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Eowyn December 10th, 2008 08:50 PM

last week at my sisters bible study i met her friends- a young couple a bit older than us. We got to talking about my pregnancy and she talked about her Homebirth she had for her second child. Ive really wanted a homebirth since having my first child in the hospital.- I just didnt know where i'd get started and thought there was nothing like that available where we live (like a midwife who would do a homebirth) and have been growing more and more worried about my labor and delivery as my due date approaches in February.
So when this woman I met said her midwife lived in our area I instantly felt new hope!! When we got home that night I talked to my DH and asked him if he'd be willing to see if we could get this midwife's phone number and at least talk to her. ( DH was not hot on the idea of a homebirth when i first brought it up at the beginning of my pregnancy.) so I got in contact with my new friend-who said she went through the same thing-her DH wasnt sure but she really wanted to-but after he met with this midwife he changed his mind and she got this midwife 2 weeks before her due date!
This made me feel better talking to her so late in my pregnancy. Im low risk so I'm really hoping this will be an option for us.
Turns out she has this really nice website and everything i felt really good about everything i read on there. lots of great birth stories.
I contacted her and DH agreed we could schedule a meeting with her- I am SO excited. Its this next tuesday morning and i cannot wait to meet her and take this first step towards having the home birth i want so badly. She also does water births which i am VERY interested in doing.
the only relief i got in my hospital birth was in the tub-but they made me get out and i remember being furious with them since it was the only thing that made me feel any better at all. So anyway, thats my story and im really hoping and praying this will work out and I can deliver at home with my DH and daughter naturally and normally.

inyourhonor December 10th, 2008 09:06 PM

Good luck! My husband was against our home birth at first then he met our midwife. I had a previous c-section with our first born so that was his biggest concern. I just had a successful HBAC on November 28th :)

Once he met our midwife, he was for it. He actually walked out of the appointment at her house and told me to cancel my other appointment with a CNM because we were having the home birth!

Let us know how things go :)

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