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Kalia20 November 18th, 2013 09:49 AM

This is my second, due Feb 13th. My first will be 6yrs old on Feb 7th so two feb babies here. With her, her due date was Jan 31 (originally Feb 2 OB randomly decided to change DD on me) and by week 38 or so he started to bring up induction, I didnt want it but when I went past my DD got nervous with zero changes in my cervix, except I was 1cm for about 6 weeks and slowly lost pieces of my plug. No changes at my 41 week appt so that kinda scared me into an induction even though I said I didnt want one. Plus with U/S dating and lack of AF for six months prior (emergency surgery on ovary in early april) I had no idea when I actually conceived.

Had Cerdivil put in about 7:30pm, was assured by the OB and nurses it would NOT induce me, and gave me a couple sleeping pills to sleep that night and come back in the morning. Was back about 10:30pm in labour. Apparently my body just needed that boost cause that was all they did to induce me, nothing else. OB said it was a good thing cause the placenta had already started to deteriorate and had I waited much longer I would've needed an emerg c section and prayed I caught it in time to save the baby. Fun stuff.

This time I want to avoid all that, hoping my body knows what to do now and I want to help it along. I'm planning a home water birth. Hope I get it. I've heard of EPO to help the cervix, how soon do you start using it? And if your water breaks is it possible to tell the difference between the oil and the water?

I know red raspberry leaf tea is discouraged before the third trimester but is useful near the end. That stuff is a god send for AF cramps!!! Motrin kiss my behind, you got nothing on this awesome tea!! Was wondering if anyones tried it for labour before??

Earthy.Mama November 18th, 2013 03:56 PM

Re: EPO and RRLT
Yup, used both with both pregnancies.

LOOOOOVE EPO!!! Not sure if RRLT helped or not b/c I drink it in 3rd tri no matter what so I don't have anything to compare it too :lol:

With EPO I started at 37 weeks I believe...500mg vaginally at night after poking a hole in them and then at 38 or 39weeks I went up to 1000mg. Wear a pad b/c they leak. Your pee will look oily, it's fine. My body was just loving getting ready for birth with Kailey, I dilated fast, quickly easy peasy.

With Nola after I put in the EPO vaginally I would get contractions after about 10-15minutes and they'd last off an on for up to an hour sometimes so I KNOW they were helping get things moving along.

EPO is also wonderful for perineal massages (sp), sex lubrication during pregnancy etc..

navywifey2003 November 19th, 2013 05:27 PM

Re: EPO and RRLT
I used both with Payson. I went to into labor after 3 doses of epo so I'm not sure if it helped or not.

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