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anitagupta June 19th, 2007 01:53 PM


I am still confused about where to deliver. I spoke to a midwife at a birthing center and they seem to have medical meddling there too. For example, they require a GD test and and Group beta strep test. If you test positive for strep - they put you on antibiotics IV every 4 hours of your labow. Thats quite unneccessary as the chance of baby getting it from mom is negligible and I am highly allergic to antibiotics. I did not want to take the GD test really but if that was the only thing, I could live with it.

My OB had recommended a home birth. My baby is currently breach and I have a low lying placenta. Both these conditions can easily change by the time I deliver though. I called and left a message for a home-birth midwife. I figured no harm in just talking to her.

I don't know what the birth center could offer that a regular L & D couldn't - the only difference seems to be no epidurals.

Please advise.


Butter June 19th, 2007 05:40 PM

A birthing center is more comparable to a home rather than a hospital as far as equipment and such. My midwife brought drugs for bleeding, oxygen and deep suctioning stuff just in case, etc. to my home. Really, no different from when I had Cameron at a birthing center. The big difference is you have to go somewhere else if you deliver at a birthing center you have to leave your home and go there and there are other people's germs there rather than your own (and in those two ways they are more like a hospital).

BTW, my second was transverse until 38 weeks. He went head down on his own and actually ended up being my best positioned of my three. How many weeks are you? Low-lying placentas are usually not an issue at all since they move up as your uterus expands.

CharmieCM June 21st, 2007 12:36 PM

There are two different types of birth centers: the kind that fall into the "mini-hospital" category and the kind that fall into the "maxi-house" category. The same is true for people who attend homebirths--I've seen birth pictures where the attendant was dressed in blue sterile everything and baby was born at home.

So, its important to ask your attendant what their practice is like. Ask for references (clients you can call and talk to about their experiences). Ask what will happen if you refuse GBS testing (I'm required to offer it to all of my clients, but I cannot force them to test, and many do not), of if there are any natural ways to encourage a negative test. You'll generally be able to gague their take on issues like GBS based on their answers to questions about it. You want to try to find someone who matches your philosophy as best as possible.

If your OB suggested a homebirth (kiss him for me, would you?), ask him if he knows anyone who would be a good fit for you. Another resource that you might find helpful for finding LOCAL birth attendants is the finding your tribe area of Mothering.com. I know there will be women there who have had experience with midwives in your area and can answer more specific questions. Its important to interview a few different attendants so that you can get a feel for their different personalities and attidudes toward birth and choose the one that most fits what you're looking for.

GOOD LUCK and keep us updated please!!

anitagupta June 22nd, 2007 03:58 PM


Well I heard back from the homebirth widwife. She's willing to chat with me on July 11th. Her assistant asked me to call my insurance and find out the coverage. I was sure they'd cover at least 80% being out-of-network. Found out that my plan doesn't cover homebirths at all - zero. That would mean $8,000 out of my pocket if I still want a homebirth. I can still try and get pre-approval if the midwife sends clinical documentation but the insurance lady said that chances of getting approved were none if the birth did not take place at a hospital. Even if they were to approve it the charges submitted cannot be more than whats reasonable and customary - i.e. less than 2K. If I was really hell-bent on it, I'd shell out the money by borrowing from home equity. However, almost doesn't seem worth it to spend that much for a day and get further into debt. Looks like I may have to suck it up in a few areas. I still have an appointment also on July 11 with the birthing center midwife who didn't sound very nice. Funny, I found an article on New York Times reagrding my new OB (Dr Moritz) and the homebirth midwife Cara Muhlhahn.


Butter June 22nd, 2007 06:41 PM

$8,000?!?!?! Wow! The homebirth midwives around here charge $2500 for prenatal, delivery, post-natal (including the midwife's assistant) and we're in an expensive area (right outside of Washington DC). Even the birthing center is only $4,000.

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