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Seattlite February 18th, 2011 03:19 PM

Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
I thought I'd start a thread for myself where I can post weekly updates--I'm hoping this will be handy for a scrapbook later. :)

So, today starts Week 5 for me, and apparently my ta-tas are now so noticeably bigger that even the gay guy at work has noticed. They also ache all the way up into my arm pits! I'm planning to go invest in some new bras today...except, I'm also feeling super queasy today, much worse than I was a couple of days ago. And, my pants are starting to feel snug from how bloated I feel. I'm also somewhat constipated and gassy. The whole digestive tract is basically not my friend right now. :lol: I still have almost 3 more weeks until my first appointment with the peri's office and my first ultrasound. My first appointment will be with a nurse practitioner in their office, which is fine with me because my high-risk stuff doesn't really kick in for a few more weeks, so it's not a big deal that it's her and not one of the perinatologists themselves.

I haven't told my parents yet and DH hasn't told his, I think we'll wait to tell all of them after the ultrasound. DH is planning to tell his favorite cousin this weekend, though, which is a good thing because she and her kids are coming over to help us move some furniture out of our basement so the carpet guys can install carpet in there on Monday. And I obviously won't be helping with the furniture moving part, so it's good for her to know why. :)

Lots and lots of stress at work this week, really wishing things around here would settle down so I can ease into this pregnancy!

I think that's it for this week...tune in next Friday for another update!

Seattlite February 25th, 2011 08:54 AM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
Week 6: I am officially sooooo tired of this nausea. Yesterday it lasted all day no matter what I ate. Today I woke up with it again and I have a feeling it's not going to be any better. I've also had 2 miscarriage dreams in the last week, so there's clearly too much stress in my life, and it's not much better for DH, he's having NICU nightmares. This is officially Not Good and it means I need to start destressing my life a bit. I'm hoping that can being with work, where I've gotten a lot of stressful case assignments lately. I'm going to talk to my boss a little about it and start signing up for as many easy cases as possible.

Otherwise, just hanging in there--no spotting at all, and no cramping other than what's definitely gas-related. I'm also a wee bit constipated but not much beyond what usually happens from taking my iron supplements. Oh, and I'm also EXHAUSTED. Seriously, just really really tired all the time, like I'd love to lay down and take a nap right about now and it's not even 8AM.

Still 2 more weeks until my first appointment...starting to get antsy for it already!

Seattlite March 7th, 2011 07:59 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
It's Week 7. The nausea isn't so bad, but I've come down with a cold, and I'm also tremendously gassy, and still having crazy dreams which cause insomnia. Not bad dreams, just crazy ones, like last night I dreamed I was a high-priced call girl. I'm also so bloated that none of my work clothes fit anymore, so I bought a bunch of maternity clothes this weekend. I was down in Portland, OR visiting my sister, and there's no sales tax there, so it was a good time to go shopping. I broke the news to her and to my parents and my aunt this weekend, they were all excited and happy for me.

Tomorrow is my first appointment, with ultrasound. I'm excited/nervous!

Seattlite March 9th, 2011 11:10 AM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
Week 7 and 8 sure have gone fast--that's what happens when you have an ultrasound that moves your due date forward by 8 days! Heart rate was 163 and everything is looking good. They adjusted my due date to October 13, even though I was carefully tracking my cycle (temping AND used OPKs). We do tend to grow big babies in my family, so maybe that's what's up? They also spotted a corpus luteal cyst, which she said could cause a sharp pain and/or cramping when it dissolves in a couple of weeks, so she said don't panic if that happens. She said as long as there is no bleeding with the cramping, it's not something to be concerned about at this point in a pregnancy.

Anyway, after the ultrasound, I met with the nurse practitioner and she asked me TONS of questions about my medical history and my family's, and then she did a pelvic exam (but not a pap--I told her when my last one was, and that I usually spot when I have one, and she agreed I don't need that aggravation because if you spot when you're not pregnant, you spot more when you are).

Then we talked about a care plan for this pregnancy, given my history of premature rupture of membranes. So, the plan is, I'll be having ultrasounds every couple of weeks, and around 16 weeks I'll start getting P17 shots every week. They're supposed to hurt a lot, so I'm not thrilled about that, but they're one of those things that might help prevent me from having another preemie, so of course I'll take them! She said I could do them at home, or since I'll be coming in every couple of weeks anyway, it might make sense to just have the nurse there do them. Since they're supposed hurt and be kind of hard to inject (it's a really thick syrup stuff), I'm opting to go in and get them done.

