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itzvalerie December 22nd, 2013 05:50 PM

Pregnant with Epilepsy
When I found out I was pregnant I was really freaked out. I haven't been with my boyfriend for a year but he is the greatest thing to happen to me. I missed my period & thought I was just stressed, I had been trying to find a job for awhile. I didn't think much of it & shrugged it off, I hadn't had any symptoms. I was gonna wait until the end of the following month to take a pregnancy test, but something in my mind told me to take one. I was so scared to go home and take it I went straight to WalMart, bought a pregnancy test & took it there. My boyfriend was thrilled & still is. I told my mom after my boyfriend and she was happy. The more the pregnancy goes on the more excited she gets. My boyfriend told his mom after I told mine and she is excited too. My dad & his family thought I needed to get an abortion, because I have epilepsy and took Topamax. They heard about all the possible birth defects & thought abortion was the safest bet. I refused.

I knew I had to get off the Topamax, the further the pregnancy went on the higher the possibility for birth defects. So I met with my neurologist and he switched me to a different medication. The side effects were TERRIBLE. I was nauseated, dizzy, & felt like a zombie. I couldn't get out of bed. I met with my neurologist again and he put me on Lamatical. It has been working, UNTIL I started working.

I worked at a detention center as a nurse. I liked the job at first but after the semi-orientation I got the work got piled on. I had horrible morning sickness and was soo nauseated all the time. Then the stress got to me. I had one seizure at 2 months, went to the hospital in town & was taken care of as best as they could since I was pregnant. Then I had massive seizures, but I didn't go to the hospital for that. Originally I went to the hospital where my OBGYN is for shortness of breath. From the moment I was in triage to laying on the bed, everyone just rolled their eyes and told me over and over it was normal. But it was getting hard to swallow. Well shortly after laying on the bed I had a seizure. Apparently I had several-my boyfriend went with me and told me everything that happened. The hospital staff didn't think I was having a seizure, they thought I was faking it. Apparently they wanted to discharge me to a mental hospital. My boyfriend said no and took me home.

I eventually resigned from my job at the detention center, I hadn't worked a full week-they were 12 hours & really hard on me, especially since I live an hour away & had to wake up super early to get to work. On top of that I had been in the ER twice and called in for the next day. I knew I wasn't being a great help and leaving them short staffed. So I eventually decided to resign. Since I have my health has really gotten better, I haven't had any seizures since.

But I'm really nervous about giving birth, I don't want to have a seizure while giving birth. I also don't want to pass this on to the baby. I hope it all goes well. :)

rebeccabaltimore and more December 31st, 2013 07:37 AM

Re: Pregnant with Epilepsy
My sister is epileptic. She switched from Tegretol to Lamictal when she was ttc. She got pregnant, and about halfway through the pregnancy they increased her dosage. Nine weeks ago she had a healthy, happy baby boy!

MandyAnn January 9th, 2014 06:55 PM

Re: Pregnant with Epilepsy
I'm TTC and also on Lamictal. I worry about low birth weight and cleft pallet. I pray every day that our future baby will be healthy.

rebeccabaltimore and more January 12th, 2014 08:47 AM

Re: Pregnant with Epilepsy
My nephew was seven and a half pounds when he was born, and she was induced a week early. Despite the Lamictal, he was a total chunk!

angelatoch April 24th, 2014 01:48 PM

Re: Pregnant with Epilepsy
I'm curious as well I don't have epilepsy but I was taking divalproex for bipolar disorder and wasn't able to stop taking it until I found out I was pregnant (about 6 weeks). I also worry about managing my illness during pregnancy as well as the risks to my unborn baby for being exposed to this medication during early pregnancy.

Spottts June 6th, 2014 05:34 PM

Re: Pregnant with Epilepsy
I took Lamictal from 11 weeks until delivery at 35 weeks 5 days. I conceived while on it but was off by 5 weeks. I had twins and preterm labor multiple times which is why they were early not the med. (My first DD was born at 38.0 weeks. 6 lbs 13 oz; 19 1/4 inches)

Baby A was 5 lbs 4 oz; 18 3/4 inches
Baby B was 5 lbs 13 oz; 19 inches

The girls came home with me from the hospital. (Steroids to develop their lungs happened earlier in pregnancy) They're 7 1/2 years old now.

The only physical problems are asthma and allergies for both, although to different degrees. However both the father and I have allergies so they had a 75% chance of having allergies anyway.

They have 0 cognitive problems. Both had a PsychoEducational evaluation (IQ testing) and are in the Gifted program.

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