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Bug-n-Ed October 31st, 2006 02:40 PM

I'm not pg yet, but we are currently ttc. I've had two hospital births with no pain meds and haven't been very impressed at all with the attitude the nurses give me about not needing pain meds. They are simply shocked that I don't need them, even when I was on pitocin (wish I had said absolutely not on that one). They were mad at me for not lying down. I was sitting to labor during my last birth and the monitor wasn't staying in the "right" place that way and so the nurses had to keep on running in because they thought the baby was in distress.

Anyway, my OB closed his practice so I need a new OB or midwife anyway. I'm thinking of having a home birth with a midwife. My husband's not too sure yet, but I've got awhile to work on him. So, I think I'll be hanging around here to learn more info.

abigailsilva October 31st, 2006 09:32 PM

Holy Crap. You went natural with pit? you are officially my hero, I caved with pitocin, that stuff is EVIL! I had a nightmare about that recently actually.....anyway, I figure since i simply SURVIVED that awful stuff, straight up natural labor will be a cake walk. anyway, I'm thrilled you are joining us, I will try to give you as much info as possible and am looking forward to getting to know you no matter what your decision.

PS, I'm abbey, we are due in the end of jan, and having our first homebirth, with my amazing midwife, didn't know prenatals could BE this enjoyable!

Question, how do natural contractions compare with pit ones? I've never experienced a real one.......

momma6_2angels November 1st, 2006 05:31 AM

Welcome! I can't believe you did pit and went natural. I caved with that stuff! They hurt much more than regular contractions! I hope you get all the info you need here and if you don't see it here, let us know!

Bug-n-Ed November 1st, 2006 08:39 AM


Question, how do natural contractions compare with pit ones? I've never experienced a real one.......[/b]
Natural contractions are much nicer. I didn't get to really experience natural contractions with my first as my water broke before contractions started. I went to the hospital a couple hours after my water broke and when my contractions really didn't start and regulate like the nurses wanted, they put me on pitocin.

With my second, I went into labor just fine, still went to the hospital sooner than I should have, but when the contractions were 3 minutes apart, I didn't want to risk it and I was only at a 4. Then my labor stalled at 8cm and so they started me on pitocin since they had broke my water for me to try to help things move along (which I think made things stall as it was too soon). Anyway, I could definitely tell the difference in the natural and the pitocin contractions and I do not wish those nasty things on anyone. I'll take natural contractions any day.

MrsPil November 1st, 2006 05:34 PM

You deserve a special blinkie - I've never met anyone before who actually made it through pitocin enhanced labor. KUDOS! I hope you and your DH can get some good info on here - these ladies are wonderful!

Lots of :dust: baby dust to you two!

JensJulyBoy05 November 2nd, 2006 06:16 PM

well holy crap now im mad i thought all contractions were that bad lol i hat pit too (kid was too weeks late) and no pain meds epi wasnt happening i wanted it trust me they tried 6 times too much scar tissue from my scoliosis surgery. Had i known the contractions would have been less like (H.E.L.L.) i would have refused it lol what do i know i had no clue i just wanted that kid outta me sure induce do whatever you wantlol. I thought i was dying but bit my tongue not wanting to look like a wuss. haha thats funny i had no idea lol NOW I KNOW THANKS! and his fat butt was 8.12 lol
And i felt the same way , the hospital was such an unpleasant experience and the nurses were a'holes. I wanted to knock them out. i dont wanna go thru that again. And it was hours before they let me see my baby after whisking him away to be cleaned up and etc or so they say. i really dont wanna do that again!

abigailsilva November 2nd, 2006 08:50 PM

ick! I'm sorry booboo! Yes, I am so looking forward to FEELING this birth, the way it's meant to be without ANY freaking interventions!

Isn't it sick the way they shove the pitocin on you? My first visit with my HB MW, I said, SO, how long am I allowed to go over my EDD. SHe said, TIll that baby come out!!! I knew i loved her right then!

LaLa November 3rd, 2006 05:43 PM

Just wanted to say welcome! I hda my first in a hospital with an epidural, and my second at home :)

It took me a while to convince my Dh as well, but once he met & talked with the homebirth MW he was all but sold! lol :D

Stick around, a homebirth isnt something youll likely regret. Even women ive talked to whose homebirth didnt work out & ended up transporting said their time at home was well worth it. :D


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