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gingerrae February 8th, 2010 01:55 PM

New Here!!
Hello, my name is Jana. I am pregnant with boy #3 due in May 2010. This will be my first home birth. I'm not too nervous about the birth but I am nervous about not being prepared for the birth. My first baby was a hospital birth with and epi and my second was a natural birth at a birth center. So my question is what are somethings that the midwife doesn't provide that BTDT moms have found useful or essential for having a home birth? Also my biggest concern is making a mess in my house (water breaking on the floor, having the baby in the middle of the living room) any thoughts on this?

Thank you in advance

Twhylite21 February 8th, 2010 02:55 PM

Re: New Here!!

My midwives provide everything except for extra towels, sheets, and the birth kit. The birth kit depends on your midwives, but mine has a bulb syringe, some gloves, an umbilical cord clamp, and some other stuff similar to that.

This is my first homebirth so I'm not sure if there is other things you may find useful. I'm not concerned about making a mess in my house. My water broke in the kitchen with Lily and it didn't make a mess. My midwives said they will clean up the entire birthing area after delivery and they have delivered babies in all different kinds of rooms. I figure if the carpet gets dirty I can always get it cleaned.

inyourhonor February 8th, 2010 05:11 PM

Re: New Here!!
I had to provide towels, blankets (old sheets and such) and buy the birth kit. I was given a list of things to have at the birth. Talk to your midwives about that. My birth kit is listed on a site where my midwife creates what she will need and then I just order that kit.

My 2nd baby was my first home birth and this baby will be my 2nd home birth. The mess wasn't big, I birthed on land over a few layers of towels. My midwives cleaned it up and did the laundry. They even did dishes.

I had on my list to get a plastic sheet for our bed and even a shower liner to help with messes for a birth tub or land birth, however I decided to do it.

The biggest thing I am glad that I had at my birth (at the end of nov in northern michigan!) was a fan! I got so hot and loved that fan haha.

GranolaMamaOf3 February 8th, 2010 09:48 PM

Re: New Here!!
As other said, I'm not too concerned with making a mess...The carpet can be cleaned. and as for the bed (and keeping it clean, should that be the place you end up birthing), My sister's midwife instructed her to do the following; Cover the bed with a large, water proof tarp, followed by an old fitted sheet, and then repeat (so 2 tarps, and 2 fitted sheets). The reason for having two of each was, if one gets dirty part way through labor(like water breaks), you can just remove the first layer, and quickly be ready with a clean bed!
My sister didn't have any old sheets that she wouldn't mind getting stained, so she went to a local thrift store, and found a few inexpensive sets.

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