So, my next appointment will be in 3 weeks so I can have a nuchal scan. Their scheduler had left by the time I finished, so she's going to call me tomorrow.

I've got a nasty cold this week--yesterday the post nasal drip combined with morning sickness made me feel AWFUL but today I'm feeling a bit better as everything begins to drain out my nose instead. The good news is, I don't have a fever and I'm working from home today so I can rest a bit.

DH is pretty freaked out this pregnancy, I'm pretty sure his anxiety is more than he can handle on his own. I'm really hoping he and his therapist are able to talk through some stuff today, and maybe even talk about meds.

Seattlite March 11th, 2011 04:34 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
Week 9 and I'm feeling fine...except that I have a nasty cold that isn't helping my nausea. I've completely stopped eating healthy and switched to just eating what sounds good. The good news is, I told my coworkers and they were universally happy for me. It is really nice to be able to wear comfortable clothes to work and not keep pretending I'm not already showing!

DH and his therapist talked a bit but he's still a bit of a mess. They did finally talk about meds, and she agreed to do some research and figure out what she thinks might help him. And of course continuing with the talk therapy. I'm pleased with that and just hope he can get through this time of stress OK.

Seattlite March 17th, 2011 01:58 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
It's Week 10 and the cold has turned into a nasty cough. I was going to go see my doc today but it's starting to get better. Plus, I'm not running a fever and gunk I'm coughing up is yellow, not green, so I'm pretty sure I don't need antibiotics, and there's basically nothing else I'd feel comfortable taking at this point. If I could just get a decent night's sleep without waking myself up with coughing, I'd probably be able to go to work, but instead I've been working from home all week. Thank goodness my boss is the most awesome person in the world, she has been totally supportive and just said, "Don't worry about us, just take care of yourself." She totally gets the "you can't take anything so a cold is worse when you're pregnant" thing.

Beyond that, I'm hanging in there. I've got some nausea but who knows if it's from pregnancy or from the post nasal drip?

Meanwhile, DH has pneumonia. Yes, you read that right, pneumonia. His cough is 100 times worse than mine, so much so he's been sleeping downstairs on the futon in the play room because leaning up against a wall is the only way he can sleep. He's about to head back to his doctor for a follow-up since he's only marginally better--his fever is gone but the cough is not really any better.

Seattlite March 31st, 2011 08:57 AM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
It's Week 12! How did I miss week 11? Sorry about that...anyway, on Tuesday I had an OB appt. with an u/s, this is X-posted from the Oct 2011 DDC:

Baby was wiggling around, heart rate was 154, got some good profile shots, and most importantly, NT scan came back normal. The appointment with the peri went well too, met yet another doc from this practice (this would be I think the 4th, 3 of them I met during my stay at the hospital before Jim was born) and he was super nice too. I absolutely love how thorough this practice is, it makes me feel like I'm in really good hands.

Doc said that my thyroid test results came back showing my thyroid may be underactive, just barely. So he wrote me a script for some kind of thyroid medication. Apparently there's some dispute in the medical community about whether having an underactive thyroid is an issue in pregnancy or not, and he said I didn't have to take them, but he'd recommend it. The doc assured us that the meds aren't dangerous because it'll be a very low dose, and they'll be monitoring it closely, so I figure I'll take the meds. Anybody have any experience with this?

We also talked about P17 shots now that they've gone from $10 a shot to $1500 a shot. (If you haven't seen this in the news, do a google search for Makena--I am so mad about it, I could spit.) I told him that we called my insurance and they cover it under the regular schedule, so it should be like a $5 copay for me, thank goodness. He said that's great because they have other moms who aren't so lucky...anyway, before you used to have to go to a compounding pharmacy to get the shots, and now you can (theoretically) get them at a regular pharmacy, although they may have to order them in. So hopefully my Walgreens will be able to hook me up. I will be going to fill the thyroid medicine prescription today and will see if they can get the P17 while I'm there--I'm figuring they'll have to order it to get it in.

He also said that because everything is looking good, I don't have to go to an appointment in 2 weeks and can wait to start the every-2-weeks appointments after the next one, and that's when I'll start the shots too.

