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cutesqueakersc May 12th, 2014 07:18 PM

Complicating Pregnancy
To even remotely describe my feelings,:( it is to say that I was told I would never have children. Like every mother out there that has heard those ground shattering words come out of a doctors mouth, I too was distraught with grief. When two weeks ago I went into the emergency room because my cyst had erupted on my ovary. Which I have many. They told me I was pregnant.:o To my astonishment and my excitement, I was nearly 2 weeks pregnant with an HCG of 80. They kept running me around to different doctors offices, hospitals, and women's centers. For what? I didn't know, my main concern now I was going to be a mom. A great one at that! Come to find out that my HCG's are low. But, they're not lowering they are in fact rising. I am nearly 3 weeks pregnant with an HCG of 268.... All I keep thinking is, can women have healthy babies without normal HCG's?:confused: And what can be wrong with my baby if I have low HCG's??? Anyone have any experience with this? (Note: I can't go to the doctors.... Or get checked out.)

deepikaS August 15th, 2017 07:10 AM

Re: Complicating Pregnancy
Hi, Dear.It is a very good news that you are finally pregnant and I would like to congratulate for the same. Well, as much excited you are for your pregnancy, as much excited you are going to get after you read through my answer. Starting off with what exactly HCG is, it is a special hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin hormone which is released by the female body only during her pregnancy. And it's level, for much of your knowledge does not indicate any harm to the child. The HCG levels are at their highest during the entire duration of the 2 & 3 months of pregnancy. Another thing your high HCG levels indicate is that maybe your pregnancy date might not be calculated properly, there might be almost 80% chance that you are further along in the pregnancy than what the doctors have said. It could also mean that you are most likely to be impregnated with twins if your pregnancy dates have been calculated right! Both of which are good news!It could mean nothing at all—some women have a high hCG level and continue on with a normal pregnancy and healthy babies. It is very unlikely and rarest of the rare the high HCG can indicate a fatal complication, namely, molar pregnancies. I hope you are satisfied and happy with my answer. Also, since you have a history with PCOS, I would like to mention that you take extra care of you and your child during the pregnancy. Don't take risks, and, follow a healthy diet only. If possible, do indulge in yoga and some fitness exercises. Take care.

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