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Sweetpea24 January 1st, 2013 01:59 PM

Lost my ex-boyfriend/childrens father on my....
baby girl's 2nd birthday dec 13,, And then he was buried on my son's 1st b-day the 19 of dec, and right before Christmas at that... Should introduce myself here. My name is Summer, we had 7 kids together we broke up in may of 2012 and im 5 months pregnant with my current b/f baby. Me and my kids have really taken it this hard, it's been really hard on me for the first week or so till i saw him one last time at the funeral. It's gotten alittle better, but i still find myself crying here or there. My 12 yr old son just was in the hosp last yr for a breathing problem, his oxygen lvls were dropping pretty fast and he was starting to turn blue. He had respiratory distress, he is out of the hosp but still looking very bad... His chest is still hurting him, and he still has breathing problems when he lays down, it hurts he says. and that's when its harder to breath. He is on meds, for coughing, and inhaler for breathing.. I can't lose a child too, that would just kill me. Does any of this get better?

Mrs.Julie January 1st, 2013 02:40 PM

Re: Lost my ex-boyfriend/childrens father on my....
My 10 year old dd's father died 8 years ago before she turned 2. It was devestating for many reasons. I cried my eyes out every morning the only alone time i had, on my way to work...all the what ifs? I thought life would be sad and miserable forever. But things got better. I am happy now, she is happy now. We still think of him often. I still have so many regrets. But it does get better. It takes time. The one thing I regret, with my dd, is that I spoiled her, gave her everything she wanted, never said no. I felt i had to do everything for her give her everything because of her loss. I wish I had treated her like a normal kid. Dealing with the reprecussions of that was difficult. I am so sorry for your loss, but things will get better. Thankful for the beautiful children you have. Such a gift.

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