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theycallmenutty June 8th, 2008 12:26 PM

I'm getting my prenatal care at a birthing center inside a hospital. I plan to have a UC but of course haven't told the midwives at the center. ;-D I don't want to be "in trouble" with my pediatrician or my family or heaven forbid CPS. (I can't really afford a midwife and they're not legal in my state anyhow so they are few and far between. The midwives around here are very bad about payment plans and insist on full payment $4500 before delivery.) Do you think it's unwise to go this route? Pretend that the baby came too fast and bring him into the hospital so they can do their "necessary" checkup?

What did you do?

Isaeph June 8th, 2008 03:39 PM

We had been seeing mw's at a bc, and I called after the hush-hush planned UC. The mw was MAD, holy cow! She sent out the baby nurse later that day. This time we aren't having any prenatal care (its not necessary for a birth certificate here-you may want to email your vital stats office though and find out what is necessary, because some places require a pedi visit, etc) so we'll just have the landlord here (who ROCKS!) sign our request for a birth certificate again...he's a notary. :lol: As far as a check up afterwards, well, Ele's never been to a doctor. So we didn't really feel it was necessary. But again, check out the legality issues in your state because yeah, you definitely don't want to be on CPS's radar. If all else fails, maybe you can go see a naturopath or something who will probably look more kindly on this kind of situation.

LaLa June 8th, 2008 06:20 PM

Technically youre not doing anything wrong by having an UC, so CPS isnt really an issue. Also, prenatal & postnatal care arent required either. Youre seeing a care provider during your pg, so you have proof of pg, so obtaining a BC wont be an issue either - in many states all you need is a witness to being pg and a witness at the birth, even if its just your DH.

We did something similar - we used an illegal (lay) midwife, and while we got ob care, we never registered at the hospital, and never showed up. I called that day but only to cancel the appt I had that day lol. I todl them i had the baby & they gave me the option of coming in. Honestly I would NOT take a newborn that was well to the hospital - theyll likely hospitalize you both. IMO, I would see an OB or midwife in their office and refuse hospitalization UNLESS theres a problem... you dont want to expose a healthy baby to germs of a hospiital if you dont have to esp since baby isnt being born there. As for baby - the ped should see him, if not - then call around. Our ped refused to see our baby, for his own liability's sake (cop out IMO) but there were plenty other peds more than willing to see our baby and we didnt lie about our choice to stay home to the ped. By that point, it was done & over.

You shoudl be fine.... I dont see why CPS would get involved or where theyd have the right to (then again, they stick their noses in all kinds of things but unless they can show you did something other than birth at home that risked your babys health, then you likely wont be worrying about that).


_Brandy_ June 9th, 2008 09:53 AM

I see my GP for sporadic prenatal care. I have told her from day 1 that I plan to birth at home unassisted again and she is fine with that. It is my choice, nobody elses'.

Willowkarr June 9th, 2008 01:13 PM

I have told my midwife that I plan a UCB this time around, she is amazing!! However, she did bring up the fact that the Ped can call DCF here, because a UCB can be "Putting the baby at risk". I told her that this will be our 5th delivery and I have never had a single problem, other than my oldest having a big ol head (not exactly a problem if you ask me, just a little bit more pain, lol). She told me that she knew that (of course she did, she delivered all 4 of our babies, lol) but that she just wanted to let me know, and that she would never call DCF for that reason, but you never know what a Ped would do....lol, they aren't going to the Ped, so the Ped will do nothing, lol. If this is twins, I will have an assisted HB though, just to ease DH's mind.

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