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colleeneverett December 20th, 2009 02:33 PM

Bed Rest and steriod shot
So Everything was going good at 20 weeks, when i got my first ultrasound. My daughter was measuring fine and I wasnt due for another ultrasound unless i paid for one. Well I decided I wanted the 4D ultrasound and went in in Dec 2nd, sooo exited to see what my baby looks like at 29 weeks 3 days, she was adorable and weighing in at 2 lb 6 oz. Well, she had told me to come in next week because she felt she could get some better shots.. so i did. They next weeks, 30 weeks 3 days, she weighed in at 2 lb 10 oz, and well, then she told me she was worried, and that the normal baby at this time should be like 3.5 lbs and she was quite a bit behind. I came back in a week later for an official anatomy scan, since that one i had paid for she couldnt technically tell me there was somethign wrong.. So we did that one and she was 31 weeks 3 days and 2 lb 9 oz.. she said give or take an ounce, she still hasnt grown, and she placed me on full bedrest. I told her that was impossible because i have to take care of myself, and well the lady i live with smokes in the house and told me to ya know stick it wwhere the sun dont shine when i asked her not to.. So, they gave me a steroid shot called betamethasone last tues and wed, and just told me that it was a precautionary thing that they do to pump up her lungs..

Anywho, I guess my question is, is that I have been doing some research, and well I have never heard of anyone getting this steroid shot unless preterm labor has started and they need it to work within 24-48 hrs, and/or they think that delivery may happen within 7 days of injection. Im confused and they arent telling me anything. I have frequent braxton hicks ya know, but thats all they said it was.. Anyone else been thru this before?

Mom.to.PinknBlue December 26th, 2009 04:10 PM

Re: Bed Rest and steriod shot
My sister got the steriod shot to help with her son's lungs. She was also on bed rest. They do use it as a precautionary measure. Just in case your body decides its ready to have that baby, they want the baby's chance or survival to increase.

GL hunny!

Kansascity kitty December 26th, 2009 07:02 PM

Re: Bed Rest and steriod shot
It is only recommended you get the steroids once during pregnancy so baby will not need them again it is just to help mature her a bit further just in case she comes early or if dr's think it is necessary for her to thrive on the outside. Good luck to you

colleeneverett December 26th, 2009 07:47 PM

Re: Bed Rest and steriod shot
Thank you girls! I actually went to the doctor after that, I go every Tues now.. and well they had told me that she had grown a 1/2 a lb thank god because they planned on inducing me and getting her out that same day:eek:, so they said just stay on the same track and they wont induce me.. So lets home next week when I go in that she still grows, or else they will take her out. :(I mean she might thrive better out of me, you never know.. I love her and just want the best for her. Just figured Ide ask, or talk to other mamas that have had this problem before. But thanks though really :)

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