On a side note: during the u/s, I mentioned to the tech that Jim has situs inversus (basically, his abdominal organs are all in the wrong place, they're a mirror image of where they usually are, plus he never grew a spleen) so the tech looked closely at the stomach and so did the doc, and they said it looks like it's where it's supposed to be, and so is the heart. So this baby won't have as interesting an icebreaker at cocktail parties as Jim does.

Then during the appointment (after talking about me), he said, "I actually have another patient whose baby was just diagnosed with situs inversus, would you be willing to chat with them about what it's been like for you?" Of course DH and I said sure--they are apparently at the phase where you look stuff up on the internet and freak out, and I'd be happy to help another parent get past that and into the "You mean my kid is actually going to lead a perfectly normal life and this is nothing to worry about? YAY!" phase.

Anyway, I know that was long, but so was the appointment! It was yet another 2 hour affair between the u/s, the appointment, the blood draw, and the wait to talk to the scheduler. The next one will be even longer, I'll be talking to the genetic counselor (since I'll be 35 on my due date), getting my first shot, having a much longer ultrasound, and seeing the doc. And probably having another blood draw, I think. Being high-risk sure is time-consuming!

Seattlite March 31st, 2011 09:06 AM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
One other thing I wanted to add: DH's therapy sessions seem to be helping. He has started talking more about his fears, and it seems like he comes home from the sessions in a better mood than when he went to them. He also hasn't had any bad nightmares in a while. Keep your fingers crossed that things continue to improve for him. Meanwhile, I've got what I think are normal pregnancy worries--I get nervous that something bad will happen and I'll go to an ultrasound and discover something is horribly wrong. Which makes sense for me, because we thought everything was fine last time and then suddenly we discovered it wasn't. But, they fear isn't dominating my life or keeping me from being happy about the baby or anything like that, which is why it seems to just be normal fears. I am keeping an eye on myself, though, in case I need to talk to someone about it.

Seattlite April 8th, 2011 03:36 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
13 weeks, second trimester, hooray! I'm feeling less queasy by the day and back to being able to eat regular meals without wanting to puke 3 bites in. The gas is still going strong as is the constipation, and the exhaustion is also still hanging in there. I'm starting to feel stuff that may be flutters or may be just gas, it's hard to tell, and I'm having lots and lots of round ligament pain, it's way out by my hips mostly but also on my pelvic bone--it feels like someone is trying to push the bones apart. Now who could that someone be? :lol: Honestly, I feel better than last week, but just still really worn out.

I'm also a total stress ball because I'm a federal employee, so I'm pretty sure I won't be working next week and thus won't be getting paid for next week. Which is going to mess with my maternity leave, since if this goes on for very long, we'll have to dip into savings to cover bills, which means less savings to cover bills when I'm on (unpaid) maternity leave. If I get screwed out of a real maternity leave again, I'm going to be really really angry...so everyone keep your fingers crossed that life goes back to normal ASAP!

Seattlite April 14th, 2011 11:38 AM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
Week 14!

In retrospect, last week was rough energy-wise. I was exhausted a LOT. Part of it was highly interrupted sleep, and part is that I'm still battling allergies. I broke down and took a Benadryl (my doc said it's safe) one night but honestly, the next day I felt even worse. So I'm back to just putting up with the annoying tickle of a cough and the slight stuffiness and mild sore throat. Mental note: in my next life when I'm having kids (because I definitely don't want any more after this one!), I should try to avoid being pregnant when it's allergy season. :lol:

Today, though, I feel a bit better. I think it could be because I gave myself permission to sleep in a bit today, and somehow that extra half-hour really made a difference. I may actually start coming to work a half-hour later to see if that helps with my energy level. Let's hope...

I'm now just shy of 2 weeks until my next doctor appt., which will be looooong. A 45-minute ultrasound (keeping my fingers crossed we find out the sex!), a full exam by the peri, a blood draw, and a meeting with the genetic counselor. And I may be getting my first 17P shot then too, except, I'll be just shy of 16 weeks, which is when I'm supposed to start the shots. So we'll see if they give me one then or if I wait a week to start them.

Speaking of 17P shots, now that the FDA is allowing compounding pharmacies to make them again, I'm getting mine from a local compounding pharmacy. Total cost for the first month for me: $35 (my insurance is picking up the rest, which shouldn't be much, I think this pharmacy charges about $15 a shot). SUCH a relief!

earth mama April 14th, 2011 01:51 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
I'm enjoying reading your week by week account of the experience.
Seven years ago, my beautiful daughter came at 25weeks due to PPROM.
They could never detect any reason why this happened..
We have decided to go for a second pregnancy (although I'm not yet pregnant) and I was told that I will have to go through alot of what you're experiencing now.
Are they going to do cervical measurements as well?
Also, wondering if you have heard of the progesterone gel that is applied vaginally? It's supposed to work pretty well and I've heard of some women using both the gel and shots.
I wish you and your family the very best and inspired by your courage!

