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Butter September 11th, 2013 05:29 AM

How's the School Year So Far?
Ani (9th) - Loving school for the most part. Some of the kids in a couple of her classes are a bit rowdy and that annoys her. She LOVES her magnet classes. Her biggest complaint is not enough homework. Weirdo.

Cameron (6th) - He says school is annoying, but that's typical. The teachers absolutely love him. I signed all the stuff for him to be retested so they'll do that over the next few weeks. They are willing to do whatever accommodations I think he needs. My biggest thing is his expected success level due to his intelligence and his actually success level are so far apart. I would like them to be a bit closer. I'm sure they think I am just annoying because he's about average in his classes. But, these are mostly remedial and lower level classes because his reading and writing are behind.

Fritz (2nd) - He is pretty bored. He keeps asking to be homeschooled again, but soon it'll be okay. All the second graders will be tested for the gifted program in a couple weeks. Hopefully he'll do well on that (he's never taken a standardized test in a classroom before so who knows). Right now his teacher is trying to get a handle on the kids' levels. Soon they will have folders with work specific for them. At that point Fritz will be given math worksheets on his level (division). I'm happy they are willing to do that in the regular classroom. His teacher was pretty surprised that Fritz is reading a Magic Tree House book in an hour already. It's only been the last month that Fritz's reading has really taken off. It's always been a little ahead, but math has always been his much stronger point. Now his reading skills are catching up. He's still talking too fast and sticking his tongue out when he talks so I suspect a speech consult is in his future. He's excited about that. He loved going to speech therapy.

Adrian (K) - Kindergarten has been quite an adjustment. His behavior is strongly related to how much sleep he got the night before. He *needs* to be asleep by just after 8. He's memorizing their sight words super fast. His teacher actually asked him if he already knew how to read because pretty much she shows a word and he knows it. He's just really good at memorizing. Soon they'll also have their own reading and math level stuff, too (which is good since while Adrian doesn't know how to read very many words, he's able to do simple addition and subtraction without using manipulatives already). The differentiation within classrooms here is pretty incredible.

BensMom September 20th, 2013 08:55 PM

Re: How's the School Year So Far?
Ben (7, technically in 2nd) - School is kicking his butt this year. He's unofficially in 5th grade, and although he's enjoying the challenge of learning so much that is new, he's not enjoying the work load. He's always been extremely asynchronous, with language arts far surpassing math, but that gap is getting smaller, because he's made tremendous strides in math over the past year (since we switched to Life of Fred). He has finished the elementary series of Fred, so we're doing IXL.com 5th grade to use up the rest of our membership before going back to Fred for the intermediate & middle school series. His favorite subject this year is American History (which also combines literature). We've taken a year off from languages, having done 3 years of elementary Latin already. He wants to move on to elementary Greek next year. Overall, I've seen a lot of confidence and maturity in him this year that I haven't seen in years past. I think that has to do with his motor skills also getting closer and closer to normal (they've always been delayed). He has completed physical and vision therapies, and he's near completion of occupational therapy.

Daniel (4, technically preK) - School is still mostly a game for him. On days that we actually "do school", he's working at a 2nd grade level across the board. He's not nearly as asynchronous as Ben always was. Daniel is a very fun-loving, free-spirited, creative child, and he never sits still or stops talking. He's constantly surrounded by his long-term imaginary friends - friends who've become very real to the whole family. His favorite activities are gymnastics and annoying his big brother. I have no plans to reign in Daniel's freedom of spirit until the state says he's required to start school (I believe it's 6 here... I'd have to check ... at least a year away, though). On days that we do school, he'll do a week's worth at a time, it seems, but usually, he does nothing at all.

Hugo&Sergiosmom September 25th, 2013 06:39 PM

Re: How's the School Year So Far?
H- Just got his progress report. Satisfactory across the board, grades & behavior. He usually says he's bored but at least he's getting instruction in Spanish so the vocabulary is at least new. He looks forward to science lab every week- favorite class by a mile. First day of lab he made a rubbing of a rock and wrote a story about it, which we have on the fridge.

S- Learning how to write and draw... finally coming out a bit socially with a couple friends he knew from last year. Outpacing H in some subjects, which frustrates his brother to no end.

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