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jojo1207 September 11th, 2010 11:38 PM

Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
Hi ladies! I'm from the NovDDC - I'm currently 31wks preggo with my 5th child. Never had a home birth (and nor do I plan to) however, would like to make sure I am prepared in case this one has other plans. I have very fast labors (last one was 1hr 15mins from first contraction to the birth) and I am now further from my local hospital than I was before. Hubby is 45mins-1hr away and I have four other children at home.

In the event my labor is too quick to get to the hospital for whatever reason, I would like to prepare for a homebirth if necessary. Can you please shed some light on the basics of what I should have on hand? I plan on birthing in my master bedroom bathroom, if so. We have a huge tub and open/tile floor area that would work well.


sodagirl September 11th, 2010 11:54 PM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
Good news is usually fast labours are very safe :)
SO I would either put clean towels on the floor or get into the tub with water - whatever feels good. (you don't want to slip around on tile and amniotic fluid!) Have a dry warm towel for wrapping you and baby up once baby is born - and an extra one for drying baby off.
Give birth however you are comfortable - just make sure if you are upright you get your hands down there to catch baby if you need too. As baby comes out - look at the head and neck - use your fingers to unwrap the chord if it's wrapped around the neck (this happens about 1/4 of the time). If for some reason the amniotic sac doesn't break - use your fingers to open it up and let baby out. Don't be upset if baby is rather blue at first - they often take a minute to pink up - it's fine. Just rub them and talk to them. once baby is all the way out put them on your chest - to try and nurse - and just be warm and cuddle - wrap both of you up in a warm dry blanket or towel and wait for the placenta. You can apply pressure to your belly to get the uterus contracting and help the placenta out. Nipple stimulation will also help. DO NOT cut or pull on the chord. It's safe to leave on till it falls off! Belly pressure and nipple stimulation will also help with PP bleeding. Chill out till assistance arrives :)
I'm sure others will have more to add - I'm not a doctor midwife or doula - I just read lots :)

jojo1207 September 12th, 2010 12:04 AM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
Thank you! Three of my four children were birthed naturally (no epidural, drugs, pain relief, etc) so the birth process is pretty famiilar and I have never had any complications, however, of course, I usually have a bunch of nurses and doctors guiding me! Yes, I plan to fill the tub with water (I also have a shower too right there at my disposal, maybe I'll alternate) - can I deliver the placenta under water too or should I get out for that? I'm guessing I'll probably keep a clock (to note the birth time or whatever) and bulb syringe to suction ... oh my, kinda scary, but know that if it needs to happen I want to be ready!

inyourhonor September 12th, 2010 11:21 AM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
First off you have been given some good advice above! You will know what to do without being guided by doctors. My midwife only a few times told me to push her fingers out when I was getting exhausted. It was mainly to just help me along, not tell me how to do it.

You'll know what position is the most comfortable for you. Just have a bunch of towels ready, receiving blankets and a bulb syringe like you said. I'd also make sure you have a heating pad handy so you can place it on baby (with a receiving blanket over it) to keep them warm.

Do you have a local fire house by you? If you do I'd maybe keep their # handy

GranolaMamaOf3 September 12th, 2010 09:27 PM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
The other ladies have already given a lot of good advice!

To answer your question about the delivery of the placenta- If possible (as in, it's not worth slipping and falling, or stressing over if it happens too fast), I'd recommend getting out of the tub before you deliver it. I say this because, it can be hard to monitor how much you are bleeding while still in the water. (Some midwives will allow you to deliver it while still in the tub, and others ask you to get out first. It's just a matter of what they're comfortable with, but being unassisted and not having the experience, I think you're better off out of the tub.)

As to what you should have on hand, you might consider purchasing an emergency birth kit, just to be safe! Without spending a lot of money, it would insure you have the essentials (whether at home, or in the car on your way to the hospital!). Here's a link to the company I ordered my birth kit from- Emergency Birth Kit

Hope this helps!

Isaeph September 13th, 2010 10:36 AM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
I think they've pretty much covered everything. Are you planning on calling 911 after? I'd say skip that if you and the baby are both fine. They tend to completely freak out and ruin a beautiful experience.

You might want to search out and read some unassisted birth stories. I have my two in my signature, though they're no where near as quick as your births. :lol:

jojo1207 September 17th, 2010 09:50 PM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
THank you so much ladies! I do feel as though I know my body knows what to do - I have just never had a homebirth and want to touch in with those more experienced. Thanks for all the advice and tips. I will definitely look into the Emergency Birth kit and stories! I guess my only real concern is what to do about my 4 & 2yr old as they are home with me. I can't even so much as take a shower without worrying what my 2yr old is doing nevermind having a baby. Fortunately, yes, there is a firestation actually a mile away - very convenient if need be, but I'm with ya - why call them if there really is no emergency, right?

I guess my last question is how much blood loss is too much? Regular births are pretty messy and I've never seen how much blood is involved as I have only been cleaned up by nurses... I'm guessing if it's gushing that's probably a good reason to call 911... aah. I think this would be an uncomplicated birth but of course in the back of my mind I'm worried that Murphy's Law will hit and if I'm delivering at home alone, this would be the problematic one... aah!

Twinkle September 18th, 2010 01:17 PM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
I think you've gotten some great advice. I can't really offer any in regards to how much blood loss is too much, as my bleeding has been different with each birth, and I've had midwives monitoring it.

As for what to do with your younger children, would it be possible to get some new craft stuff for them, just keep it in a closet until you are in labor, then if you need to pull it out let them go to town with it, it might entertain them for a bit. I know my girls love new stickers, markers, etc.

laisydaisymama September 19th, 2010 09:59 AM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
if it was me, I'd stick the toddler in the high chair and stick it in front of the tv lol

inyourhonor September 19th, 2010 05:11 PM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!

Originally Posted by laisydaisymama (Post 21564882)
if it was me, I'd stick the toddler in the high chair and stick it in front of the tv lol

dont forget the crayons :)

dreamer10 September 19th, 2010 07:40 PM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
Do you have a close friend or neighbor that could come over in the event of a homebirth to assist you or take care of the kids or both? That's what I would suggest if it came down to it....good luck....

sodagirl September 20th, 2010 03:00 PM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
They might sleep thru it LOL!
I wouldn't freak out about how much blood it looks like you've lost. I gets mixed up with the amniotic fluid and can look a little um epic :D (I'm gathering this from my laundry after my home birth) you want an old towel and a tarp on your bed :)
I'd be more concerned if you feel bad. start looking pale, the placenta doesn't come out within half an hour - or it doesn't look whole. or you just keep bleeding a lot after birth.
I wouldn't necessarily call 911 after an accidental homebirth - but personally - I'd want me my baby and my placenta to have a 'check up' by a pro :P

Isaeph September 21st, 2010 09:38 AM

Re: Emergency Unassisted Home Birth - advice!
I can't remember off the top of my head if it's 1c or 1pt that is normal, but I do remember reading that it might be helpful to get that much water with red food coloring in it and put it on a towel so you can visualize how much it is.

As for your kids, when #3 was born, #1 was 5 and #2 was 2. I labored alone for most of the day, from 7:30am to about 2:30. #2 took a nice nap and woke up right before dh got home. I got her a yogurt and got her settled next to her brother on the computer and that's where they stayed until the baby came around 4:30. It was pretty easy for dh to go back and forth since we were in adjacent rooms. He'd squeeze my back during contractions, then check on the kids in between. I was fine taking care of both until about the time he got home...I'm sure I could have lasted longer, but I was very thankful that he was there. She was kind of grumpy that day.

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