Seattlite April 14th, 2011 04:49 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
Hi earth mama!

Yep, I'll be getting my cervix checked starting at my next appointment, which will be just shy of 16 weeks, and they'll check it every 2 weeks after that until...gosh, I'm not sure when, maybe the whole pregnancy but for some reason I think they stop checking around 30 weeks. Other than the frequent checks and the shots, they haven't talked to me about any other interventions because of my history of PROM. I assume if things go south, they might do a cerclage and/or put me on bed rest. I'm really hoping neither of those things becomes necessary!

I also don't know why I PROM'd. At first we were told that it was due to infection, but then about 18 months ago we met with the doc who actually delivered Jim and he said that he thinks the infection came after my water broke, instead of the other way around, because of the way my cervix presented. He said I have about a 10% chance of it happening again. Those were odds I felt like I could deal with, given the really careful monitoring I'm having done.

They didn't suggest the gel with me--most of the women I know who've gotten the gel or suppositories have needed them early in pregnancy due to a history of miscarriage, and then those of us who have issues later in pregnancy get the shots instead. But I could just not be well-informed, I am certainly not an expert!

Seattlite April 21st, 2011 02:35 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
It's Week 15!

Good news: today I had a chocolate milkshake at lunch, and now I'm feeling flutters that I'm finally certain aren't gas-related. Woo Hoo!!! :)

Bad news: the nausea/burpies are back. Ugh. And last night I had TERRIBLE heartburn. Double ugh. I'm thinking this pregnancy is going to be all about digestive tract issues, between the gas and the constipation and the nausea and the heartburn and the burping...I'm also tired a lot, but my sleep schedule has not been good. Jim has had a cough that has kept him up at night sometimes this week--Saturday and Sunday nights were both rough. And this morning I woke up at 2:30 and just couldn't go back to sleep. So, I'm dragging a lot.

Next week is the Big Ultrasound, followed by the meeting with the genetic counselor, a pelvic exam, a blood draw, and (I think) my first shot. I'm expecting to be there at least 3 hours, if not more.

Seattlite April 28th, 2011 11:20 AM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
16 weeks down, 24 more to go!

It's mostly good news this week--we had our big anatomy scan on Tuesday and everything is normal with the baby, plus, IT'S A GIRL!!!! We are really excited since we wanted one of each, especially DH. :) My cervix is also "super long" according to the doc, at 4.5 cm., so that's great news too. Hopefully it stays like that for the foreseeable future! And, I just got a call from the peri's office saying that my blood screens all came back super low for risk of Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18, and spina bifida--DS and T18 were both in the lowest category they go to, and the SB number was also really low. Good news!

The only things not going according to plan is that I'm getting more anemic, and the thyroid meds aren't working enough, so they've uped my dose of both synthroid and iron. I'm really hoping this will help me to be not so tired, because I feel wiped out most of the time.

I am actually starting to feel like I might make it through this pregnancy OK, although, a part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop...because seriously, things are going so much better than I had hoped for so far!

Seattlite April 28th, 2011 02:48 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
Forgot to add: I also had my first 17P shot. I ended up being able to get them from a compounding pharmacy after all, and after billing my insurance, my copay was $30 for a month's supply. Totally reasonable! The shot didn't hurt much going in but it did sting afterward for several hours! And the area that stung moved around depending on what position I was in, like when I laid on my side on the couch, the sting slid down from the injection site. Too weird! Not looking forward to doing THAT every week for the next 20 weeks, but it sure beats having another preemie!

I also have all my appointments scheduled for the next 6 weeks, which is good because scheduling with them takes FOREVER because the scheduler has to juggle when the u/s techs are free and when the docs are free and figure out who's on duty which day, etc. I'll be seeing 3 different docs over the next 6 weeks, which is good because at this practice, you get whoever happens to be on duty the day you go into labor, so it's good to meet all the docs if you can.

Seattlite May 5th, 2011 02:50 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
It's Week 17!

