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hope71012 September 1st, 2012 09:00 AM

New and can use advice
We are going to start weaning dd2 to formula. She is 5 weeks old and we have been nursing to this point. I just can't continue for a variety of reasons. I am feeling very guilty because while everything seems perfect, I am struggling emotionally with nursing the same way I did with my older child. I can't keep pushing through hoping these feelings will go away. They never did in my almost 18 months of nursing dd1.

So advice--
How much should I expect my 5 wk old to eat and how often?
How do I help not feeling guilty?
And how can I ease discomfort while weaning?

We are planning to start with just feeds while I'd be at work (7:30-2. If she needs to eat formula it will be). Then increase over the next few weeks slowly as my milk dries up.

I have judgy family and friends on both sides of the feeding debate. Grandma will say "good in glad now you know how many oz she is eating" (since bm just can't possibly be enough...) and others who view formula as poison. Or think breastfeeding should be mandatory.
Ive done the pros and cons and can only think of one pro to keep nursing (it's free) and one page word document of cons mainly involving my ability to bond with my daughter.

swaddlestar September 1st, 2012 10:08 PM

Re: New and can use advice
Its been a few years since I FF'd my daughter but I will try to help. I FF her from the beginning because I had emotional issues tied to nursing that stemmed from past abuse situations. I did not want to chance associating that negativity with how I bonded with my newborn. I struggled with the guilt that you are talking about too, mostly when people judged me. But in the end my baby was one of the happiest, emotionally bonded baby I could ask for so a lot of my guilt went out the window with that.

How much should I expect my 5 wk old to eat and how often?

I think by 5 weeks they usually are at 4-5 oz every 5-6 hours.

How do I help not feeling guilty?

It takes time. Anytime anyone said something negative with DD it used to upset me and make me feel like a bad mom. But I have developed a new mantra for this next baby: My baby, my body, my business. I will repeat it back to anyone who wants to squash my choice. I have been reading a lot of positive affirmations from this site Fearless Formula Feeder | Infant Feeding Support and trying to find a good online support group. JM is great, but this Formula Feeding section never gets much traffic.

And how can I ease discomfort while weaning? I'm sorry I can't help here. Hopefully someone else can answer this one.

Good luck and take it easy on yourself:smile:

.:Kati:. September 3rd, 2012 05:14 AM

Re: New and can use advice
Previous poster said it all. I'd like to add you can still bond with lo while bottle feeding if you feel like you're missing out on that. I propped lo's head up with a pillow and cuddle him while he eats every now and then. I think it's sweet.

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