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Twinkle March 5th, 2010 12:06 PM

Name discussions
How do you and your Dh decide together on names?

inyourhonor March 5th, 2010 12:09 PM

Re: Name discussions
With Gage, we saw a movie (well its a favorite of ours, just watched it again) and both knew instantly that name would be it for our boy. We had a girl name picked but could not settle with it.

With Dane, the boy name was set instantly and the girl name, again couldn't settle with it.

This baby, we have Cole Theodore for a boy and Shelby Gail for a girl. Both names set and settled! We just toss out names we like and agree or disagree and the name is off the board.

HappyHippy March 5th, 2010 12:32 PM

Re: Name discussions
With Hunter we both liked the name before we even discussed children. So once we became pregnant that was the name. His middle name was a bit tougher. We wanted a good Italian middle name that wasn't already in use by family members. I searched online for lots of names and saw Gianni. I thought it sounded perfect and DH agreed.

With this baby it was a bit tougher. We both agreed on a girl name right away, which is Lailey Fiorella. DH really likes Lilly and I really like Laila, but both names seem to be really common at the moment. So we decided to connect them and came out with Lailey. Fiorella is a Italian middle name for flower, and I think it just sounds so perfect. For a boy we had a harder time. There really wasn't any other boy names that I liked. But when we were TTCing I heard the name Liev (pronounced Lee Ehv). I fell in love with it, but DH wanted to still search for more names. So I bought a name book and we both went though names and decided that Liev is it. His middle name will be Garatoni which is DH's family name. I would like Giovanni instead, since Hunter Gianni and Liev Giovanni sounds nice, but I now it's important for DH to use Garatoni especially since our baby's due date is very close to his Noni's birthday. She has passed and her maiden name was Garatoni.

inyourhonor March 5th, 2010 01:10 PM

Re: Name discussions
I love your middle name choices Jenn :)

Gage's middle name is Jacob. It was a name i always loved growing up but could not convince my husband to use as a first name. So he said we could use it as a middle.

Dane's middle name is a family name on my husbands side. It is his dads middle name and then his great grandpas middle name. It's Valentine. I didn't really want it at first but now it fits :)

Twhylite21 March 5th, 2010 02:53 PM

Re: Name discussions
I toss out names and DH rejects them. Once I find one that he doesn't reject immediately it goes on the list. I pretty much have final say though, although I'm pretty sure we're going with Violet Marie for this baby and Violet was really low on my list. But DH loves it so I'm going with it. DH gets final say on their Korean names though.

Twinkle March 5th, 2010 05:08 PM

Re: Name discussions
Dh and I just basically threw out random names for the 3 girls. Each of them does have a family name as part of their name, but for the most part we just would say a a name and when we agreed on one it went on the very short list. However, with that being said, our son isn't so lucky. DH and I have disagreed on a boy's name since I was pregnant for the first time back in 2003. I told DH this is why we always had girls, since we could never agree. Now that we are having a boy.... well we don't see eye to eye. We both like two names, just disagree on what name should be first.

I told Dh the other day that we should just throw those names out and start fresh and think of a brand new name... then I started suggesting new names to him (which he has turned down). He told me last night that he will go with my original name because he won't ever like another name.

I'm not sure what we'll do at this point. I don't want him to be upset or not love the name we have chosen... but seriously if we haven't found a way to agree in the past 6 1/2 years, I don't see us agreeing now either. LOL

MrsPil March 6th, 2010 10:42 AM

Re: Name discussions
We go through baby names and high-lite the names we like in different color high-liter. Then we narrow it down... With M we had a list of three names we agreed to try and before we agreed on one he told everyone if it was a girl it would be Mariska. I was *pissed* Mariska was not my first choice, and wouldn't have even been on the list except he loved it so much. So I told him, fine we'll name this baby Mariska but I am choosing her middle name and I have 100% power on naming the next baby.

So now I just have to find a name for this little one. I'm feeling like it's a boy, but I cannot find a single boy name to hold my interest and he doesn't have any he likes either. It's gonna be tough!

gingerrae March 6th, 2010 10:14 PM

Re: Name discussions
Both DH and I look at different names and then come up with a list that each of us like and then we share and come up with a list that has names we both like. The part that is kind of hard for us is we look at name meanings as well as liking the name. Another factor is that we don't want to use names that are in use with DH's family he has 12 siblings and 4 of them have 3 or more kids. so it is difficult to come up with names that we like and aren't in use.

Nightkd March 7th, 2010 06:37 PM

Re: Name discussions
We just came up with names and decided whether we liked them or not. :)

We agreed on Evelyn Rose before we'd even met irl :lol:


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