Today I went in for my second progesterone shot, and my very first nurse-visit-only appointment. I am now even more glad I'm having them done at the clinic instead of doing them at home, because it turns out when you go in for a nurse visit, you get a doppler check with that nasty shot! So I got to hear little Maggie's heart beating (150 per minute, for the record) before having the shot. It doesn't sting so much afterward this time, thank goodness!

Let's see, what else...we had the March of Dimes walk last Saturday and my team raised over $3000! I'm super proud of them! After the walk, though, I was totally beat and sore for 2 days. I am WAY out of shape, that's for sure! I've also definitely popped out quite a bit, and the lower back pain is starting up already. My hips are also sore when I wake up in the morning--I have a sleep number bed so I turned it down to be softer, and that is helping with the hip pain, but probably making the back pain worse. 23 weeks more of this does not sound fun, thank goodness there is such a good prize at the end of it!

Seattlite May 15th, 2011 03:40 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
Week 18 rolls along...this is mostly X-posted from my DDC:

Had my biweekly appointment on Friday, including my first transvaginal u/s to see if my cervix is behaving. The highlights:

1. This appointment was with the peri who delivered Jim, so we brought Jim along with us. He was an angel throughout the appointment, I was so proud of him! The doc was happy to see Jim (he said, "He's a lot bigger than when I last saw him!) and the nurses were super nice to him too.

2. This was my first transvaginal ultrasound. It wasn't nearly as weird as I thought it would be, and you get really good pictures of the baby that way, or at least, the part near the cervix, which in my case was her head. I found it less awkward/creepy than having a speculum up there--it's more narrow and not designed for cranking you open, KWIM? Anyway, my cervix is still looking good, so I'm still on track to be the most boring high-risk pregnancy ever, which is my goal!

3. The tech said baby looks like she's got really long legs (DH is 6'3" so I'm not surprised!) and she was laying on her back and kicking her feet up towards the top of my uterus.

4. I asked if the progesterone shots could be causing mood swings and explained that Monday I spent all day crying, but that now I feel fine. He said that it's entirely possible that they're causing me to be more moody, since PMS time is when your progesterone spikes. I also told him that when I was on the mini pill (which is all progestin) that it made me nuts. He said that in general they say there's no side effects to the progesterone shots but that mood swings really could be and issue with them. He said none of his patients have ever raised it with him before but that since their shots would have mostly worn off by the time they come in, it doesn't surprise him that they might not have brought it up before. And he said he'll probably ask his patients about it in the future. Then he said that the other way to get progesterone is through pills or gels that you use every day, so we could try that instead, but that the shots are better studied for preventing preterm labor. And then he said, "So, do you want a spike of hormones, or do you want high level of hormones all the time?" And I said, "Yeah, I'll take the spike for now and see how it goes a few more weeks." He also said that as pregnancy progresses, your natural progesterone level decreases, so hopefully the moodiness will decrease too.

Today is Sunday and I'm definitely feeling the effects of the progesterone. I feel angry and sad for no apparent reason. It's not pretty. Meanwhile, DH is a mess because of his mom--he went to her house about 10 days ago while she was gone to rescue some family photos from her hoard, and discovered everything in the basement is mildewed and everything in the garage has been chewed through by rats. He said he should have had a respirator on in there. He was pretty shaken when he got home and has been trying to process his feelings ever since, which means, he's been useless in supporting me through my hormone-induced crazy.

Seattlite May 23rd, 2011 04:31 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
19 weeks. Things are going about the same as last week, honestly. My mood swings on Mondays/Tuesdays are still terrible, and actually my last shot stung a lot more. :( I'm seriously looking forward to October.

This coming weekend is the anniversary of things going haywire in my last pregnancy, and Jim's birthday. I'm kind of not looking forward to it. The good news is, we're going out of town so I won't be able to just sit home and stew about it, and if I need a long walk on a beach to just process, I can do that, because we'll be at the beach.

Seattlite June 2nd, 2011 11:03 AM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
21 weeks! I'm sorry I didn't update last week, we were out at the beach all weekend and I was in kind of a funk. Here's what I posted to my DDC last Friday:

4 years ago today, when I was 26 weeks 6 days pregnant with Jim, my water broke. 3 days later, he was born. 9 weeks after that, he came home from the hospital.

This morning, I woke up, and had probably my first GOOD cry about all that. I've cried bitterly about it loads and loads of times, but I've never cried and felt like it was cleansing me of that trauma a little, until today.

