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Twinkle August 23rd, 2010 05:06 AM

3rd trimester check in
Lets hear a check in from our 3rd trimester mamas... how are you doing? Are you feeling prepared for your home birth?

inyourhonor August 23rd, 2010 07:37 AM

Re: 3rd trimester check in
Done! I'm done. My due date was yesterday, he obviously doesn't listen like his brothers haha. So not we're just waiting. I believe I'm all set for my home birth but in my mind i keep wondering if there is something else that we need, you know? Or do I have it all done, is it together. Which honestly, none of it is together. I think that'll be my 2nd mission for today.

Vandertramp August 23rd, 2010 09:17 AM

Re: 3rd trimester check in
I still comparitively early in by 3rd trimester (32 1/2 weeks). We wouldn't buy the the birth kit until 36 weeks. We still have a lot to do (trying to get everything and the house cleaned up). We did a ton of shopping this weekend. I did not really have extra towels so be bought about 10 cheap towels and a cheap set of sheets at Target that I do not care if they get thrown away, also got depends and pads and everything we needed for the nursery. We are going to have our handy man come next week to install curtains, baby locks, and take core of some other odds and ends. Today my hubby who is off work is going to Lowes to get a roll of plastic drop cloth (we have white carpets all through the house). I havre this image that our house is going to look like something the CDC took over. I still feel like I have a bunch to do. It is hard because I work F/T and when I am home evenings and weekends I want to play with my son. Anyway, though I am sure I will be singing a different tune in 4 weeks or so, right now I am in not in any hurry for this baby to come out.

CameraLinds August 23rd, 2010 12:50 PM

Re: 3rd trimester check in
I'll be 32w on Friday....I'm getting mroe and more and more uncomfortable as each day passes...This lil guy is running out of room and everytime he moves it hurts!!!! He's lower as well, so my pelvis, hip and back are killing me- I feel like i can't do anything. I am so ready for the next weeks to fly by and to have our home birth and this lil guy out, especially so I'm not in much pain and so I can actually sleep- (haven't been sleeping well at all the last few weeks and I'd much rather have broke up sleep BFing a newborn than laying awake all night trying to sleep, being uncomfortable and in pain. I've seen a chiro and a reflexologist and it has helped but not enough- I was like this with my last pregnancy but it didn't start until around 36 weeks...) I'm hoping and praying that he won't be late like his brother....I hope he's on time, though a week or two early would be soo lovely, but I doubt that! And I'm a lil worried he's breech....so if he is i hope he flips. MW says she thinks he's head down, but when I use my doppler to hear his heartbeat it's up high and not low so makes me think my feeling is correct- ahd this feel all pregnancy that i'll be having a breech birth.

oh and we are pretty set/ready for the birth, have all the supplies/things we need, just got to wash the baby clothes, blankets and towels and put them away.

GranolaMamaOf3 August 28th, 2010 06:42 AM

Re: 3rd trimester check in
I'm here...I can't believe I'm still pregnant! I will be 39 weeks on Monday, so not even to my due date yet, but we all just expected baby to come sooner! I'm having to remind myself daily that I am NOT over due....but it really is starting to feel like it!

I was supposed to have a midwife appt Thursday, but my midwife was called out for a birth, so she will come by my house and do the appt on Tuesday while she is out doing home visits.

We are all ready...whenever baby decides to come out and meet us!

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