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Stippy May 26th, 2012 09:18 PM

hcg test?
Good morning! I am brand new to this site, but thought it would be very helpful in asking questions. My husband and I, unfortunately, have experienced RCP (Recurrent Pregnancy Loss). We have miscarried 4 times, all between 2008 and 2010. After 2010, we struggled getting pregnant (this had never been our issue before... it was always carrying). We went through genetic testing and nothing was found. Finally, we did insemination on May 6th and had a positive pregnancy test on May 20th. I went and had blood drawn to determine if the test was indeed accurate. My HCG levels Tuesday were at 98 (which the nurse described as 'excellent'). Yesterday (Thursday), however, my HCG levels tested again at 98. So, they ran the blood again and got a level of 84. When I asked the nurse she said this was 'normally' not good and that she was sorry. Of course, I'm trying to not to stress out. I leave to go out of town today, so they would like to see me to take another blood test next Wednesday. That's a long time to wait! I have not had any spotting, cramping, or discomfort other than the normal nausea and breast pain. However, I am on 200 mg of progesterone 2x a day, and lovenox shots in the stomach. I'm not sure if progesterone prevents you from bleeding? I guess my question is this: I was giving an HCG shot to make me ovulate on May 5th. Is it possible that the original reading still had a little bit of that hormone in it? Is it possible that my levels will start to rise again?

Or am I looking at miscarriage # 5

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