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sarah* September 8th, 2013 04:03 AM

Hello :)
I am sarah :) my children are Rhianna 6 Lacey 5 Lucas 3 and Connor 6.5 months.

Connor has the allergies, he is allergic to Egg, Wheat, Soya and Milk Protein. He got really bad eczema at 8 weeks all over his face, which he scratched like mad all day and bled, he was on anti-histamine twice a day to try stop itching - after many visits to the GP and lots of different creams with no improvements and trialled on Lactose with no improvement and Soya which made it worse he was referred to hospital for allergy testing, he had the skin prick test, the egg allergy came up pretty big and quick that was both to the white and the yolk.

He is on the similac alimentum formula now until he is 1 years, he has been on it three weeks and his face is lovely and clear :) he also has to avoid eating anything with the above in until 1 years then we can try introduce them and see what happens.

Thats us :waves:

TreeTog September 8th, 2013 04:52 AM

Re: Hello :)
I have 2 boys and they both have allergies. Liam is allergic to eggs and pet dander and Ryan is allergic to milk. Liam had eczema all over his face, ankles, arms, behind his knees, and on his scalp. Liam will break out into hives if eggs touch his skin. Ryan will have gastro issues and throw up.


sarah* September 12th, 2013 12:50 PM

Re: Hello :)
Awww bless him :( connor has the eczema over the rest his body too in patches, not nice at all, the egg allergy is pretty big for connor too, he ate something the other day which said "may contain traces" and had a flare up so will be staying away from them foods too now! is it something your boys will grow out of do they know

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