Today was also my 20-week ultrasound, and DH and I had Jim with us today (daycare is closed because our daycare person is going on a cruise that leaves today, plus we headed out of town for the weekend this afternoon), so we decided that in between the ultrasound and the doctor portion of the visit, we'd pop up to the NICU and say hi to any of the nurses who are still working there. I got teary eyed, and so did DH, but we both held it together. One of our favorites, Celia, happened to be on duty, and she came out to see us and say hi to Jim. This will sound really weird, but I found it comforting that I don't feel comfortable there anymore. I felt like I belonged there by the time Jim was ready to come home, but visiting today, I didn't feel like that anymore. I think that's a good sign.

Honestly, I was thinking I'd feel like a total mess this weekend, but after today, I'm feeling better. It's like I've smoothed off another rough edge of the trauma so it can't cut me up as much anymore. I'll never be able to ditch it completely but at least it's not as scratchy.

Anyway, beyond all that, the appointment went well. Maggie is doing great, my cervix is still nice and long, and I'd only gained a pound since last week (and that was with shoes on this time--much better than last appointment, I'd gained a whopping 8 pounds in just 2 weeks!). The only thing that was a little off is that there was a trace of protein in my urine, but my BP is super low so they said it's not anything to worry about. They did yet another blood draw to check my thyroid and my iron to see how it's going, will get those results next week.

So, since then, things have been pretty good. We had a very good weekend at the beach, and I'm feeling more movement, which is fun, although DH still can't feel it on the outside, poor guy. I've got sciatica which is not fun, plus I'm having insomnia problems. I do think the mood swings haven't been quite as bad the last couple of weeks...I'm still angry a lot on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I'm not crying. So it's better for me but worse for DH? :lol: Tomorrow I go in for yet another shot, ugh, then on Saturday is Jim's birthday part with his friends at Jump Planet, and on Sunday we're going to a baby shower for DH's best friend and his wife (she's due next month!) and then we're having DH's cousin and sister over for dinner. I like them both so it should be a fun weekend, although I could really use some down time. I didn't get much of it at the beach--DH got a day to go crab fishing, but I didn't get much me-time.

Seattlite June 13th, 2011 12:31 PM

Re: Seattlite's post-preemie pregnancy week by week
22 weeks...and I am starting to freak out.

So I went in for my regular biweekly u/s cervix check on Friday. Maggie is doing great and was kicking up a storm. :) Plenty of fluid, everything great...except, my cervix had gotten shorter. It went from 3.7 two weeks ago, to 3.2 this time. Now of course, that's still pretty long, but the trend is what is concerning. About 6 weeks ago, it was 4.5. The doc (it was Dr. "Call Me Suzanne" again, I like her) said they'll continue keeping an eye on it and hope it's not a trend. We didn't talk about what happens if it is a trend, but we didn't have to--it'd be bed rest and maybe a cerclage. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it's not a trend, but of course, I am starting to actually envision Maggie in the NICU for the first time this pregnancy.

So, today I went to my boss and told her what's up, and said, "Look, if I have to lay in bed for weeks on end with nothing to do, I'll go insane. Can I work from home if I'm on bed rest?" (My job is almost entirely reviewing docs and typing on a computer, so laying in bed with a laptop getting work done would actually work out pretty darn well.) She said she thinks that's great and said, "You'd probably go nuts having to watch daytime TV for weeks on end!" And I said, "Darn straight!" Plus I'd go broke, I mean seriously, I don't have that much leave saved up. My concern is that her boss (who is a JERK) would overrule her, so I asked her to just make sure that'll be OK, so I have peace of mind. She said she'd do that, and I told her hopefully it won't be an issue, but for my stress level, it's just better to have the ducks in a row. She was really understanding.

I'm really, really trying to see this as not a big deal, but given my history with Jim, it's hard to stay calm. I know I can survive the NICU again if I have to, but I was really hoping I wouldn't have to, and now I'm not so sure things are going to turn out as I'd hoped. So, now I'm just waiting until the 24th, when my next cervix check is, and keeping my fingers crossed that my cervix cooperates and that I'm freaking out completely unnecessarily.

Sigh. Beyond all that, I'm feeling OK--was super tired yesterday but that was after 2 days of being really busy and not getting enough sleep. The good news is, the iron is working and I'm not getting any more anemic, and the thyroid meds are working too so I don't need to up my dosage.

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