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andi2284 February 1st, 2011 03:40 PM

Decisions, decisions...
I had my first appointment at the birth center today. It went well, it was mostly going over paperwork, adding any of my medical history they need to, etc. She listened for a heartbeat and found it right away, which means we have a healthy little bean in there :wub:

At the end, she hadn't mentioned a home birth, so I asked since I had already talked to the doula/receptionist there about it. She said based on when I'm due, which is a busy month and where we live, it's actually very unlikely I'll get a home birth :( She did encourage me to find a HB midwife if that's what I want, she had one and said it was wonderful and they definitely encourage them if thier moms want one. I was so psyched to stick with my current midwives and still have a home birth and now it looks like I won't be able to do that. A HB is still possible, it just has to work out well. If there are several other women due around the same time as me, it's unlikely unless they have already given birth. I just don't know what to do, I really wanted a home birth, but I also feel very comfortable with these midwives. Cost is another factor, since our insurance will likely not cover any of a HB but we know it will cover some of the birth center. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to make this decision and had found the best of both options, but now I feel like I'm back to square 1. My next appointment is at 16 weeks, and my first payment is due so I'm makign that my deadline to decide.

Any thoughts? Has anyone had a baby at a birth center then did a home birth with thier next child?

baabaamilker February 2nd, 2011 01:37 AM

Re: Decisions, decisions...
I have not had a birth center birth. I did a HB with a midwife who owned a birth center. All of my appointments were there.

I think MW's in general are easy to get comfortable with, wince their focus is about you. So I would think that you would be able to get comfortable with another one.

I know if you are really tight on money that it would be hard to have to pay for the whole birth. However, it has always been worth it to me. Staying home was just so much more relaxing for me.

So I would encourage you to try to go for the home birth, but that's just because I'm biased toward them. It think whatever you decide would be best.

andi2284 February 2nd, 2011 07:33 AM

Re: Decisions, decisions...
I don't think I would regret going ot the birth center, but I do think I would always wonder what could have been. I've wanted a home birth since my last pregnancy and could never convince DH into it, so we went with the birth center. He seems more open now and we feel this is our last baby, so I wonder if I will regret not having a home birth afterwords.

Money isn't even a huge factor, it looks like we will pay a bit more for a home birth, than what we would end up paying out of pocket for the birth center. Last time though, I didn't even care if we got reimbursed, the cost was worth it to me even if we didn't get any money back from insurance. I talked to a friend of mine last night and it looks like it will be anywhere from $1500-2600 for a homebirth midwife in this area, which doesn't end up being much more than we would pay out of pocket for the birth center.

It's just so hard to decide to step out of my comfort zone again, get ot know someone new and take a chance, you know?

HippyMomOf4 February 2nd, 2011 04:07 PM

Re: Decisions, decisions...
If u really want a homebirth I would find a few midwives meetbtuem and I'm sure you will hit it off with one. That's such a good price for a homebirth its 4k here

Girls4me February 3rd, 2011 08:01 AM

Re: Decisions, decisions...
Good luck with your decision!

andi2284 February 3rd, 2011 08:28 PM

Re: Decisions, decisions...
I was able to call a few midwives yesterday and I have a consult with one of the 2 home birth midwives recommend to me, next Saturday. The other midwife I called, who also did my neighbor's home birth is on vacation when I'm due :( I'm going to meet with this one though and see what I think, I'm still considering the birth center, but I'm also leaning more towards a home birth midwife now.

lrowe70 February 3rd, 2011 10:30 PM

Re: Decisions, decisions...
Good for you for looking around. I'm sure you'll be able to get the birth you want. And even if not, a birth center can be a wonderful place to give birth as well.

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