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JensJulyBoy05 November 2nd, 2006 06:08 PM

im not expecting yet (unfortunately) but we will hopefully be ttc sometime in 07 and i rrreeaallyyy want a hme birth next time around. It was a beautiful experience having my son but that whole hosp0ital thing was just so blah for me. I cant ever get an epi (scoliosis surgery too much scar tissue they tried 6 times!!) so i could have done all that in the comfort of my own home with my family and my baby snuggled and comfy in his own place. I really want it that way. my step sister had 6 successful homebirths all perfect and beautiful and darnit im jealous!!! she was up n washin dishes after the second one lol and i dont know just seems healthier emotionally physically and mentally not to be in such a hectic atmosphere like the hosp besides i lost tons of sleep not wanting those nurses alone with my baby! (yes im a nut lol) so im curious to see how you all have done it or plan to do it and get some advice and ideas to talk DH into it cuz it scares him lol Hes a man what does he know lol

abigailsilva November 2nd, 2006 09:01 PM

<div align="center">Welcome!!! Soo glad to have you here!!!</div>

My name is Abbey, I am expecting my first home birth when this baby comes out, sometime between last week in jan and mid feb. :P I am SOOO excited! I didn't know you could be EXCITED about L&D, but I AM! Well, the first thing I did was call the one person I knew who had had a home birth and got the number of her midwife. DH and I met her, and we LOVED her. My DH is really reserved with new people, but he was totally bowled over, and we were SOLD. Every appt. is better than the last. I do have to pay out of pocket, I don't have insurance anyway though, and I would Pay A LOT more than $2500 for this experience. That is pretty much all there is to it. She gave me a list my first visit of the supplies I would need to have on hand for the birth so we could keep them in mind. I labeled the rubbermaid tub today, YAY! SHe will come over for my 36 week visit to make sure we are ready for baby, and that she can get to my house and stuff, and that's pretty much it.

My DH was easy, but there have already been MANY posts about convincing DH's!! It's a COMMON problem! There's prob a lot of helpful hints already in the old posts.

So here's some baby dust :dust: :dust:

And here's some convince Dh dust :dust: :dust:

Good luck, stay with us!!

P.S. How did you get referred to this forum? I want to know where my advertisements are working.

momma6_2angels November 3rd, 2006 06:58 AM

One of my friends here was pregnant and getting ready to have her third homebirth. We talked about it even before I got pregnant this time. DH at the time wasn't too happy about having a fifth child. I told him I was going to meet the midwife because I decided I was doing this. He went along and got to talk to her and was ok with it.

ShawnaCAN November 3rd, 2006 09:52 AM

Best wishes convincing your DH! We're having our second homebirth in just a few weeks and I can't wait!

JensJulyBoy05 November 4th, 2006 12:03 PM

Yes yes more dust please!! lol my dh is so stubborn errr it will take alot of work to get him completely on board but i think it will happen first step is getting preg lol

MrsPil November 4th, 2006 09:14 PM

Lots of DH's start stubborn, but they make the switch to fanatics!
BTW Welcome! Glad to see another interested mom!

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