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BensMom February 4th, 2013 02:22 PM

Check-in time!
Who's here? What's going on with you right now?

Butter February 5th, 2013 05:54 AM

Re: Check-in time!
I've had the flu. I actually feel somewhat human again. Fritz started coughing today so that makes 8 out of 8 of us.

BensMom February 5th, 2013 07:55 AM

Re: Check-in time!
Ahhh... yes. We went through that, except Ben never got sick. I told him he's so rotten that even the germs run away. LOL :lol:

shari626 February 5th, 2013 09:44 PM

Re: Check-in time!
I am here. Sometimes. Barely. :p

Some days I am barely keeping my head above water.

But, things are good. One kid is back at college, and she is in the height of swimming. We have driven back and forth to watch her swim several weekends. Erin is swimming at the Y - and we have had meets for her too. Both boys are playing basketball and we are trying to coordinate those too. For example - this weekend Kelsey has a meet in the morning, Erin the afternoon. The boys have games in the afternoon - one at 1:30 and one at 2:00. (The games are an hour and not at the same school - see the problem??) Andrew also has a birthday party. Sunday Erin has a meet again. We divide and conquer but I cannot go see all the kids in their sports. I think I will take basketball and bday party and let Andy take the swim meets.

We just got word that Erin got the same money to attend the same school next year. She is so happy that she is staying there next year. It's a stretch for us financially, but worth every penny. She just took a scholarship test this past weekend and I hope they take some more off her tuition. :D However - she did get two B's on her report card! In reading and language arts. That's the joy of the teacher pushing her to do better. Erin says it's hard and she is a tough grader. GOOD! I am fine with the B's and Erin wasn't even upset. She knows how hard she is working.

Kelsey's grades in college weren't what I would have liked to have seen, but hopefully she will buckle down and do better this semester. She had two B's and two C's but that made her GPA 2.6. She needs a 3.0 (cumulative) to keep her academic scholarship. If she doesn't keep that scholarship she's coming home to live here and go to school locally (and cheaper) than going to that college. The ball is now in her court. We'll see what she does.

Andrew and Shane both just started in Lego clubs after school. Andrew could probably teach the class - LOL. Currently he is working on building a rotating model of the solar system with his Legos. His biggest problem is he only has six motors and pluto is rotating too fast. It has taken him two days just to do pluto and he is still working on it. He just go all A's again on his report card.

Shane's report card was okay. Mostly G's (good) and S's (satisfactory). I think he has more issues with hearing and not speaking up when he doesn't hear. He is so similar to Kelsey educationally speaking. Her ADD kept her from getting super grades and it still hinders her in college. Shane is having problems not with behavior or ADD - but he just won't tell the teacher when he doesn't hear. He is also my little comedian and my follower, which has caused him to get in trouble more times than I would like at school. If someone laughs, he keeps going. I don't really know what to do with him.

I am still in school. I barely have time to get anything done, but am maintaining my Deans List status. LOL I did get that A- which ruined my 4.0 average, but what can I do? I guess I will have to settle for GPA of 3.96. It's not perfect. LOL (I know where my daughter gets it)

With everything else I am doing - my house is a wreck, laundry is barely done, and I need to go to the grocery store. I think I need a personal assistant too. LOL

Aren't you sorry you asked?????

BensMom February 6th, 2013 08:25 PM

Re: Check-in time!
:lol: Nope... not sorry I asked. Seeing how crazy your life is makes me think mine is tame.

So glad to see that Erin's getting B's now! That's great... it means she's really working hard. Glad she'll be able to stay there again next year, and I hope you get some more scholarship money. I also hope Kelsey is able to bring her grades up quickly.

Oh, if Ben could meet Andrew & Shane! They'd have a blast with Legos, for sure!

Hugo&Sergiosmom March 5th, 2013 06:06 PM

Re: Check-in time!
It just let me log in with my old user name!!! :D WOOHOO!! I have missed you guys!!

I have been unable to log in since I changed my user name. Weird. I PMed and e-mailed people, but was only able to get in today by some fluke. I have missed you and want to post an update on Hugo's school in the TAG corner if it'll keep me logged in.

Hugo just got a special award in karate last week. He got the highest rank ever awarded in the little kids' class, and they gave him a speech and special applause for being the top of his class. They will be transitioning him to the pre-teen class over the next year since he's excelled... excited but nervous since those classes are longer, the kids will be much older and he'll have a competition option. He also plays his baritone horn using a band book and will be going to lessons at the university in the fall unless we get something lined up before then. Fall would be better, I'll be off mat leave. He's got some dress clothes for spring and is excited hoping he can wear them at a future concert!

Sergio is reading and doing easy math. He loves cooking still. He tries hard to do it independently... I'm always coming into the kitchen and intervening LOL.

