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Martha83 February 27th, 2011 06:34 AM

Time is flying....
I cannot believe I'm 28 weeks already....I have an appointment in a little over 2 weeks and then after that I'm every two weeks. My last appt was great. I passed my glucose test which my midwife just had me eat a large meal and an hour later checked my glucose with a glucometer...so a finger prick! Love that way of testing! She also checked for anemia...I passed both. YAY....I never really have any questions so it was a quick easy appointment.

This baby is still turning every which way...I can tell whether he's head up or head down on a particular day....some days he kicks high all day and some day's my bladder is his trampoline. Love those days (not)....you know...where he jumps off your bladder and makes your boobs jump also because his head bonks the top of the uterus LOL. Fabulous! I know my belly is plenty big but I feel like this guy is still so tiny (I know he's just probably around 2 pounds so IS tiny but still).....

All in all everything is great. I really need to start getting things packed up (we are moving later this summer) since I wont be able to after a few more weeks....and I wont want to afterwards....plus that will also clear up the house some for the birth...I dont have any birth supplies yet...and I really need to see what tub my midwife has that we can rent...I know the rental is only 50.00 but then I have to buy a liner...which is fine....but if the tub is 50 and the liner is 30....I'm only another 30 or so away from certain birthing tubs....(the inflatable ones)....so I need to see which it is they own for rental.

I found out my midwife has a conference she leaves for on June 2. I think it'll be fine...I'm due May 22 and I really dont go over...the other midwives in the group are great as well so I'm not worried. When I was pregnant with Olive my midwife was going to be gone and my doctor WAS gone (at that time docs had to oversee midwives for legal midwifery)...but my midwife canceled her trip for other reasons so was here...LOL....I think it's just my kind of luck that my midwife will have some sort of trip/conference around the time I'm due....the doc with Olive that was gone was at a conference! LOL....as long as I still have someone that will come to my house when I call and say "it's time" then I dont really care! LOL....

The kids are getting excited....I really need to get rest of my stuff together...but I want to wait until closer to time to buy the homebirth stuff....just so it doesn't get misplaced LOL....a friend is throwing a shower for me at the beginning of april...I'm excited about that...haven't had one since my first....by the fifth it's a huge blessing for sure. She's excited about it....we are doing a tie dye party. Going to be a blast!!! I have some new yarns that I'm making some shorties and soakers with....can't wait to see the cloth diapers on his little bum.....

we are pretty set on his first name...Rogan. I wasn't in love with it when dh picked it off the list (I made LOL) but the more I say it and the more I hear it said when referring to him...the more I like it....So at this point he's for sure Rogan. But I am not sure about the middle name....

I think that is about it. I hope you all are doing great :)

HippyMomOf4 February 27th, 2011 10:45 AM

Re: Time is flying....
It is flying ill be 28 weeks Thursday!! Glad things are going great for ya. I wouldn't worry about Tue birth supplies u have time my midwife.doesn't.even have u get them till 32 weeks and just wants you to for sure have them by 36. Before you know it we will he holding our little bebes

Martha83 February 28th, 2011 06:44 AM

Re: Time is flying....
yeah that is what our paper says...by 36 weeks. And the list is really simple...most things I already have.

Your new siggy is cute! Your babies are adorable!

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