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Martha83 November 9th, 2009 08:07 PM

Introduction :)
Hello...My name is Martha...I have four kiddos....here is a run down on my birth stories...
On her EDD was induced and 9.5 hours later she was born...no pain meds
8lb 0oz 20in long

At 39 weeks was induced and 4.5 hours later he was born...nubain administered due to intense contractions and not being able to calm myself...only made me sleepy instead of relief....(ugh)
8lb 0oz 22in long

Edd was 2-3-06, so two days past EDD was induced...1.5 hours later she was born...no pain meds
8lb 1oz 21in long

My first 100% natural (non induction) birth...she was born on her EDD....18.5 hours of labor...(not at all like the shorter labors in strength of contrax though)....water birth at a birthing center with midwives....LOVED this birth experience...
7lb 4oz...21 in long


we are currently NTNP...but I *THINK* I may have ovulated last week (first time since having Olive)....and so technically we are in the 2ww....

My sad news is that the Birthing Center we used last time is closing...the midwives will still do homebirths...but our reason for using the BC was that DH wasn't on board for a homebirth....for one reason we are about 25 miles in the country from the closest hospital...so that is hard in making the decision....

Now...if we DO end up being preggo...it's bound to happen sooner or later....LOL...I DO NOT want to end up back in the hospital...so I've got to convince dh that homebirth is the best solution....

He wasn't completely on board for the BC birth but then once we were there and doing it he really understood WHY I wanted it....now I just need him to realize that it'd be the same exact scenerio just HERE...so even better....so not even any guess work on when to leave for the center LOL...

anyway...so I may be lurking for a while but wanted you to know who I was...:) HUGS

WishingStar November 9th, 2009 08:40 PM

Re: Introduction :)
Welcome! I'm Talia, SAHM to four girls and another on the way, due in January and hoping to deliver at home for the first time.

Twinkle November 10th, 2009 03:48 PM

Re: Introduction :)
Welcome to the board!!! I'm glad you've decided to pop in, and even if you aren't pregnant, I'd love for you to stick around and share your experiences. My name is Christine, I'm pregnant with #4 and planning my second homebirth. When I was pregnant with my second I knew I wanted a home birth, but didn't have DH on board. I ended up having her at a birthing center (that was associated with a hospital). When I got pregnant the 3rd time, I pushed him for a homebirth... eventually he did come around, thank goodness. He knows I'll never willingly choose a hospital birth again!

CameraLinds November 10th, 2009 07:51 PM

Re: Introduction :)

Martina November 11th, 2009 11:07 PM

Re: Introduction :)
I have 5 kids and 3 were homebirths (last 3), I just wanted to say that my DH wasnt on board with my 1st homebirth but I knew I really wanted one, my m/w was great and was OK with that situation, so I was planning for homebirth all by myself, DH had no choice pretty much LOL, he even had his mother talk to me!!!!!!!!! LOL
he is all for homebirths now, he says that is the only way to do it, he changed his mind after our first homebirth (though I have to say he didnt give me too hard of time while I was planning my first homebirth, though it would have been nice if he was actually supportive, but I wanted it and knew he wasnt into it then, so had to do it my way)

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