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samu2 December 7th, 2006 02:54 AM

Midwifes here will induce after 10-14 days past EDD.

I know I do not have to be induced but the risks of going past 14 days over due does scare me,although I know human gestation is between 38-42 weeks.Hoping this won't be an issue for me.

So do you have any plans if you go over due? at what stage would you be induced? Would your Dr/midwife allow you to be induced at home?

I really need to discuss this with my midwife.

Butter December 7th, 2006 06:09 AM

OBs have certainly created fear around being overdue. The risks have been extremely overstated. In fact, very recent studies have found that inductions between 38 and 40 weeks - full term inductions - have led to an increase in infant mortality. Letting women stay pregnant until the baby chooses to be born while keeping an eye on the baby to make sure all is okay in there is the best thing to do.

That said, I was 10 days overdue with Fritz. It was not an issue. He was kicking, his heart was strong. My midwife will not induce. The majority of her moms deliver by 42 weeks. There's a reason they call it an ESTIMATED due date (by the way, I was VERY, VERY sure of my due date and Fritz did gestate one full week longer than his brother and sister - He obviously needed that time while my others didn't).

abigailsilva December 7th, 2006 07:06 AM

yes, US docs are seriously induction happy! That's why I don't see them LOL! My midwife will let me go as long as it takes. I was induced at 40.2 with DD. She wasn't ready i don't think, she weighed a lot less than her father and I....but b/c of it, i have no idea what to expect with this one. He's measuring a least a month ahead, so I think maybe he'll come a little early since he's so big, but who knows.....i saw something yesterday on unhindered living that talked about women being preggo for as much as 47 weeks. ACK!

After about 42 weeks, we will prob start talking natural induction. My mw has a couple tricks up her sleeve.

samu2 December 7th, 2006 09:31 AM

My midwife is very hands off,she does not agree with inductions unless they are 14 days past EDD but the hospitals here will induce after 10 days.I am from the UK so we don't have the option of inducing just because mummy is bored THANK GOD.

I am not worried about going 10 days over due.Again I will have to call her to see what she ususally advises for mums who HB after 10 days past due date.

MrsPil December 7th, 2006 09:45 AM

To be completely honest this is one of my favourite things about going unassisted. If I want an induction I have to seek it out myself. Granted I've researched it a bit - everyone knows EPO, castor oil, sex, and there are some other less commons - but I refuse to keep induction herbs on hand so I would have to be really motivated to go so far as to actually induce. I'm renting a doppler for the last two months (need to do that actually!) so if I go over I'll keep an eye on movement and heartbeat and if those are going well I really see no reason to induce.

I agree with the other ladies that US docs are far to happy to hit the pit drip and the dangers from "overdue" babies are heavily overstated. The current leading cause of premature babies is premature induction which is a tragedy. We are going to have a generation of children who are under constant physical stress because a doctor decided they were done gestating. What's worse is that the doctor will live with none of the consequences, I mean how often do you hear about a doctor being sued because of a premature birth? You don't, and it's because the American people are far to willing to bow down to the latex gloved gods they call OB/BYNs. As long as the baby lives and the mother's epi worked all will undoubtedly have a happy ending.

So I have to say that personally I'm waiting patiently, this baby can cook as long as it needs without fear of me sticking a fork in it and saying - eh it's still a little doughy in the middle but I have to be able to comfortabley watch Oprah at three so I'll just pull it out early rather than risk it burning before I can get to a commercial break. I would hop on the emergency c-section train if I pulled out the doppler and baby's heartbeat was slowing down, heck I might even perform it myself if I thought the situation called for it. But I'm glad, for now, that I don't have to worry about a doc or a midwife who wants to push me into having a baby before its time. And for the record my mom was due to have me in mid-december. She was kind enough not to send my eviction notice until January 12th but then it came in the form of pitocin. This is why I'm not expecting my mid-January baby until at least mid-February.

Edited to say that upon reading this I realize I sound a bit militant... I may eat my words at any given time, so please don't think that I think less of women who induce - I haven't been there, I really don't know :)

LaLa December 7th, 2006 10:40 AM

What risks concern you with being over 42 weeks?

My MW does nothign. She encourages some natural methods past 42 weeks, but doesnt start really encouraging them until 43 weeks, and isnt concerned at all until 44 weeks. in fact, I was 8 days over with mine, and a girl who also sees my MW was due just a week and 1/2 behind me - she ended up going about 3 1/2 weeks over. Had a very healthy baby girl with zero complications. Everythign worked slow in her labor though. Slooooow labor, very slow controlled pushing stage (not very intense). Placenta also took 2 hours to come out. I think its cause shes so freaking laid back lol. if you ever met her shes one of those "not a care in the world" types of peopel lol.

There can be some risks, but they are not very common, and they almost always display signs before its really an urgent problem. Aging placenta is a common concern - Biophysical profiles can determine if its not providing adequately for the baby. Some Drs cite too big of a baby... but studies actually show that once you go over to a certain point, a lot of babies will stop gaining or even lose - IMO its our bodies way of preventing a problem.

I wouldnt induce personally, even if my MW suggested it. I would probably do some natural measures, but I also know that nobody stayed pregnant forever. And should a problem arise b/c of postdates, the way our bodies usually handle those problems are ... going into labor to get the baby out! I have a lot of faith that mybody will do exactly what it needs to. IF by chance a biophysical profile determined there was in fact a serious problem, I would still attempt all natural methods of induction first.


*:Onei*Chan:* December 7th, 2006 07:34 PM

With my first pregnancy I was due on the 28th of June and I didnt deliver until the 28th of July :blink: So if I go overdue, OH WELL! LOL! My baby will cook as long as he needs to! My MW starts thinking of induction only when stress tests indicate that the placenta is not functioning properly any longer. This does tend to happen after 42w. Even then, natural induction is tried first. Sex, herbs, nipple stimulation. I am not worrying too much about this baby going over due though, because of the fact that he has consistently measured so big and we had some due date calculation problems to begin with. I am officially "due" on the first of February, but growth as well as some other factors point more towards mid January.

Candice December 8th, 2006 12:26 PM

I have yet to go over due with my children.. in fect i have yet to actually hit my EDD!

My oldest was due Feb 17th 2001 but came january 22nd 2001 She came on her own, not outside "Help"

My baby was due Mar 18th 2006 but came Febuary 22nd 2006... She started on her own without any outside help... but then they broke my water.. and she came a bit quicker.

I long for a baby that actually comes on time! lol

abigailsilva December 8th, 2006 02:11 PM

LOL, how big were they at birth?

Candice December 8th, 2006 05:24 PM

Kaitlyn was 6 lbs 5 oz and 18.3 inches long if born on her due date would have been 9 lbs

Ella was 6 lbs 6.5 oz and 20 inches long if born on her due date would have 10+ lbs

I just can't seem to keep them past 36 weeks... It's a heritary thing.. my mother had me about 2 weeks early and had my half brother 9 weeks early.

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