Fiona is due in 7 weeks. :eek:

I am losing my mind at work!

BensMom March 5th, 2013 10:28 PM

Re: Check-in time!
7 weeks?!?! :o

mamato4andc March 7th, 2013 11:34 PM

Re: Check-in time!
Well I home-school so between home-schooling 3 kids, taking care of the house along with the 15 month old that's all I get done. The youngest doesn't let me put her down much still. Tomorrow I am going to the public school to fill out papers for my 3 year old to get help with speech. Then at night, hubby and I (and the baby) are going out for our anniversary. Last two times we went out, Lily screamed the whole time if she wasn't being held by our 5 year old so we are bringing her with because that's not fair to Sofia. Sofia turns 6 on Monday so we're celebrating on Saturday. She is super excited to see if anyone notices she got her ears pierced!January 16th, I was burned from a pressure cooker so I'm still healing from that. We're also trying to plan a big birthday party for our 3 year old, a trip to Hawaii and trying to raise money to adopt.

8forus March 14th, 2013 12:31 PM

Re: Check-in time!
We're still here, just been busy with school and such. I've been busy with classes, teaching classes (weekends), canning, dehydrating, raising chickens, preparing the garden, planning and implementing the youth group service projects, and all the other little things that keep a household running.

We've got our older one back closer to home and it's so nice to see him a lot after being away at college for 4 years and then a year in another state working. Pretty sure I've met my first future daughter in law :D

My niece just got accepted in one of the most rigorous EMT schools in the state so we're really proud of her!

The next oldest has moved back down to college and finally has a job :)

My Airman is doing great! He is doing well in his college classes and just ranked the highest you can on his annual performance review and is up for promotion because of it :D He's also really doing me proud by making financially sound decisions.

Our oldest girl got a job and is not only working pretty long hours but also keeping her grades up. She has always struggled and allowed anything to interfere with her grades so this is great that she isn't allowing work to interfere.

The next oldest girl is not doing so well. Until we grounded her she was failing 4 academic classes - she is finally passing three of those and only has AP Physics to go. She is having to learn the art of time management in order to manage being president of the chorus, an actress in drama, and being in all advanced academic classes.... oh wait, and a 17 year old with a driver's license :/

My next girl has really kept on top of everything and is getting top notch grades. The middle school refused to put her *back* in the gifted program after a few years of "homeschooling" so she decided to stick it to them by making as close to 100% in all of her classes as she possibly could (two are even 99% and 100%) - to that end every single one of her teachers has recommended her for advanced and AP classes in high school!!! :D She is still refereeing soccer games and is also in the drama society. She even had a solo in the play a couple of weekends ago but she didn't tell us and surprised us with it! She got an award for best attitude as well as an invitation to be inducted into the Junior Thespian Society! Her chorus just recieved all 1's (Superiors) at competition last week.

Our youngest son - who is the most gifted of all the children - is turning into the typical pre-teen smart kid - too smart to do menial, "baby work" so just doesn't do it at all. BUT he does excellently on his tests. Thankfully they are used to this type of behavior and work with it. One of the teachers though called and talked to me about what she could possibly do to motivate him - we're all at a loss. However, I'm starting to see a little bit of improvement - praying it continues. He's also been bitten by the drama bug - only he's fallen for the behind the scenes work of the crew. He worked the spot light of this past show and is super excited to work on upcoming plays - which unfortunately won't be until the fall of this year.

The youngest daughter is seriously coming a long way with her dyslexia. She's gifted and dyslexic so it's a tough combination. However, this year she is pulling 2 A's and 2 B's (as of the last report card) which is phenomenal for her :D She's in chorus which requires an early morning dedication ... only one more performance left this year. She's still enjoying American Heritage Girls as well.

~Kris~ March 15th, 2013 09:48 AM

Re: Check-in time!
It's been awhile since I've posted anything.

My son, Nathan, left his gifted class, but for good reason: we moved! We've been wanting to move for several years and things aligned for it to happen! There is no gifted program at the new school, but the teachers work to ensure the kids are challenged. Plus the school's overall scores are so much higher than the old district that I'm pretty certain the work is more difficult to begin with. This is only his 2nd week at the new school and the teacher did a bunch of tests to determine his abilities and starting next week she will have him work out of the 4th grade math book (he's in 2nd grade). So that's great. For now she's keeping him in her top reading group so that he stays "with" the class more often. She was impressed that he completed (well at least the written portion) of a book report that they other kids had all quarter to work on. She told us he didn't have to do it and we opted to skip the creative portion (book jacket, bookmark, mobil, etc) because our crafty type stuff is still packed away!

So life is a mess right now with painters, floors being redone/changed, etc!

BensMom March 15th, 2013 12:40 PM

Re: Check-in time!
Sounds like a great fit, even without a gifted program! Wonderful!

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