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mindy scott December 22nd, 2006 04:46 PM

group b strep? I am trying to get preggo and would love a home birth. I wanted to home birth my daughter but they wouldn't let me cuz of the group b strep. Do any of you have it what do you have to do differantly?

LaLa December 22nd, 2006 08:51 PM

You can :) Many MWs dont even test for it for several reasons:
1) Testing positive or negative on any given day doesnt tell you anything about your status at the time you give birth. You can be + today, - tomorrow, and vice versa
2) Even if you WERE positive on the day of birth, it doesnt mean the baby will get it, the baby is only at risk to get GBS if you are actually colonized at delivery AND you have prolonged pushing stage, prolonged rupture of membranes, or vaginal checks whle your water is broken. B/c MWs rarely do vaginal checks (since they dont tell you anything about how close you are to delivering) esp after water breaks, thats rarely a concern. In the event of prolonged pushing, or prolonged rupture of membranes, SOME MWs transport, others who will stay with you & allow you to continue at home *(or in a BC), will just simply treat for GBS then regardless of your GBS Status (since being neg doesnt mean youre neg at birth).

I waived GBS testing with my second, and they didnt even do it when I had my first 7 yrs ago.

Also - antibiotics isnt proven to work in all cases and doesnt do anything to prevent transmission ... Many MWs will do a hybecleanse or somethign like that if you have risk factors for GBS (prologned rupture of membranes etc) which is supposed to kill the GBS & prevent infectionall together.

I hope that makes sense. In short though - just b/c you were GBS + with your first means nothing about your status this time.


Butter December 23rd, 2006 06:46 AM

Yes, it just depends on the midwife.

I wasn't even tested when I was pregnant with Fritz.

mindy scott December 23rd, 2006 10:27 PM

Thank you all !! I am hoping to e preggo now so this may be a reality soon !

abigailsilva December 26th, 2006 04:42 PM

YAY! Yeah, i'm not even getting tested....it's really so unlikely that it would even affect a birth, docs make it WAY scarier than it is.

mindy scott December 26th, 2006 10:34 PM

well i wasn't scared about it at first then while i was preeggo after the dr told me I had it I was watching a baby story and a woman on there was having her second baby and her first passed away at 17 days old cuz she didn't know she had group b strep and it killed her baby. Thats what scares me.

abigailsilva December 27th, 2006 08:43 AM

eeek! Ok, i did some digging to see if i could ease your mind.

*Out of every 1000 births, three babies will become ill with GBS
*For every 100 women with GBS at delivery, 1 infant will develop GBS infection
so even if you were positive at the EXACT moment of delivery, you have only a 1% chance of passing it to your baby

Risk factors

*When labor is premature;
*When there is premature rupture of the membranes;
*When there is prolonged rupture of membranes (>12 hours) before the baby is born;
*If the mother has a fever (>100.4 F) before or during labor;

if your baby became infected after a homebirth, you could see the signs and have it treated just as promptly as they could in a hospital

Signs of GBS infection in newborns]

Signs and symptoms occurring within hours of delivery
*Breathing problems, heart and blood pressure instability
*Gastrointestinal and kidney problems
*Sepsis, pneumonia and meningitis are the most common complications

*In addition, 4% of strains of GBS are now antibiotic-resistant. Again, nature's not stupid.

If you carry a resistant strain of GBS, the antibiotics will kill off all the innocuous, normal bacteria that would keep the antibiotic-resistant GBS in check, so that the only thing left is the resistant strain, which tends to be more virulent than the regular strain. This is a horrible situation for a newborn with an immature immune system.

Taken from ronnie falco's archives, plus the link which includes many other natural remedies

I would like to share with you a case I had last year. Mother's culture at 36 weeks yielded a result of 2+ colonization, which was the same at 38 weeks. I had her take 500mg Vitamin C every 4 waking hours, 1 EHB (NF Formulas) capsule every 4 waking hours, Propolis 4x daily, and she inserted a tampon soaked in 2% Tea Tree oil solution 2%Tea Tree essential oil, 98% Olive oil). She left the tampon in for 4 hours each day for 6 days. Culture at 39 weeks was negative for GBS. She had a long labor, a high leak for 72 hours, then a rapid active phase and 2nd stage, healthy baby, normal placenta, and normal recovery. here's the link

getting a fever or infection is more likely in a hospital, introducing infection through vaginal exams is WAY more like in a hospital, as is PROM. MW will generally NOT break your water.

here's an AWESOME link from Gentle Birth

Hope some of this helps.

P.S. the baby passing away at seventeen days old is refered to as 'late onset' gbs infection and EXTREMELY rare. Also, that means the hospital didn't catch it either? hmmm..

mindy scott December 28th, 2006 01:42 PM

Thx for the research I will check that out :)

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