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jess5377 November 15th, 2009 09:52 AM

How easy it is to start down the road of interventions
Hey, so after last week, I'm feeling compelled to write a post about how easy it is to start down the path of interventions.

In the span of three days I went from being totally normal and pretty happy to supposedly having a bunch of things wrong with me. Here's what happened/is happening:

-I see my midwife, she thinks baby might be breech or positioning is off.
-I go in for an ultrasound the next day to confirm position.
-Baby is head down, yeah!
-Clinic OB comes in, says baby is oblique (so, a little off-center), please come in the next day to consult about a mini-version (more of a tweak than a full turn) after consult w/ midwife.
-Go in the next day, OB tells me my cervix is also very long and the baby is very large and I can expect a long and difficult labor, and will most likely go postmature, but if the baby came now, I'd most likely end up in hospital (incidentally where he feels all births should occur) thanks to the positioning. Have I considered transferring to in-hospital care?
-OB asks to check my cervix as a pre-cursor to doing a mini-version
-OB determines during cervical check that I'm "dangerously constipated" (??? sure, I was a little constipated, but I had actually just gone that day) and tells me he's considering sending me to a gastro-intestinal specialist for a consultation and possible surgery (at 38 weeks pregnant?!) to remove any possible impactions as he feels this is what is impeding baby's positioning and my 'progress.' Before doing that though, he thinks we should try some laxatives (gee, you think?) and he prescribes two different softeners, two stimulants and an enema. Needless to say, I tried one to start and it worked the next day (a little too well, oy vey...sorry, TMI?) and it's fine - Poo Disaster Crisis 2009 is Averted. Phew.
-I'm rescheduled to see same OB on Wednesday for mini-version, amniotic fluid check and possible additional lecture about my supposedly freakishly long cervix and giant baby making this birth impossible.

My midwife doesn't put much weight into the baby size stuff or the cervix issue. So, that's good. But, she does want me to check my amniotic fluid levels again and has left it up to me, but thinks the mini-version tweak is a pretty benign procedure that could really pay off in terms of peace of mind.

I just don't know if I want to see this OB again though. The mini-version/positioning thing, if still needed, would be nice, but I just don't know if I want to put up with this guy's **** again, you know?

I mean, if I had agreed to half the things he was saying, I would have already gone in for a supervised induction (with a friendly enema pre-show of course). It was so wild and surreal and just really shocking to me how easy it is to start down this path of interventions...you hear about how easy it is to fall into the trap of fear and think "psshhht, not me" or "not this OB, he's a nice guy and knows I want a NCB, he wouldn't suggest this unless it was really necessary" but it really is so darn easy.

Last week, I learned that one thing really does seem to lead to another and I'm scared that if I keep going in, I'm not going to be able to stop it next time.

WishingStar November 15th, 2009 09:27 PM

Re: How easy it is to start down the road of interventions
I'll have to get back to you later this week :)
So far...
-Decided on my own to get an ultrasound done at 18 weeks, placenta was low lying. Told to get another ultrasound done in third trimester.
-Had ultrasound done at 28 weeks, placenta still low and now showing almost a cm dilated and some kidney dilations with the baby.
-Family doctor is insisting I go see an OB just to check the placenta again
-OB appt is on Thursday

lhug_nar November 15th, 2009 10:10 PM

Re: How easy it is to start down the road of interventions
It's so easy to start down that road of interventions. It definately happened to me with DS2 when the OB decided that she needed to break my waters even though DS2 was still a -2 station because of "baby not tolerating labor well" only to end in a c-section. Personally, I'm glad that you're recognizing that they're walking you down the road of interventions (which could or could not be necessary in the long run).

