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Coleysmommy November 15th, 2011 01:04 AM

beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
I am new here and am 26 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my first I had gestational diabetes that I caught on my own without having to take the glucose tolerance test (my dad died of a diabetic coma so I check my glucose often) so I obviously wasn't surprised this time that I failed the 1 hour test. My OB and I agreed that I would test my sugars and log them and that I could get out of doing the longer test. Well today at my dr's appointment I got a new prescription for test strips and the ones that go with my meter (OneTouch Ultra Mini) are no longer covered by my health insurance so I had to switch to a Freestyle Lite meter. When I got home with all the new supplies I checked my glucose and it showed that it was 69, compaired to what my usual readings from my OneTouch this was low, so I tested again and it gave me a reading of 65. I then checked with my OneTouch meter and it said 93 and then 91. I checked my glucose an hour after dinner and my OneTouch said 138 and the Freestyle said 83. Because of the difference of these numbers I'm very concerned and confused. My dr has prescribed me Glyburide and I am supposed to start taking them today if my blood sugar is above 140 or about 90 fasting (today was a good day, normally I'm reading about 160 after eating), but what if my OneTouch meter has been wrong all this time and I don't actually have gestational diabetes? Also with my previous pregnancy I was on Glyburide and my sugar would drop all the time. What if I wasn't GD then either and I was actually doing more harm then good.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any advice as to what I should do? I also happen to have 2 OneTouch Ultra Mini meters and 2 different kinds of Freestyle meters, both Freestyle meters give about the same results and both OneTouch meters give about the same result.

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