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3Xblessed November 2nd, 2005 02:43 PM

Okay...I posted here once before about my ds (no one responded) and I thought I would try agian. My son is 3yrs old and weighs approximately 25lbs (less than 3rd percentile).

My question is do you make your little ones eat? Ds has been protesting dinner for the last couple of weeks. We offer to make him anything he wants and he says he's not hungry. Last night he told us he didn't want to eat since he ate on Saturday. We have always had the policy that if he didn't want to eat we weren't going to force him - but now I'm not sure if this is for the best.


pattyandthemoos November 2nd, 2005 07:54 PM

I am very sorry if you posted here before and did not get a response. I know that I wasn't online for a little while when I was pregnant and after Lyndsey was born.

I went through a spell with Brandon where I force fed him. I didn't know what else to do. But after I went to a feeding clinic with him, I was told not to do that. Have you been to a feeding clinic yet? If not, I would talk to your pediatrician about getting a referral to one. It made a huge difference with Brandon.

Now he still doesn't eat much. He mostly drinks pediasure. I wouldn't force him to eat. Let him eat or drink what he likes.

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