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Candice December 4th, 2006 02:26 AM

what Placenta Essence is?

I saw it mentioned on a post and i was like "Whaa?"

MrsPil December 4th, 2006 09:49 AM

lol it was probably mine. Placenta essence is like a homeopathic tonic - you take however many drops under your tongue however many times a day to help with PPD, PP bleeding, ect. It's a variation of encapsulating the placenta (which is a variation of eating the placenta) so that you can utilize the nutrients that are in it. Placenta tonic is made by cutting a large piece of placenta and soaking it in vodka and distilled water in direct sunlight for three or four days. If it's something you're interested in I could get you the exact recipe. Hope this helped :)

abigailsilva December 4th, 2006 09:56 AM

hmmm, that sounds much easier than encapsulating.......i will have to look into that, steph can you post a link?

Candice December 4th, 2006 07:06 PM

Wow! Ok!

See I am SUCH a newbie to all of this stuff that I am somewhat taken back.

but I know that different societies do different things when it comes to birth and such.. it's kinda interesting.

abigailsilva December 4th, 2006 08:32 PM

LOL! You should have seen the look on my face when i came across a website with recipes for, are you ready for this?

Placenta Lasagna!

SO, yeah, tonic sounds slightly more pallatable to me. SO many things were new to me as well.....hmmm, you just gave me an idea for a post!

MrsPil December 6th, 2006 01:28 PM

I will go a searching for that recipe here in just a bit, my brain is functioning on less than half power today - I'm trying to ward off a sinus infection (it's actually going rather well) and sore throat and for some reason (maybe all the vitamin C?) I'm in a bit of a stupor.

Edited to say that the link is http://www.unhinderedliving.com/placentaessence.html

abigailsilva December 6th, 2006 04:27 PM


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