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bmarti07 February 5th, 2013 06:30 PM

Hi! My name is Beverly. I'm new to this board but not to JM. My son, Jonathan, is 14 mos. old. He was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy at 10 days old. I breastfed and immediately cut out all dairy. I have tried to transition to rice milk, but he doesn't really care for it. I am trying to wean but he doesn't do too well with the cup either. That said, in the last few weeks I have started eating dairy. He now has pretty significant eczema on his trunk/chest. I feel terrible. I have really cut down on nursing and only really nurse him morning and night. I can't believe how sensitive he is! Anyways, not sure what to do. Should I try to wean or should I eliminate dairy again? It's so frustrating! It seems like everything has milk in it!!!! Guess I just needed to vent....

THE angry uterus February 8th, 2013 09:06 PM

Re: Introduction
We have multiple food allergies, dairy and soy included. I personally would keep dairy out of my system until he is fully weaned. On the plus side, at least you know he still has the allergy and you already know what to avoid and which foods he can eat. Have you tried Almond milk instead? I think it tastes better and is a good source of nutrients and calcium. :)

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