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Coleysmommy November 15th, 2011 01:14 AM

beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
I am new here and am 26 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my first I had gestational diabetes that I caught on my own without having to take the glucose tolerance test (my dad died of a diabetic coma so I check my glucose often) so I obviously wasn't surprised this time that I failed the 1 hour test. My OB and I agreed that I would test my sugars and log them and that I could get out of doing the longer test. Well today at my dr's appointment I got a new prescription for test strips and the ones that go with my meter (OneTouch Ultra Mini) are no longer covered by my health insurance so I had to switch to a Freestyle Lite meter. When I got home with all the new supplies I checked my glucose and it showed that it was 69, compaired to what my usual readings from my OneTouch this was low, so I tested again and it gave me a reading of 65. I then checked with my OneTouch meter and it said 93 and then 91. I checked my glucose an hour after dinner and my OneTouch said 138 and the Freestyle said 83. Because of the difference of these numbers I'm very concerned and confused. My dr has prescribed me Glyburide and I am supposed to start taking them today if my blood sugar is above 140 or about 90 fasting (today was a good day, normally I'm reading about 160 after eating), but what if my OneTouch meter has been wrong all this time and I don't actually have gestational diabetes? Also with my previous pregnancy I was on Glyburide and my sugar would drop all the time. What if I wasn't GD then either and I was actually doing more harm then good.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any advice as to what I should do? I also happen to have 2 OneTouch Ultra Mini meters and 2 different kinds of Freestyle meters, both Freestyle meters give about the same results and both OneTouch meters give about the same result.

Starr33 November 15th, 2011 08:39 PM

Re: beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
What has your Dr, said about the 2 different meters giving different results. I used the One Touch ultra mini with my last pregnancy, I am from Canada and here we would measure the sugar levels in mmol so I am not sure when reading your numbers if they are high or not. Are you taking insulin. I had GD with mu last 2 pregnancies and I am expecting it with my 4th as well.
Last pregnancy I know that I had a higher reading back to back and I know it was not possible so I called the complany and they said that they could send me a control solution...I never ended up needing it cause the numbers were o.k after that. I would many call the company and tell them what has been happening, or go and see a Pharmasist and ask them what they think. I know here in Canada, the Pharmasits are so helpful and sometimes know more then the Dr,s when it comes to meds, and the glucose machines cause they deal with them alot....

Coleysmommy November 15th, 2011 09:44 PM

Re: beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
I talked to my drs office today and I was told to go with the readings that my new meter is giving me. When I go in next week for my check up they will compare both of my meters to their lab and hopfully that will help. A normal reading here is between 70-120 an hour after eating and 70-90 fasting. Most of the time my OneTouch has me over, but my new Freestyle has me in normal range. A perfect example of this issue is this morning my fasting reading was 72 on my Freestyle and 101 on my OneTouch, if I went by the reading on my OneTouch I would need to take a Glyburide, if I went by the Freestyle my glucose is perfect. If my OneTouch is wrong and I had gone by that reading I could have ended up with very very low blood sugar. That happened almost every time with my last pregnancy. Once I find out which meter is correct compared to the lab I will be making a complaint to the company of the wrong meter. This issue could kill someone. Although I've only had GD I grew up around diabetes and lostmy dad to this horrible desease so I know how these meters hold peoples lives in their little electronic hands.

Starr33 November 24th, 2011 06:34 PM

Re: beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
I hope that you find out what meter is the good one...That is a huge difference 72 on one meter and 101 on another.
Here in Canada, being pregnant with GD they want ous fasting under 5.3 in the morning, below 7.8 i believe after one hour and below 6.7 after 2 hours. My levels were always like 5.5 in the morning, so I needed a little bot of insulin to bring it down, but the insuling did not always work. I had to keep increasing my units.
I have been using the One Touch Ultra Mini and have not seem to have had problems with it. Once I tested myself and I was like 9.1 which was high for me cause I never had amounts that high so I tested again and it went back down to like 6.5. I called the compamy and they were telling me that different things could have affected it. If you test on one finger after another you will get a different result which I think is silly...It is all the same blood, it should all give the same results...

Coleysmommy November 25th, 2011 10:02 AM

Re: beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
Well we have determined that I need to throw my old meters away and just ue the Freestyle meters. The OneTouchs are wrong. I hae to keep testing myself with my new meter for another week and a half and if my numbers are still perfect than I can stop testing myself. What bothers me so much about the OneTouch meter is that I took the results and trusted them. I was on medication because of what it told me and I could have easily gone into diabetic shock or even a diabetic coma and it could have killed my baby and I. When I was pregnant with my son I can't even remember how many times my sugar dropped so low while I was driving that I had to pull over on the side of the road. I could have killed others as well! My dr also seems to think now that I did not have GD with my last pregnancy and that my OneTouch meter gave me false results. I lost my dad to diabetes, he was on his motercycle when his sugar dropped and we are assuming since he was so close to home (like 2 min) that he decided to wait until he got home, well his sugar dropped and he laid his bike down into an oncoming car and both vehicles caught fire. My dad was already in a diabetic coma when he laid his bike down and h was thrown from the bike so he didn't feel anythin from the accident. I'm telling this because I know first hand in a few different way what diabetes can do and how important glucometers are to diabetics. Yes that are annoying and a hassle but they really do effect peoples lives. They give you are high number and you take medication to bring your sugar down, they give you a number in the normal range and you smile, feel god about yourself, and go on, they give you a low number and you take measures to correct it. If a glucometer gives you a incorrect number like both of my OneTouch ultras do, then there could be deadly consequences.

JustLiz December 16th, 2011 07:14 PM

Re: beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
Wow. I just popped in here to lurk for a moment. I had GD with my pregnancy with DS and diabetes also runs pretty strongly in my family, so I know where you are coming from. This is truly scary. I wouldn't even have though to check with a different meter. :( Thank you for sharing your story.

swozze3 December 18th, 2011 01:05 AM

Re: beyond confused and worried and need help/advice
When I found out I was pregnant with #3 I was using the one touch mini an it was giving me lower readings then I actually was. the first 4 weeks or so of my pregnancy I was running a fasting bs of probably almost 300 :( meanwhile my meter was only reading a 180 :( both #'s are to high but still way off. My one tough mini was garbage. I am glad I talked with my doctors otherwise I am not sure I would have a healthy baby girl right now.

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