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justjaQ June 23rd, 2009 02:47 PM

how do i get started?
i may have posted here before, but now, i am actually pregnant. :smile:

how would i go about finding a midwife who accepts medicaid?

inyourhonor June 23rd, 2009 02:57 PM

Re: how do i get started?
I'm in Northern Lower MI and my midwife didn't accept medicaid :( but she went on a pay sliding scale based on income.

I don't think Michigan medicaid pays for home birth. I could be wrong but I thought that my midwife said it doesn't pay for it. I kept it for when I knew I'd need blood work and incase something happened (thankfully because i ended up in the hospital with bleeding at 35 weeks). I would call around to local home birth midwives and see if they accept it.

Oh and silly me, Congratulations on your pregnancy!

justjaQ June 24th, 2009 11:28 AM

Re: how do i get started?
oh, i thought i had reasd somewhere. well, that's okay~ if we could find one with a sliding scale.

i don't even know that medicaid would accept me. sounds good. i wish i had pushed for this last time. i will not go to an ob this time, unless there is a problem.

inyourhonor June 24th, 2009 11:45 AM

Re: how do i get started?
Yeah she based the sliding scale on or income and then we were able to make payments and the final payment was due at the last meeting which was when he was 6 weeks old. We paid it off before he was born but still, knowing I had that time was nice.

Here is a website for Michigan midwives

Michigan Midwives Association ~ www.michiganmidwives.org ~ Directory

soImarriedAnerd June 24th, 2009 12:04 PM

Re: how do i get started?
Congrats on your pregnancy!!!! I'm no help in MI, just wanted to say hi and congrats :)

Mommy2Amara&Kayori June 26th, 2009 05:51 PM

Re: how do i get started?
congrats!!!! I am so excited for you, I hope you get the birth you want!

I called midwifes and just asked them if they excepted medicaid, and I found one that did so I met with her, and I loved her but I am in wa

_Brandy_ June 26th, 2009 09:09 PM

Re: how do i get started?
Congrats! I am in Canada so I can't help you out, sorry.

Effervescence July 2nd, 2009 01:06 PM

Re: how do i get started?
I was just surfing the web and I found this birthing center in Temperance. I don't know how far away that is for you- the geography of michigan is just really weird to me LOL but I'm learning. They say that they have gotten payment from medicaid in their FAQs and the midwives will do a birth at their free standing center or a home birth. They say that some of the insurance companies have paid them because they are the only free standing birth center in a 60 mile radius, so I don't know if they would pay for homebirth or just a center birth. But, if they've gotten payment from medicaid before, I'm sure that it is possible to get medicaid to pay other midwives in MI

justjaQ July 3rd, 2009 07:36 AM

Re: how do i get started?
thanks for all the replies, ladies.

i've heard of temperence but not sure where it is. i don't want to deliver anywhere but home, though, and i go soooo quickly, i may have no other choice, anyway. i don't want to end up being forced to the hospital after delivering at home, though.

first, i need to apply for medicaid, and then we'll see about finding a m/w who will accept me... no idea how i would pay for anything. you'd think, with home births and midwives being so much cheaper, it would be easier to have them covered. but.... *people* :rolleyes:

i'm determinded to make things work out MY way, this time, though. i'm sick of OBs and hospitals who destroy the best days of my life, with their ridiculous policies. i'm taking birth back, this time. :smile: it's nice to meet you all, and i hope i can learn from you ladies!! i admire you all, and i so wish i had had my older kids at home, too.

inyourhonor July 3rd, 2009 07:59 AM

Re: how do i get started?
If you're in Sterling Heights, Temperance is a pretty distance from you. It's right by the border of Michigan and Ohio.

Good luck and don't give up! I know my midwife didn't accept medicaid but like I said earlier I think it's because Michigan Medicaid won't pay for home births.

You would think they'd pay for it because of how much cheaper it is but I think it may be a liability thing, again, I'm not sure so don't quote me on that!

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