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Twinkle January 11th, 2011 05:54 PM

How long were you...
TTC for? Have you ever had difficulty TTC?

andi2284 January 11th, 2011 07:19 PM

Re: How long were you...
This one was a suprise, so we didn't TTC at all. With my last DD, we got pregnant our first month TTC and with my first, it took 3 months.

bre4thewin January 11th, 2011 07:21 PM

Re: How long were you...
First month on both pregnancies. We are super fertile. lol

HippyMomOf4 January 11th, 2011 10:08 PM

Re: How long were you...
The only pregnancy I tried for was Thayden it took 15 months and we went through 3 losses. All my other pregnancies were not planned and I got prefnnt our first slip up lol

HappyHippy January 12th, 2011 07:55 AM

Re: How long were you...
First one was 2 years, ended in miscarriage. Second one was 5 months and he's 3 years now. And ds2 was 2 cycles and he's 8 months old now.

Kelllilee January 12th, 2011 09:48 AM

Re: How long were you...
I have to take clomid in order to ovulate and get pg (most of the time). My first took 3.5 years, second took just one cycle (a 3 month long one lol) and my 3rd took about 9 months, but only 2 times ovulating.

breathing for two January 12th, 2011 11:40 AM

Re: How long were you...
I have yet to TTC, both babies were surprises.
The first took 3 months of not trying and the second took 10 months of not trying even harder. :lol:

Twinkle January 12th, 2011 12:27 PM

Re: How long were you...
We've only TTCed once, with Julia, took about a year. The other 3 were surprises.

navywifey2003 January 12th, 2011 01:36 PM

Re: How long were you...
We have only really tried for this one. We were pregnant in our 2nd cycle. The others were more ntnp.

Martha83 January 13th, 2011 10:23 AM

Re: How long were you...
1: first or second month
2: same thing
3: was pregnant right before we decided to try
4: surprise
5: 5 months of dh "NTNP" and me "TTC" lol...I was nursing still..had super short LP's and quit nursing at night and got preggo the first cycle after night weaning.

lynnicka January 14th, 2011 08:55 AM

Re: How long were you...
Not trying on either of them.

CameraLinds January 14th, 2011 10:47 AM

Re: How long were you...
DS#1 took 18 cycles with fertility drugs
Angel baby we were NTNP after DS #1 was born and that took 11 months
DS#2 was suprise, NTNP conceived right after m/c

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