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Butter July 30th, 2013 05:40 PM

This should be interesting
I'll be registering the boys for school next week. Ani's already registered. She's going to the creative writing magnet which means 2 creative writing classes each day and then her regular classes (Algebra I, English I, Biology, World Geography, and French I). She'd be going into 8th grade by age, but because of her test scores and getting into the magnet, they skipped her into 9th. English, Bio, and Geography will be pre-AP classes (also because of her test scores).

The skipping thing is kind of unique here. They aren't really attached to kids being in the right class by age in our district. I talked to the lady at the elementary school and she said we have to register them for their correct grade, but after the school year starts they can be tested and skip a grade. Adrian will be in kindergarten (and will definitely stay there), but Fritz is a bit of a question mark. He'll be going into 2nd initially, but he's done everything they learn in 2nd already and part of 3rd too. The problem is he's already at the young end for 2nd (born about a month and a half before the cut-off so he just turned 7 a couple weeks ago) and his fine motor skills and handwriting are iffy since he's a barely 7 year old left-handed boy. Academically, 2nd will be way too easy for him, though. So we'll see how it goes.

The good news is this district is also unique in that one of the biggest complaints about the elementary school we're zoned for is that they teach to the top of the class and expect the other kids to catch up (and it works, by the way - teachers all offer tutoring after school to help). Gifted education is supposed to be fabulous. We'll see.

Cameron will be in middle school. He'll struggle. No doubt. But they have a teacher trained in dyslexia education at every middle and high school to help dyslexic kids so he'll hopefully get a lot of help. He insists at this point that next year he'll be in the virtual school and be at home again. I think it could go either way for him. He's really not looking forward to going to school. But, in order to be able to do the virtual school (i.e. free curriculum... and it's our second choice) they have to do a year at the public school. Honestly, though, if the schools are as fabulous as people say they are, it's worth them going. I homeschooled because I could give my kids a better education. That may not be the case here.

BensMom July 30th, 2013 09:37 PM

Re: This should be interesting
Sounds like a fabulous system! :) The schools are nothing at all like that here... even the charters. Ben is also 7, so I understand your concerns with Adrian. Hope they're able to work something out for him. :(

My2miracles July 31st, 2013 11:38 AM

Re: This should be interesting
I'm jealous of your schools! They sound awesome! I have a young 7 year old as well who struggles with his fine motor skills too so I feel your pain. Last year he'd get dinged on his writing. They wanted him to write sentences like "I love to play ball" and his head wanted to write sentences like "Yesterday, Lucy & I played on the trampoline". He just couldn't get that on paper. I'm hoping his hand will catch up this year.

Hugo&Sergiosmom September 2nd, 2013 04:20 PM

Re: This should be interesting
I thought I had replied to this way back when you posted but evidently my computer ate my post! Grr.

Anyway, how's it going? Did they start yet?
What will you do with all your formerly homeschooling daytime hours now?

Butter September 3rd, 2013 07:22 AM

Re: This should be interesting
They started school last Monday. This school district is fabulous. The schools are amazing. I have no complaints about any of the teachers.

Ani is loving high school. Her favorite class, surprisingly, is French. Of course she loves her creative writing classes, too. Her biology teacher loves the kids in her magnet program and treats them a little extra special. The only class she isn't fond of is geography, but she hated it when she was homeschooled, too. The good news is what she learned in Calvert 7 and 8 is helping her a LOT in that class. They are really into geography here so if she hadn't used Calvert she'd be a bit behind. So yay Calvert!

Cameron thinks school is annoying, but he thinks that no matter where he goes to school. I have an IEP meeting for him a week from today. They'll retest him since it's been almost 3 years and they have to retest every 3 years anyway. His teachers are working with him about his spelling and reversals. As long as he tries his best they are happy. On Wednesday I got an email from an inclusion teacher at his middle school letting me know that Cameron's math homework was selected to show the other students how to properly set up equations. Cameron had worked so hard on that homework. He totally deserved the kudos. I was impressed that they took the time to email me about it. Really, the teachers there are just amazing.

The little guys love school, though at this point Fritz says he wants to do the virtual school next year but he's keeping his options open (Cameron says he won't change his mind... he's coming back home). Fritz's handwriting and spelling are pretty bad so he's working hard on that. He loves his teacher. She's very sweet and around my age. She makes sure he is being challenged and he said he is never bored. Adrian has had some behavior issues (spitting, hitting, kicking), but his teacher is working with him on those (she's been teaching kindergarten for 27 years... she's seen it all before). He wants to learn to read and is a little annoyed that that hasn't happened yet. He can read a little already, but he can't read fluently like Fritz and he really thinks he should be able to.

After school I have Cameron reading aloud to me in addition to his regular homework (which sometimes includes reading so that works well). He needs the regular reading practice because of the dyslexia. I read a chapter a day of Life of Fred (we're on Cats) to Fritz and he reads a chapter a day of a Magic Tree House book aloud to me (he's much further in the series reading to himself but I like for him to have the practice of reading aloud and each time he finishes reading a book to me that has a nonfiction guide to go with it, I read the nonfiction book to him). I think I'll get him a Singapore Math workbook to do at home as well since he's well ahead of any math they'll do in second grade.

During the day I do whatever I feel like! I have the kids at school or on their buses and am home by 7:45. Schools are reversed in TX with elementary first. I walk the little ones to school, Cameron rides a bus from home, and Ani gets dropped off at the local high school and rides a bus from there to the high school where her magnet is housed. It's kind of nice having the extra time, but it's weirdly quiet.

BensMom September 3rd, 2013 01:33 PM

Re: This should be interesting

Originally Posted by Butter (Post 27628288)
During the day I do whatever I feel like! ... It's kind of nice having the extra time, but it's weirdly quiet.

Sometimes, I can only dream of this, and I feel a little jealous. I don't think I'd ever actually do it, though. It would really help with time to do work, house cleaning, Bible studies, etc., but I feel like I'd miss too much of the kids' growing & learning, and I know the kids really want to be home with me, anyway.

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