over the other but if his GI issues are still that bad I would probably push for one of these as it sounds like a protein intolerance (most likely milk or soy but could be corn though it is much less likely). Protein intolerances cause mucousy poops because they irritate the GI tract then the GI tract produces more mucous to try and coat and protect it... :/ Also, most allergy blood tests and skin prick tests will show negative for GI related allergies. We have found that the best test has been skin patch testing though the foods are somewhat limited that can be tested that way. Corn, milk, and soy can all be tested that way however. I hope you get some answers soon!

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