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mamaquiltthief September 3rd, 2009 06:43 AM

MIL Homebirth denial?
My MIL and I get on fantasticly, she is very much a mum to me as is FIL to be honest, they had two sons so they enjoy having a girl to parent and DP and I lived with them for a year befor we moved out.

They have been suportive about EVERYTHING, but they have this home birth blind spot, Ive told mil that we are having ahome birth and that the midwifes have said its ok and stuff, and DP even backed me up last night cos i thought i was going mad, as they keep talking about hospital, and never mention the home birth.

Its very weird, like this one single peice of info just cant stick in theirt brains, they dont seem to be against home birth, FIL was born at home and is quite proud of the fact. But they are both insain worryers so I dont want to sit them down over the phone and go RIGHT get a NOTEBOOK we are having a HOME BIRTH, PLEASE REMEBER THIS. incase it suddely sinks in and they freek out! since I am due in 12 days!

Any one ealse had this weird home birth block?

inyourhonor September 3rd, 2009 07:54 AM

Re: MIL Homebirth denial?
I don't know what to say but my MIL never once acknowledged it. She knew we were planning a home birth but never said anything. I later found out from my SIL it was because she wanted to stop us but my SIL put a stop to that!

I say let them have their ways of thinking that its going to happen in a hospital because obviously nothing changed their minds months ago I doubt 12+ days will do it now.

They could also come around after you have your little one.

jess5377 September 5th, 2009 01:01 AM

Re: MIL Homebirth denial?
Not my mom or MIL, but a lot of older family friends keep saying things like "that would make a great 'coming home from the hospital outfit'" or "remember to pack lots of warm socks for the hospital."

I don't think they're being intentionally malicious, I think they just forget (they are old, after all).

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