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Britt October 8th, 2008 06:13 PM

Hey everyone!

I have been planning my homebirth for awhile now-- knowing since around 20 weeks that I wanted a home water birth. I am very much a planner-- but very much a procrastinator as well! So unfortunately, there are many things I haven't thought of until now! I have a feeling that baby Ev will come this weekend, so I've been getting last minute things ready. (we FINALLY finished the room today! lol)

Anyways, I was wondering if you ladies can think of anything I will need/want?

I was thinking earlier how I would love to have some soft/soothing music playing.. but can't think of anything? Any suggestions?

I was also hoping to get some ink footprints/handprints of my little one once he's here. Do you know what kind of ink would be safe? Any ideas of what brand, kind, or where to buy?

I always thought up until now that I would just assume labor naked in the birthing pool, but now I'm wondering if I should buy something soft to cover up with... but something that will be easy to nurse in right after the birth. Any suggestions?

I have the birthing pool/supplies ready-- I'm renting them from my doula. We're in the middle of cleaning out the living room, and making room for everything.

I feel so overwhelmed, that I'm afraid I will forget something important!! Or not even think about it in general!!

PLEASE HELP!!! Any ideas on anything would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!! :bluecheer:

TylerJ1029 October 8th, 2008 07:15 PM

I'm not sure what is in your birth kit so I cant give you too many suggestions. Maybe cook some food and freeze it or buy frozen dinners so you dont have to cook afterward. Some extra snacks and drinks for your MW and doula. Make sure your laundry and such is done so you dont have to worry about it later.

I got a footprint kit with my birth kit. It was ordered from everythingbirth.com. She shipped really quickly...I think 5 days from order to delivery.

If you're doing a water birth then the most I would personally wear is a sports bra. Afterward I would just wear a bath robe, something cheap incase you get blood on it.

Good luck!

Mommy2Amara&Kayori October 8th, 2008 09:56 PM

I had grapes and popcycles for my labor, I didn't actually get to eat them because my labor went so fast, but it was a nice snack for afterward. I also think frozen dinners are a good idea, atleast for the first 2 days.

My midwife had an ink kit that we used for the foot prints.

I wanted music too, but I didn't even think about it when it was time, things just went to fast.

Before I got in the pool I was in a big t-shirt and pj pants. Once I got in the pool I wore a loose tank top. And when I got out I wore a nightgown.

I had planned on baking cookies in early labor. It would give me something to do and give the midwife and my support people a snack, but like I said before everything went way to fast.

Have your pool set up and completely ready to fill. Mine was set up and ready and I still only got it filled up 1 foot before it was time to push.

Hopefully your labor won't be as fast as mine lol

littlebabydolly October 21st, 2008 03:44 PM

I just ordered a "Kleen-print" baby foot stamper. I guess you never get ink on the baby which sounds great! Lots of websites carry them.

I've had lots of advice from a birth stories pot luck to have fresh young thai coconuts to hack open for juice for labor. I guess it gives you a great amount of energy and nutrients and I think someone even said it somehow has the same composition as blood. (I guess nutrient wise?!)

Some of the supplies on my home birth list is homeopathic arnica, sitz bath herbs, vinyl backed flannel sheets, hot water bottle, old towels, receiving blankets, lip balm, hydrogen peroxide (to get out stains), frozen cabbage leaves for breast inflammations, flash light... among other things like sanitary pads and gauze. I'm slowly starting to gather it all up myself.

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