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RandE February 21st, 2014 07:48 PM

What items are needed for a home birth?
Can anyone tell me the items needed for a home birth and the kind of preparation that needs to take place beforehand?

navywifey2003 February 22nd, 2014 09:46 AM

Re: What items are needed for a home birth?
It depends, what kind of home birth are you planning? Midwife assisted/Unassisted?

RandE February 22nd, 2014 10:30 PM

Re: What items are needed for a home birth?
It would be midwife assisted and I'm just researching right now. lol I'm not sure if I'm brave enough. :P

Movlin February 23rd, 2014 12:17 PM

Re: What items are needed for a home birth?
Your midwife will give you a list of stuff you need - the rest she will bring to you when it's time.

This will be my first home birth (6th child) and I am really excited! All the research I have done on this has me convinced that low risk women are safer delivering with a midwife (at home or at a birthing center). Less interventions, which have a tendency to cascade into bigger and more intrusive interventions, like you find in hospital births,

navywifey2003 February 24th, 2014 10:46 AM

Re: What items are needed for a home birth?
Movlin- is correct when you select a midwife they will tell you what you will need. A lot of the items are common house hold items, such as clean towels, trash bags, a bowl for the plaenta, things like that. Some midwives have their own things that they want you have, and each one is different. Both of my homebirths my midwife gave me a website I could order their kits that they put together from. Good luck on your decision and welcome to the board!

Britt3 February 26th, 2014 10:15 AM

Re: What items are needed for a home birth?
I agree with the others- your midwife would help you out with what you'd need... but I figured I'd throw some ideas your way anyways:

birthing tub - if you want. Ususally you can rent this from a local midwife or douhla.
chuck pads
essential oils and candles for relaxing
a music playlist
healthy and quick snacks, food, and coffee/tea for people who may need those.
handheld fan to use
straws for drinks
a yoga ball to sit on - also can be borrowed usually from your midwife or a douhla.
a home birth kit - which will include a suction, chuck pads, etc.

Just some ideas- obviously, mostly household items you probably already have. :)

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