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abigailsilva October 18th, 2006 04:17 PM

Since deciding on my homebirth, I become a little more convicted every day....I was wondering if you are planning a homebirth or have already had one, what would prevent you from doing it? What for you would warrant a transfer?

For me, the only thing would be cord prolapse or unstoppable hemmorage...I really don't think the hemorage thing would ever happen, I'm the fastest clotter in the world! LOL! I would deliver a breech at home, I have full trust in that situation, but I would transfer for a transverse baby obviously...

*:Onei*Chan:* October 18th, 2006 04:22 PM

I too would transfer for a transverse baby that would not turn, but I would first do what I could with positioning and stretching to see if I could get the baby to turn. I think that extensive hemorrhaging is another good reason for transfer, as well as cord prolapse or placental previa. I feel that a woman's intuition can be very strong, and you will most likely "feel" that something isnt right. One of the many perks to giving birth drug free. I would transfer if my body was telling me that I needed to, and I could feel that something was not right.

MrsPil October 18th, 2006 08:06 PM

I would have transfered if baby had spina bifida - the difference between a spina bifida baby born by c-section and a spina bifida baby born naturally is baby's ability to walk... I think it would be selfish of my to take away the opportunity. Other than that, placenta previa or abruption, maybe cord prolapse (I might just tuck it back up and keep going depending on what my gut says), and definitely if my instinct says transfer.

UndaCovaSis October 18th, 2006 10:36 PM

I would say anything that is very serious. While I was 9cms the midwife *thought* there might be meconimum in the waters (seriously poor lighting in my house OR she just thought I was risky...I sortta questioned her on her thoughts about me actually ebing able to birth at home)...well I said no, I didn't want to transfer. She didn't have the equipment for this problem BUT it was so close to time ...it was either now or never.

After the birth, I did hemorrage (I was given like three shots for it...oxytocin and the anti hemoragin medicine) a small amount. Forunately, throughout the entire birth my midwife was making me drink lots of fluids and even though I didnt want to drink, I did. I drank sooo much juice during the labour and immediately after the labour that I had to potty 4 times within two hours of giving birth. lol Sorry...I am rambling...

One thing that people tried to hold against me was my weight. There is some mentality that fat people just can't have babies vaginally or something. In fact, we had a small discussion about this and I had to sign a waiver. The waiver was actually for two things....the most important thing was my rejection of taking a glucose tolerance test. I knew I was not diabetic and so therefore I saw no point in the arbitrary test.

abigailsilva October 19th, 2006 06:18 AM

That's kind of funny, the way you said that. I totally know what you mean though, my friend was bullied into a c-section and the underlying reasons were all about her weight, but then on one of those terrible maternity hospital shows there was a doc doing a c-sec on a rather overweight woman and he was complainging on how difficult it was, and I'm like, WELL MORON, IF YOU'D LET HER BIRTH! AND NOT STRAPPED HER TO A BED ON A BACK AND STRESSED HER OUT, SHE WOULD HAVE HAD THE BABY ON HER OWN!

It's sad to see that the anorexic model culture has even influenced our caregivers/birth tenders.... v

momma6_2angels October 19th, 2006 09:07 AM

That's horrible.

The only reasons I would transfer would be prolapse of the cord, placenta previa, an abruption, heartrate getting too low, transverse, or me hemmoraging.

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