flitabout November 16th, 2009 05:21 PM

Re: How easy it is to start down the road of interventions
I would like to tell you my son's birth story. It will probably be long but I think it will answer your questions.
I had no special birth plan other than I wanted drugs! No need to feel anything. I was so rapped up in him not getting any bottles that I ever went any futher.
39 weeks exactly, while getting ready for my OB visit, my water broke at 7:30 AM. After the shock wore off I called DH and he had left a few days before to fix his truck that was broke down in Florida. So I was on my own with my back up. I use that term loosely after what ended up happening.
I call my BFF and she races over and is basically shoving me out of the door, when SIL and BIL get there. BIL takes my dogs to the kennel for me, and SIL tells me to have a seat and get some food because I won't see anymore until Nicky is born. Angela is still bouncing off the walls to make the hospital run. Like he was just going to fall out of my vagina!
I finish my poptart and say I am ready, again Wendy says go eat something more than that you are going to need it! ******* I didn't listen.
Angela goes with me to the hospital, Wendy told me it wasn't really necessary for us all to go we had more than enough time and she would catch up with us later. I was having some small but not even close to painful contracts that weren't regular or long, just lots of them.
We got the hospital between 8:30 and 9 they put me in the room because they wanted to make sure my water had broken, like I normally peed myself with oozy pee and couldn't tell the difference! Nicky was in a great position according to u/s that they did, but after they put me on the monitors according to them my contraction were bad, and if they continued this way I would have a placental abruption. They said that they would have to give me pitocin or they would have to section me right away if it didn't get any better. So within a 1/2 hour of being there the had me scared and on pitocin, which they jack up so quickly (over the recommended dose) that it hyperstimulated my uterus! My little boy was a tough cookie though and so they couldn't get away with C/S yet. I went from feeling nothing but some tightening to OMG I think I am going to die in the space of 1 contraction. They where 2 minutes apart and lasting 1m30s to 1m 45s long I couldn't even catch my breath in between. We were only at 10:30 am. When they started my friends had gone to get something to drink. The nurses must have seen the monitors go nuts because I had to just get up and I refused to get back in bed so that all of the monitors they had me hooked up to would read something (maybe it had something to do with the fact I started trying to rip them off in my incoherent pain. The offered me morphine, and didn't think I just said yes. This just made it all worse. (it was a wonderful way to find out morphine doesn't kill my pain) Now I was stuck in that bed unable to move or talk and still in so much pain. I was drooling from the side of my mouth. Not to mention that the stress of the pain left me unable to dilate. When I was coherent again they asked if I wanted an epidural, by this point I was all for it. So still stuck in the bed I finally had relief, and could finally dilate. I slept exhaustion hit me hard after all of the pain.
That was 1:30 in the afternoon. Around 9:30 that evening nurse ratchet was replaced, I had also been denied water, or the popsicles that I should have been allowed. The nice one couldn't figure out why I had been denied even a glass of water. But by that point she said that she could only give me a little water. I was still grateful for that small kindness. She checked my cervix and said we are almost there, about 7 1/2 and 8 in the middle of a contraction. But it was hard to tell as my cervix had begun to swell. The doctors all came back in and asked me how I was feeling did I have any pressure or urge to push, I hadn't notice until the mentioned it but I did. They said that the epi was wearing off and I should have a refresher before I got any closer to time to push. I of course agreed, with the memory of all of the pain still fresh in my mind.
At around 10:00 pm ( I remember because I really wanted to watch ER) I was 10cm finally time to push! After the first push they checked and said I was at +2 station and then more pushing, he was at +1, and more 0 station, 1 more push I felt something move. I was assured that nothing moved (yeah right it was his head turning just a bit sideways), after another hour of pushing and with no progress because his head was now side ways. They turned off the epidural, Surprisingly I felt better when I could feel more. Pushing became a relief! I could move again. They won't let me out of bed but I was able to try different positions to push in, but none of them worked after Nicky's head turned and nobody listened.
Around 1am my contractions stopped I had, had enough and so had my uterus. We needed a break and some rest. But the doctors had other plans for us. If I wouldn't contract and push they were getting it over with one way or another. They said that his heart rate was dangerously high. 182 is not dangerously high. But by that time I didn't care anymore. Being told that his heart would fail, and exhaustion leaving me unable to make a rational decision, I would have let them cut of my head, they said c/s. My girlfriends in the background fighting over who would go with me. I didn't care anymore. I just begged that the not tell me mom. The last thing I needed was a hysterical invalid on my hands. So I signed the papers, to drugged and exhausted to even recall if they explained any risks to me. I just wanted to sleep. Funny thing was Nicky was born with a lump on the side of his head, were it had tried to mold through my pelvis. Strapped to a table in a cold bright room I heard my son cry for the first time.
Does one intervention lead to another, in my opinion very much so.

Twinkle November 17th, 2009 11:46 AM

Re: How easy it is to start down the road of interventions
Its a hard lesson to learn, that one thing does lead to another. I remember during my homebirth one of my best friends from my childhood was in labor at the same time. My mom would call periodically (she lives 5 hours away) to update me about my friend's labor and for me to update her. Every phone call was basically announcing another intervention, from pitocin, an epidural, internal fetal monitoring, to a c/s. It was so awful to hear about since it was just one right after another.

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