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mommiemonica April 24th, 2009 01:08 AM

Hi! New to this site! 18 month old 18pds and we are stuck!
Hi! My baby girl is 18 months old weighing in at 18 pds. We got a failure to thrive diagnosis at age 12 months. Since the she has seen a GI doctor who has run every test imaginable- all have been normal. She has had an endoscopy and biopsies-normal. We have has her on a 1200/day calorie diet (800 from pediasure) and began to have a little luck. She went from 16.5 pounds to 18- in about a month. She is still far from being on any charts. Our biggest problem now is that the 1200 calorie a day diet that she was eating has been cut into about 600/day. We cannot get her to eat- she wants nothing to do with it. The doctor says its a phase, try new foods, cut her food into shapes, etc. We have tried it all and no luck. I am so worried because she is just staying the same size. She hasn't lost weight-yet. I am concerned that she is not getting enough calories for proper brain development/bone growth. So much information I find on FTT has to do with parents that are abusive, neglectful, children that do not have access to proper diets etc. The other information is on kids with medical issues- so far we fit into neither group. Is there a "c" group? Has anyone had any luck with eliminating environmental toxins? (laundry soap, cleaners, etc) Its really nice to know that we are not the only parents dealing with this!!

I also have concerns about adding so much fat into her diet- such as sour cream, butter etc. I am worried about her eating habits in the future- will she think everything she eats has to be drowned in fat? I do it now because I have to try to get her to grow but is this damaging her taste buds?

Zoostergirl April 25th, 2009 06:22 PM

Re: Hi! New to this site! 18 month old 18pds and we are stuck!
We've got an 18 month old 18 pounder too. She has no medical issues and we are certainly not abusive/neglectful. So put us in the same category as your girl.
We're doing 3 bottles of pediasure a day. I'm not worried about the butter, cream cheese, etc. ruining her palate. But I do sometimes worry about the power struggle that can sometimes happen around food and eating. :(

Try not to worry too much. As long as she's developing normally and not losing weight I'm sure she's fine.

i3ai3ydanny April 25th, 2009 09:41 PM

Re: Hi! New to this site! 18 month old 18pds and we are stuck!
Danny is not in group "c" but we don't have an official reason yet other than severe malabsorbtion. I know that there are several kids that are FTT for no medical reason and eventually just snap into it and they gain normally again.
As far as getting her to eat more, you are doing everything I could think of. Do you let her snack throughout the day? Try six small meals, at least 100 calories each, instead of 3 regular meals.
I worry about Danny too. Is he always going to want to eat these super bad for you foods? I don't really know especially with all of his allergies, soy, milk, egg, gluten, tomato, carrot, possibly peas now too, he has pretty much eliminated all of the fattening things...:(...but I try not to worry about it too much becuase it is what he needs now. The same way we get our kids to like the fattening stuff is the same way we will get our kids to eat the healthy stuff when their bodies are ready for the switch back....JMHO...

iamkc April 25th, 2009 10:39 PM

Re: Hi! New to this site! 18 month old 18pds and we are stuck!
We have medical reasons for Milo. He has a g-tube because we couldn't get him to eat from the very beginning. He still has no interest...really, almost none at all. So, I DO understand how scary it is! Milo is just on liquids into his tube until he decides to eat.

I know that a lot of people try olive oil. My 2 year-old isn't FTT, but his tonsils were so bad that he almost didn't eat. So that he didn't KNOW that we were fattening up anything, and so that we didn't have to add extra sauce to everything, we cooked his veggies in olive oil. No very different flavor from steamed or raw veggies, so it didn't seem to do anything to his palate. He likes avocado, too. There are lots of healthy fats to incorporate into anything she DOES want to eat! I think that you're doing a great job in a frustrating situation! Keep it up! Hopefully, your 'c' group kids will outgrow this!!! In the meantime, (((HUGS))). I know how scary and frustrating it is!

lovemyboysandabbey2 June 2nd, 2009 12:41 PM

Re: Hi! New to this site! 18 month old 18pds and we are stuck!
Abbey is in the same boat, she has had every test under the sun done and they have all come back fine, she is just gonna be a tiny girl. She is 11mos and weighs 13lbs.

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