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Britt May 16th, 2008 10:42 PM

I decided recently, after much thought, that I wanted a waterbirth. Because the nearest Birthing Center (that allows waterbirths) is pretty strict on goofy rules, I decided I wanted to do it at home, with a MW.

I am sort of new to the whole home birthing idea, and I know MW's are hard to find around here...
I have my doula (yes, we're still going to use her as well) finding info for me, because she knows of a few MW's around. Long story short-- She said something about switching my doctor to this other guy, because he'll be my backup?

My first question is: Will I be paying a doctor, and a MW too??

Wont I see my MW, just like I would a doctor?
Do MW's often let you pay in incriments? (silly question, but I have no idea!!)

Any other information you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!! I can't even think of questions, because it's pretty new to me! :inlove:

seahorse_3 May 17th, 2008 05:26 AM

Congratulations!! You are going to just LOVE the experience. :)

Well about your questions, you should just be paying for your midwife. She should be able to perform what's necessary and any pre-natal visit. You should only need to be registered at your hospital for "just in case." You can meet the doctors who *might* deliver your baby but you shouldn't need to have exams with every single one or anything like that.

There are plenty of midwives that let you pay them in payments but MOST require the full amount by some set deadline, like 36 weeks, or by your birth or whatnot. They can be VERY expensive and in a lot of areas they aren't counted on insurance companies, so you pay outta pocket. This is what killed it for us, we could NOT afford my midwives fee, and I am now having to have a hospital birth with our insurance. :( To say the least the earlier you find the perfect midwife the better!

My advice is to call as many midwives as you can, "interview" them.. You can literally bring a sheet of questions to your initial meeting and just totally drill her for anything you want/need to know. Here's a nice list of some interview questions for you to get some ideas on what to ask: http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/intrvu2.html.

Choose the one that best suits EXACTLY what you want and believe and the one you find you just plain like better. They're playing a HUGE role in your birth so obviously you'll want to pick the best person you can :) Also, get your partner as involved as possible. It's an experience for BOTH of you and there is a lot he can do to help.

Britt May 17th, 2008 11:24 AM

Thank you soooo much for the information!! We know that a MW wont be covered on our insurance, infact... I don't know how much I should be saying, but I'm not quite certain of the legal issues with MW's in my state. hint hint. Sooo... do I still tell the doctor they are a "backup?"

seahorse_3 May 20th, 2008 06:30 AM

Well, to be honest you don't have to tell the docs anything, you don't even have to see any. Just make sure you're registered at the hospital for just in case and that's all you really need to worry about on that side of the spectrum. And in my area, as well as others, doctors don't like midwives and they don't appreciate their patience seeing them. I was going to set up an appointment with one of the OBs my insurance gives me and I was advised to just lie, and not bring up that I ever saw a MW.. it's possible you get a doctor who doesn't like it and you could be treated differently otherwise.

JackieRose May 27th, 2008 09:54 AM

Hey, I'm not sure if you'll even read this since I'm so late responding to it but i'm in the same boat. I have a midwife and am also seeing a doctor for "shadow care" (just bc my hubby feels more comfortable), I have not told my dr. anything about me seeing a midwife or that I plan on having a home birth. The care given to me at the hospital has been "impersonal" so far and I would hate to know how much worse it would be if they new I was using their rival haha
I just plan on giving birth at home and just calling them to let them know I gave birth at home and couldn't make it to the hospital

oh well..they'll get over it :)

Brittnic May 27th, 2008 03:44 PM

I just did a search online for midwifes in my area. The going rate here in Texas is about $2000- $3000. I'm still waiting to see if my insurance will help cover some of my cost, but usually most insurance companies won't cover much. Most midwifes that I've talked to will let you pay in increments. There are extra cost that you may have to pay out of pocket (sonogram, birth classes, and extra labs if you want them). It's a good idea to ask ahead of time. I hope you get the birth you want. Good luck.

Britt May 29th, 2008 04:45 PM

Thanks ladies!

I found out that the doctor I was referred to, actually agrees with the use of MW's. So you can tell him you're planning a homebirth, and he'll keep his mouth shut, and let you use him as a backup! Crazy huh!?

Anyways, I also found out that even though it's hush-hush around here-- MW's can sometimes still be covered by insurance! So it's a win win! lol.

I'm getting closer to getting a MW, just awaiting some phone calls!!

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