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BensMom March 27th, 2013 08:01 AM

Wednesday Wa-hoos!
Brag on each of your children... no matter how big or small the accomplishement is, and no matter how old or young they are. :)

bookworm16_2000 March 27th, 2013 06:48 PM

Re: Wednesday Wa-hoos!
Allison is reading! We had been doing sight words since August and she had no interest in them. She would say whatever word came into her head, usually not even close to the word on the flash cards. She has been doing great with her phonics lessons, even doing blends, word families, and silent e words (but not understanding they made words, just segmented sounds). I wasn't stressing out because I know she's only 3 and has plenty of time for this.

Yesterday, she was watching Super Why and it got to the end where they change the story by changing a word. The show reads the sentence and leaves a pause for beginning readers before reading the words to choose from. Allison said they need "in", not "under or through" without prompting! I was so happy! I grabbed an easy reader book off her shelf and she was able to read most of it to me (names and places non-withstanding). I am pretty surprised.

I started reading early (around 3.5) but Allison is only 3 years 1 month! Pretty incredible to me!

BensMom March 27th, 2013 08:26 PM

Re: Wednesday Wa-hoos!
Good job!

Let's see...

Daniel was pretty well-behaved today. (That's a brag, right?? LOL) That's a change, because he's almost always a little stinker! :lol: He is an extremely high-energy kid who just LOVES to push my buttons, so today was a good day. He's also getting pretty good with math facts, even though we're not working on those. He has a knack for math the way Ben always did with language. I'm kinda getting excited to start school with him again in July. We're not working on anything right now. He just reads during school time (he can read anything, so it's something he can do that I don't have to help or supervise to keep him out of trouble... LOL!).

Ben has come a very long way on writing! I'm so proud, because he has worked very, very hard with his therapist on this for several months. He's getting toward the end of physical therapy (never thought I'd see the day!), but he still has at least a couple of years of occupational therapy left. His work ethic and maturity (partly due to Asperger's) have always amazed me, but lately, it seems he doing even more. :wub:

shari626 March 29th, 2013 08:09 AM

Re: Wednesday Wa-hoos!
Hmmm....this could get long since there are several kids here. LOL

Kelsey is being proactive and looking for alternate scholarships because she is concerned with losing hers due to GPA. At least I know she cares. She tells me she is not attending another school - she is staying there. We'll see.

Erin is working on her school paper. She is writing a huge paper on a turning point in US history and she chose the desegregation of schools. Her paper is complete with annotated bibliography, citations, and APA format. I can tell you her paper is comparable to one of mine written for college. I am sure that she wouldn't be doing this in public school and I never learned about that in 7th grade.

Andrew just took the state standardized test for math. His score went up 175 points and he just about got the maximum highest score. I knew he was good in math but I had no idea. There is a lego robotics club at school for 5th graders and he was invited to join (he's in 4th) because he can do that sort of thing with his eyes closed. He is already working on the hardest material they have.

Shane is finally reading a long book. He is an advanced reader, but never liked reading and stayed away from books with many pages. He didn't think he could read that much. He completed a chapter book, and now has moved on the Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke I believe. It's a pretty good size chapter book for a 2nd grader. The only thing I am hoping is that he will pick it up and read it because he WANTS to, not because I tell him to. Baby steps I guess.

Can I brag on me for a minute too??? I had to be observed the other day teaching a lesson from a university official. It went remarkably well. Better than I thought and I am glad it's over!!!

BensMom March 29th, 2013 11:19 AM

Re: Wednesday Wa-hoos!
Of course you can brag on YOU! Way to go, momma, and way to go kids!

Hugo&Sergiosmom March 30th, 2013 07:57 PM

Re: Wednesday Wa-hoos!
Love reading all the good news in here!! I am too fried to come up with anything at the moment, other than my boys being best friends and excited for their new baby sister!

mamato4andc April 3rd, 2013 03:20 PM

Re: Wednesday Wa-hoos!
I love this group! There is no other place or other people I can brag to because people don't believe kids this young could do the things they are doing.

I'll start with the youngest, Lily. She is 16 months and potty trained this week. Same exact age big sister was when she trained. She is also talking really well.

Malachi is 3 and I filled out forms to get him into speech. His speech still is not clear but since it's sprink break it's going to be at least 2 weeks before they get back to me. (This is after 2 weeks of it sitting on someones desk *sigh*) He finally decided he wanted to do school work though and his handwriting improved just from one week to the next.

Sofia just turned 6 and is starting multiplication. She knows 0,1,2,5 and 10's.

Israel is 8 and starting to act like a pre-teen. He is incredibly smart but it's a fight to get him to do his work. He is actually doing mostly 4th grade work though.

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