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Xty January 2nd, 2008 01:39 PM

It seems we'll be going to the pediatrician's once a month again with my 7 month old daughter to monitor her weight and her 2 year old brother has to go back in 3 months to check his weight. My husband and I both work full time so it's hard to keep going to doc appts and keep our bosses happy (especially since we also have to bring them in all the time for ear infections, pink eye, etc). So I was thinking maybe we should buy an infant scale to use at home and then once a month we could weigh my daughter and call the doc with her weight and also weight my son when needed. Does anyone else do that? Are there good scales out there that an individual could buy?

Lisa N January 2nd, 2008 05:57 PM

we have a scale at home but we never used it as a substitute from going to the doctor's office, we used it more to stay on track and know what to expect before our appt. we got ours from costco.com...search baby scales. it's digital and converts from lbs to kg. i use it a lot and it's accurate to the ounce to our doctor's scale.

frgsonmysox January 2nd, 2008 09:10 PM

We have an at home scale, but the doctors would never allow us to use it in place of. They need to see it themselves.

Caeden'sMama January 4th, 2008 07:35 PM

I use one at home too, but also not in place of the doctor's. I know my doctor likes to also physically check Caeden out to see if he's been losing fat, gaining fat, how his organs feel, etc... It's still brought me a lot of peace of mind though, to be able to see for myself anytime how Caeden is doing. I got mine on Amazon for like 85 bucks i think. It's wonderful. Totally worth it for me... :)

nursenic January 8th, 2008 02:39 PM

Just lurking, but we had the same problem with my son. He did not double his weight until he was a little older than 6 months. He was diagnosed as FFT and still is under weight (2 years now).

We had to go in every two weeks after his first hospital follow-up. At the time I was still at home, but when I went back to work we asked if we could get a scale and weigh him at home and report it.

The doctor agreed and was very understanding. I think it depends on how much your doctor will work with you and if they will allow you to weigh at home.

We ended up having to weigh him until he was a year old and the doctor was statisfied with where we were.

Good luck, I know it can be frustrating. We are still monitored every 6 months (usually more due to sick visits). We got our infant scales from Babies R Us, I do not remember the brand but it was around $70 and recommended by the doctor's nurse.

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